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The First Northwestern University Tel Aviv University Workshop

The First Northwestern University Tel Aviv University Workshop The workshop on Semiconductors, Electronic Materials, Thin Films and Photonic Materials Tel Aviv University February 22-25, 2015 The First
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The First Northwestern University Tel Aviv University Workshop The workshop on Semiconductors, Electronic Materials, Thin Films and Photonic Materials Tel Aviv University February 22-25, 2015 The First Northwestern University Tel Aviv University Workshop The workshop on Semiconductors, Electronic Materials, Thin Films and Photonic Materials Tel Aviv University February 22-25, Committees Workshop Chairs: Prof. Noam Eliaz, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel Prof. David N. Seidman, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA Organizing Committee: Prof. Noam Eliaz, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tel Aviv University Prof. David N. Seidman, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University Prof. Yossi Rosenwaks, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University Prof. Julio M. Ottino, Dean, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Northwestern University Dr. Ela Strauss, Israel Ministry of Science, Technology and Space Scientific Committee: Prof. Noam Eliaz, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tel Aviv University Prof. David N. Seidman, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University Prof. Abraham Nitzan, School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University 03 03 Sponsors MAFAT, Israel Ministry of Defense and_development_agency_mafaat.aspx VP Tel Aviv University TAU Conference Committee The Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering Raymond & Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences Ministry of Science, Technology and Space The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities PAZY Foundation Northwestern Provost Office Global McCormick, Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science Northwestern University Materials Research & Science Engineering Center Northwestern University MRSEC Northwestern University Department of Materials Science and Engineering Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Northwestern University Dear Friends and Colleagues, We are delighted to welcome you to the first Northwestern University Tel Aviv University Workshop, 22 nd to 25 th February The goal of this workshop is to build on and strengthen existing close scientific and engineering interactions between faculty members of the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (MEAS) of Northwestern University (NU) and the Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering of Tel Aviv University (TAU). There are currently a number of ongoing collaborations among professors of the departments of materials science and engineering (DMS&E) and electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) at NU, and the department of physical electronics within the school of electrical engineering and the recently founded DMS&E at TAU. It is these working relationships that generated this workshop. Professor Noam Eliaz, founding chair of the DMS&E at TAU, spent his sabbatical year, , working with Professors David Dunand and David Seidman as an Eshbach Scholar of MEAS. One of the several concrete results of the meetings involving Professors Eliaz, Seidman, Michael Bedzyk (chair of the DMS&E at NU) and Julio Ottino (dean of the MEAS) was a document concerning 05 05 joint collaborations between the two DMS&E at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, which included an inaugural workshop at TAU. After a meeting among Professors Yossi Rosenwaks (at that time the chair of the department of physical electronics at TAU), Alan Sahakian (chair of the department of EECS at NU), Bedzyk, Seidman and Ottino, the goal broadened to include interactions with the department of physical electronics at TAU. This inaugural workshop is on the theme of semiconductors, electronic materials, thin films and photonic materials, which represent highly interdisciplinary fields of research. The many related applications are timely with potentially great impact on the high-technology, nanotechnology, energy, biomedical, information, communication and defense industries. Internationally acclaimed experimentalists, computational materials scientists, and theoreticians from both universities were invited, which will certainly lead to lively scientific discussions, and which in turn will lead to further inter-university interactions. The first two days of the workshop will consist of scientific presentations and intensive discussions, which are anticipated to initiate new collaborations and joint submissions