Test Bank for Essentials of Pharmacology for Health Professions 7th Edition by Woodrow

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http://getbooksolutions.comLink full download: Bank for Essentials of Pharmacology for Health Professions 7th Edition by Woodrow View Sample Chapter 181. Krissi is using eye drops for What can she do to help reduce the possibility of systemic effects? 1. Take multiple drops in quick 2. Apply gentle pressure to inner canthus after 3. Rub vigorously after 4. Warm eye drops to body temperature beforeANSWER: b 2. Christian has an eye infection and an ophthalmic antibiotic preparation has been Assuming there is not microbial resistance, how long should it take to see improvement? 1. within 48 hours 2. 2 to 3 days 3. 5 to 7 days 4. 10 to 14 daysANSWER: b 3. Jose has angle-closure glaucoma and is about to have What IV antiglaucoma medication might he be given pre-operatively? 1. latanoprost 2. acetazolamide 3. brimonidine 4. timololhttp://getbooksolutions.comANSWER: b 4. Braxton accidentally splashed a caustic liquid in his What topical medication might be prescribed to reduce inflammation and prevent scar formation? 1. corticosteroids 2. timolol 3. acetazolamide 4. cyclosporineANSWER: a 5. Tracy’s eyes are What type of topical agent would provide a barrier function at the level of the conjunctival mucosa and help to dilute and flush various allergens and inflammatory mediators? 1. NSAIDs 2. corticosteroids 3. ophthalmic lubricants 4. decongestantsANSWER: c6. Brent is taking a beta-adrenergic blocker to treat his What action do betaadrenergic blockers have? 1. They increase the rate of aqueous humor 2. They decrease the rate of aqueous humor 3. They decrease the rate of aqueous humor 4. They increase the rate of aqueous humorANSWER: c 7. Mariam’s ophthalmologist prescribes a prostaglandin analog for her glaucoma and explains that prostaglandin inhibitors act by . 1. decreasing aqueous humor production 2. increasing aqueous humor outflowhttp://getbooksolutions.com3. increasing aqueous humor production 4. decreasing aqueous humor outflowANSWER: b 8. Jeffrey has chronic dry eye that causes inflammation of his eyes and What topical preparation might be prescribed to help relieve his symptoms? 1. cyclosporine 2. dexamethasone 3. acetazolamide 4. flurbiprofenANSWER: a 9. May has been diagnosed with glaucoma and is told she will be taking medications for the rest of her What is the primary function of antiglaucoma drugs? 1. increase of aqueous humor production 2. reduction of intraocular pressure 3. reduction of inflammation 4. protection of the corneaANSWER: b 10. Jalen has glaucoma and a miotic has been The physician explains to Jalen that miotics act by . 1. decreasing aqueous humor production 2. increasing aqueous humor production 3. decreasing aqueous humor outflow 4. increasing aqueous humor outflowANSWER: dhttp://getbooksolutions.com11. You are reading the consent information for an eye exam and see that you will be given eye drops that cause What is the most likely active substance in the eye drops? 1. tetracaine 2. brimonidine 3. atropine 4. phenylephrineANSWER: c 12. Amos was taken to the emergency room after an industrial accident caused eye What may be useful in the acute stages of eye injury to prevent scarring? 1. cycloplegics 2. topical corticosteroids 3. mydriatics 4. NSAIDsANSWER: b 13. You are reading the consent information for an eye exam and see that you will be given eye drops that cause What is cycloplegia? 1. inability to open or blink the eyes 2. contraction of the muscles of accommodation 3. paralysis of the muscles of accommodation 4. profound dilation of the pupilANSWER: c 14. While being treated for glaucoma, Barbara is told that one of her medications may change the length, thickness, and pigmentation of her What medication has these effects? 1. betaxolol 2. bimatoprost 3. pilocarpine HCl 4. acetazolamidehttp://getbooksolutions.comANSWER: b 15. Julian has just been diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma and medications are Is he likely to have a prescription for miotics? 1. Perhaps, but only if he is about to have 2. Miotics are essential in the treatment of open-angle glaucoma. 3. Miotics are not used for either type of glaucoma. 4. Miotics are considered third-line therapy due to side effects.ANSWER: d16. Aminoglycosides are rarely used as anti-infectives for eyes because of. 1. risk of systemic effects 2. widespread antibiotic resistance 3. toxicity to the corneal epithelium 4. the presence of gram positive organismsANSWER: c 17. You are providing medication education to Petra, who has been prescribed a prostaglandin analog for the treatment of What should you tell her about side effects? 1. Systemic side effects are rare, but can include upper respiratory 2. Systemic side effects are common but typically 3. Systemic side effects are so uncommon that it can be safely used in pregnant or nursing 4. Systemic side effects are common and oftenANSWER: a 18. Arturo is having a medical procedure that requires the application of a local anesthetic, tetracaine, to his What should he know about this medication? 1. He should wear an eye patch because the medication causes a temporary loss of the blinkhttp://getbooksolutions.com2. This medication may have the effect of causing his eyelashes to 3. This medication is associated with potentially serious cardiovascular side 4. He should massage his eye vigorously to help the effects of the medication wear offANSWER: a 19. Sergio has had cataract What kind of eye drops will he likely be given to reduce post-surgical inflammation? 1. NSAID 2. mydriatic 3. cyclosporine 4. corticosteroidANSWER: a 20. Alfred is taking an alpha agonist to treat his What is especially important for him to know? 1. The medication is likely to cause postural hypotension and he should use caution in 2. The medication often causes shortness of breath, so exercise should be 3. The medication may cause drowsiness and he should be careful when engaging in hazardous 4. The medication can have a potentially fatal interaction withANSWER: c21. Antonia is surprised to learn that her friend has been prescribed aminoglycoside-containing eye drops because she knows that they are associated with damage to the . 1. pupil 2. aqueous humor 3. corneal epithelium 4. optic nervehttp://getbooksolutions.comANSWER: c 22. Glenn has keratitis caused by herpes How often should he apply his prescribed antiviral eye drops? 1. up to nine drops a day at two hour intervals 2. every 12 hours 3. every four hours 4. every 6 hoursANSWER: a 23. Farrah is using ketorolac eye drops because of occular How can she reduce the stinging and burning that occur when she instills the drops? 1. rubbing her eyes vigorously after use 2. holding an ice pack on her eyes for 10 minutes prior to use 3. warming the drops to body temperature before use 4. refrigerating the solution before useANSWER: d 24. Libby is taken to the emergency room with a sudden onset of pain, blurred vision, and a dilated What is the most likely diagnosis? 1. open-angle glaucoma 2. angle-closure glaucoma 3. conjunctivitis 4. cataractsANSWER: b 25. Mackenzie has an eye inflammation commonly that is called “pink” or “red” She most likely has . 1. otitis 2. conjunctivitis 3. macularitis 4. blepharitishttp://getbooksolutions.comANSWER: b
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