of grant applications to funding agencies. The third day will consist of tutorials for and poster presentations by graduate and postdoctoral students from all over Israel. The fourth day will be one day of sightseeing in Jerusalem, led by a professional tour guide, to have the NU attendees become acquainted with some of the customs and culture of Israel. We thank Tel Aviv University (the vice president, the institute's conferences committee, the dean of engineering, and the dean of exact sciences), Northwestern University (the provost's office, the chair of MEAS, and the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC)), Israel Ministry of Defense, Pazy Foundation, Israel Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, and 06 06 the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities for their generous financial support, which is enabling us to offer an unforgettable event for all attendees. We welcome you to this important scientific event, which is being held near the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Yours respectfully, S Professors Noam Eliaz (TAU) and David Seidman (NU), Co-Chairs 07 07 לשכת הנשיא OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT January 21, 2015 Dear Participants, I am pleased to see the milestone Tel Aviv University-Northwestern University cooperation agreement, signed last year, bear fruit with the launch of the joint materials science workshop. I have no doubt that this exciting gathering will be followed by many more that further our two institutions' shared goal of research excellence in the service of humanity. Tel Aviv University's blossoming relationship with Northwestern has opened diverse opportunities for collaborative projects in areas ranging from business and law to medicine, engineering and the exact sciences. No less important are new and unique opportunities for partnerships with the Chicago-area Jewish and business communities and with alumni of both universities to support this dynamic activity. I would like to stress that we are proud of our association with Northwestern University. We are proud to be welcoming our distinguished Northwestern colleagues to our beautiful campus once again. And we are especially proud of our shared, ongoing contribution to Israeli-American academic links and to our two countries' close friendship. I wish you a rewarding workshop. Sincerely, Professor Joseph Klafter President קריית האוניברסיטה, רמת-אביב, תל-אביב 69978; טלפון: ; פקסימיליה: TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY, RAMAT AVIV, TEL AVIV 69978, ISRAEL; TEL , FAX 09 09 10 10 סגן הappleשיא למחקר ולפיתוח VICE PRESIDENT FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Northwestern University and Tel Aviv University joint January 21 st, 2015 Workshop on Semiconductors, Electronic Materials, Thin Films and Photonic Materials Prof. Noam Eliaz (Tel Aviv University), and Professor David Seidman (Northwestern University) Dear Noam and David, International research collaboration is a rapidly growing component of core research activity for all countries. In global terms, this view underlines the vital need for an interchange of knowledge and expertise amongst academicians in general and scientists in particular. In line with this thinking, Tel Aviv University places a strong emphasis on forging and strengthening international bonds which provide greater opportunity for synergistic research projects that hitherto would not have been pursued. In this context, the cooperation between Northwestern University and Tel Aviv University provides an excellent example of two sister institutions that have joined forces to promote better research, science and engineering programs. The mutual research workshops organized in this context have the potential to strengthen the academic and research collaborations among scientists in the two universities, and enable the development of novel research directions. The subjects of the current workshop semiconductors, electronic materials, thin films and photonic materials are at the forefront of research in materials science and engineering and physical electronics. I am confident that this workshop will foster the already established cooperation among researchers from the two universities in these important fields, and serve as a catalyst in the further development of research programs at both universities along these avenues. Sincerely, Prof. Yoav Henis, Ph.D. The Zalman Weinberg Chair in Cell Biology Vice President for Research and Development Tel Aviv University קריית האוניברסיטה, ת ד 39040, רמת אביב, תל אביב 69978; טלפון: ; , פקס: Tel Aviv University, P.O.B 39040, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978, ISRAEL; Tel , ; Fax 12 12 13 13 14 14 Sunday, February 22 nd NU-TAU Workshop Program 9:00-9:45 Opening ceremony, Room 011, Engineering Class Building Prof. Noam Eliaz - Co-Chair, TAU Prof. David N. Seidman - Co-Chair, NU Prof. Joseph Klafter - TAU President Prof. Yossi Rosenwaks - Dean of Engineering, TAU Dr. Ela Strauss - Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space 09:45-10:00 Coffee Break Parallel Session 1: Electronic and lowdimensional materials Room 011, Engineering Class Building Parallel Session 2: Photonics Room 101, Engineering Class Building 10:00-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-11:15 11:15-11:45 11:45-12:15 PS1-1: David N. Seidman (MSE, NU), Three-dimensional ultraviolet picosecond laserassisted atom-probe tomographic studies of electronic materials PS1-2: Yossi Rosenwaks (EE, TAU), Nanowires go electrostatic Coffee Break PS1-3: Lincoln J. Lauhon (MSE, NU), Visualizing nanoscale structure and function in low-dimensional materials PS1-4: Ariel Ismach (MSE, TAU), Synthesis and characterization of 2D atomic-crystals PS2-1: Koray Aydin (EECS, NU), Functional hybrid nanophotonic materials and devices PS2-2: Ady Arie (EE, TAU), Holographic beam shaping in nonlinear optics, plasmonics and electronics Coffee Break PS2-3: Selim M. Shahriar (EECS, NU), New directions in precision metrology: superluminal ring lasers and ultra-high Compton frequency collective states PS2-4: Jacob (Koby) Scheuer (EE, TAU), Nano-antennas at optical frequencies: devices and applications ii 12:15-14:00 Lunch (Burgerim, Broshim Compound) 14:00-14:30 14:30-15:00 Parallel Session 3: Thin films, coatings nanoparticles and nanoplasmonics Room 011, Engineering Class Building PS3-1: Laurence Daniel Marks (MSE, NU), Nanoparticles and nanoplasmonics PS3-2: Yosi Shacham (EE, TAU), 30 years of electroless plating for semiconductor and polymer micro-systems Parallel Session 4: Spintronic and magnetic materials Room 101, Engineering Class Building PS4-1: Bruce W. Wessels (MSE, NU), Spintronic devices and spin amplification in InMnAs/ InAs heterojunction devices PS4-2: Yoram Dagan (Physics, TAU), 2D to 1D Oxide interfaces: superconductivity, magnetism and ballistic transport effects 15:00-15:30 19:30 PS3-3: Noam Eliaz (MSE, TAU), Electroless plating and electrodeposition of rhenium-based alloys for high-temperature applications PS4-3: Alexander Gerber (Physics, TAU), Hall effect spintronics 15:30-17:00 Lab tour Banquet (Goshen Restaurant, 30 Nahalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv) ii Monday, February 23 rd Parallel Session 5: Computational materials science, functional oxides and growth of nanostructures Room 011, Engineering Class Building Parallel Session 6: Semiconductors, electronic, thermoelectric and optical materials Room 101, Engineering Class Building 9:00-9:30 9:30-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:30-10:45 10:45-11:15 11:15-11:45 11:45-12:15 PS5-1: Oswaldo Dieguez (MSE, TAU), Atomistic simulation of materials: multifunctional oxide films PS5-2: James M. Rondinelli (MSE, NU), Reimagining electronic materials discovery in layered oxides PS5-3: Oded Hod (Chemistry, TAU), A state representation approach for atomistic time-dependent transport calculations in molecular junctions Coffee Break PS5-4: Amir Natan (EE, TAU), Simulating materials and processes at different scales PS5-5: Peter W. Voorhees (MSE, NU), Vapor-liquidsolid growth: twins and wire composition PS5-6: I lan Goldfarb (MSE, TAU), Electronic structure and properties of transitionmetal oxide films for applications in memristor technology PS6-1: Jiaxing Huang (MSE, NU), Pencils, paper and movie discs: curious minds and materials discoveries PS6-2: Arie Ruzin (EE, TAU), Contacts to high resistivity semiconductors PS6-3: Alon Bahabad (EE, TAU), Can we cheat absorption? Coffee Break PS6-4: Matthew A. Grayson (EECS, NU), Moving heat sideways with transverse thermoelectrics PS6-5: Gerald J. (Jeff) Snyder (MSE, NU), Optimizing electronic performance in thermoelectric materials PS6-6 : Richard D. Schaller (Chemistry, NU), Time-resolved optical characterizations of excitons and phonons in semiconductor nanomaterials iii 12:15-13:30 13:30-15:00 Lunch (Aroma Cafe, Beit Hatfutsot) Organized visit of Beit Hatfutsot ( Parallel Session 7: Electronic and energy technologies Room 011, Engineering Class Building Parallel Session 8: Memory systems Room 101, Engineering Class Building 15:30-16:00 16:00-16:30 PS7-1: Mark C. Hersam (MSE, NU), Nanomaterial heterostructures for electronic and energy technologies PS7-2: Shachar Richter (MSE, TAU), Bio-molecular electronics: materials and devices PS8-1: Amit Kohn (MSE, TAU), The role of chemical ordering on the operation of the magnetic tunnel junction Jiaxig Huang PS8-2: Seda Memik (EECS, NU), Thermal aware design and management of main memory systems 16:30-17:00 PS7-3: Brian A. Rosen (MSE, TAU), Energy conversion materials from catalytic coatings, fibers, and cloths Free Evening PS8-3: Randall Berry (EECS, NU), EE at Northwestern iv iv Tuesday, February 24 th Tutorials for Graduate Students and Post-Docs Room 101, Engineering Class Building 9:00-9: Tutorial 1: Peter W. Voorhees (MSE, NU), Phase Field methods: From fundamentals to applications 9:-10:50 10:50-11:05 Tutorial 2: Oswaldo Dieguez (MSE, TAU), Atomistic simulation of materials Coffee Break 11:05-12:00 12:00-12: 12:-14:30 Tutorial 3: Matthew A. Grayson (EECS, NU), Integer and fractional quantum Hall effects: An Introduction Tutorial 4: Laurence Daniel Marks (MSE, NU), Nanoparticle structure and thermodynamics Lunch 14:30-15:25 15:40-17:00 Tutorial 5: David N. Seidman (MSE, NU), Atom probe tomography (APT) Students Poster Session Free Evening Wednesday, February 25 th Guided Tour to Jerusalem Departure from Broshim Dorms at 8:00, return by 20:00 v Conference Venue: General Information Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel Housing: Broshim Dorms Few minutes away by foot south of the campus No-smoking, air-conditioned rooms Wi-Fi in rooms (free of charge) TV and cables in rooms (free of charge) No car parking at dorms (but there are adjacent car parking lots, pay) Breakfast is NOT included. However, each apartment includes a small kitchen with fridge, cooking unit, etc. Coffee, sugar and tea are provided free of charge, but not milk. Several shops are available in the complex (including Aroma Cafe, supermarket, hummus and falafel shop, bar, etc.) A Laundromat is available (pay with cash) Badges: Please wear your name badge at all Workshop events. Conference Abstracts: The disk-on-key you have received contains the Workshop program and abstracts. The program is also available on the workshop site: Internet: Free internet access is available in the workshop rooms. The general TAU Wi-Fi network: Free-Tau, Key: free-tau Conference Banquet: The Banquet will take place at Goshen Restaurant in Tel Aviv (30 Nahalat Binyamin St.), on Sunday, February 22nd at 19:30 ( Wednesday, February 25th, guided tour to Jerusalem: We meet at 08:00 at the main entrance to Broshim Dorms. Breakfast won't be served that day. Lunch will be provided around 15:00 at The Eucalyptus Restaurant ( We recommend that you bring water, sandwiches/fruits/snacks, comfortable shoes, hat, sun cream and camera. vi vi Sightseeing in Tel Aviv The Yitzhak Rabin Center - Eretz Israel Museum - Tel Aviv Port Nahalat Binyamin - The Nahalat Binyamin Arts & Crafts Fair takes place every Tuesday and Friday along the pedestrian mall. More than 200 Israeli craftspeople and artists set up stalls to exhibit and sell their unique and often humorous creations. It s an outdoor fair with street performers, clowns and musicians providing free entertainment for visitors. The market is open on those two days from 10am until sundown. Neve Tzedek - South of the Yemenite Quarter, Neve Tzedek was the first neighborhood built in the new city of Tel Aviv, back in At the beginning of the 20th century Neve Tzedek was the home of many artists and writers, such as Brenner and Agnon (a Nobel Prize winning author). Here are many gorgeous little shops in the area, especially on Shabazi Street. You can find designer shops, children's clothes, art, pottery and many more boutique shops, which would make even the most reserved shopping fan ecstatic. You can get a bite to eat in the many cafes and restaurants in the area. Hatachana The New Station Compound - Jaffa Port - Tel Aviv the White City - Bauhaus Architecture -in 2003, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed Tel Aviv s White City a World Cultural Heritage site. - Culture Square - Tel Aviv is Israel s culture city. Most of the museums, orchestras, theaters, art galleries, dance venues and music halls come with an entry fee, however. To get a taste of the city s arts scene, head over to Culture Square at the end of Rothschild Boulevard. Here you ll find the historic Mann Auditorium, home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the recently renovated Habima National Theater and the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art - all facing a gorgeously designed public courtyard with a small flower garden, water fountain and dozens of families frolicking among them. Rabin Square - The main plaza just outside City Hall is known as Rabin Square, named after Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He was assassinated on vii vii November 4 th, 1995, after a peace rally in this square. A monument to Rabin stands at the spot where he was killed. Israeli sculptor Yael Ben-Artzi used 16 basalt stones from the Golan Heights and sunk them into the earth to symbolize Rabin s deep connection to the land. Outside Tel Aviv Port of Caesarea - Nahalat Binyamin Neve Tzedek Port of Caesarea Port of Caesarea Rabin Square Tel Aviv Port Tel Aviv The White City The Yitzhak Rabin Center viii viii Eretz Israel Museum Hatachana Tel Aviv Port at night ix ix
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