The Police State in America in 2011 plus Beyond

The Police State in America Society has drastically changed in innumerable forms. Why is America a police state? The reasons are plenty. We have TSA workers molesting innocent people. Innocent activists have been illegally monitored in our day via fusion centers and intelligence agencies. The prison industrial complex regularly dehumanizes people in extreme exploitation plus torture. People expressing their free speech rights have been harassed and rights violated with LRAD weapons, frivolous la
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   The Police State in America Society has drastically changed in innumerable forms. Why is America a police state? Thereasons are plenty. We have TSA workers molesting innocent people. Innocent activistshave been illegally monitored in our day via fusion centers and intelligence agencies. The prison industrial complex regularly dehumanizes people in extreme exploitationplus torture. People expressing their free speech rights have been harassed and rightsviolated with LRAD weapons, frivolous lawsuits, and other methods of nepotism. Certainanti-civil liberty laws are here that violate our fundamental human rights. There are DHSand the military working alongside local law enforcement causing an illegal, immoralmixture of the military and the police. Innocent people have been arrested all of thetime and police brutality is still a serious American problem (not just for people of color,but for everybody).  Therefore, a slick police state still exists among the Americanlandscape . One thing that I don’t respect is that some brainwashed people & sellouts saythat it’s 2011, so slavery is over. That’s a lie since slavery is still here in the Third World,Europe, and yes in America (via sex slavery rings and the whole nine yards). Also, mentalslavery is a serious problem in the Western world too. Mental slavery deals with peoplebeing ashamed of what they are, so they use unnecessary surgeries to look moreEurocentric. Mental slavery includes: murdering innocent people, sucking up to somepeople while hating their own ethnic heritage, disrespecting women, disrespecting men,supporting materialism, and trying to be like the world (when the worldly culture is wicked).The struggle continues since fascism isn't dead yet. Fascism (that is a part of authoritarianism) is evil since it allows a select group of people to control how humanbeings act, think, to love, to believe in, and other means of living their lives or achieve alegitimate livelihood. Fascism strips the right of people to have individual identities in anation. Truth in the end will be victorious . All of the problems that we have existing waylonger before President Barack Obama came on the scene in America. I will mention thatPresident Barack Obama made huge concessions in this debt ceiling controversy and still  Republicans refuse to compromise since they oppose quaint tax increases.ManyRepublicans are just brainwashed by that neo-liberal economic lie. This lie believes that if you have tax cuts, then that wealth will trickle down to the middle class & the poor. Historyproves with Reaganonomics and other events that trickled own policies don’t enact intocredible economic growth at all . The wealth via that method only is centralized among thesuper rich for the most part. Some of them don’t care about Pell Grants, and real socialservices that help the poor and disadvantaged. Many of them want to get rid of the socialsafety net for decades. There is record low taxation on the super wealthy in more than 5decades. The deficit we have here has been caused by the war on terror, massive Bush taxcuts into the super rich, and other reasons. We have a job crisis problem. Both sides canagree with eliminating unjust loopholes in America. The Bush tax cuts have been alreadyextended and this policy hasn’t created massive jobs. Also, a jobs bill is one thing that canhappen. Many people have lost jobs not because of laziness either. A lot of these jobsdisappeared in the North American landscape via outsourcing and globalization. NAFTAachieved this goal in a mighty fashion. NAFTA was the CFR-supported globalist tradeagreement that violated national sovereignty and key principles of fair trade among nation-states. Globalists for a while use policies to impoverish the nation and loot things of value topromote a more globalized society. Also, there are toxic vaccines, dangerous drugs, waterbeing fluoridated, poisonous food, and the propaganda media that are contributing to theharm on the human mind worldwide, not just in Western societies. Western society wantspeople to nearly worship money like believing in the philosophy of money over women, etc.There is nothing wrong with having money and power legitimately, but for me, I lovewomen more than I love money. Norquist loves deception. He says that our problem is onlyspending, which is a lie. The truth is that our economic problems are complex and deal withunfair tax policies, spending (not all spending is evil regardless of what Norquist says. I’mtalking about spending used in wrong areas not spending utilized to benefit society),deregulation, corporate corruption, wage stagnation, the war on terror, the wealthdisparities, tax loopholes, poverty, evil free trade deals, and other issues. Some Republicanswant to pass an amendment to force state to balance budgets. These hypocrites claim tolove the Constitution, but want to change it when they don’t like certain parts of it. Even anew FOX News poll shows 63% of Americans oppose a balanced budget amendment thatinvolves cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. If the government can spendbillions of dollars in the war on terror, the security surveillance state, and on theDepartment of Homeland Security, then it can build billions of dollars to put human beingson their own feet to exist in a real society.Even conservative Martin Feldstein writes that Congress should cut tax expenditures. Thisdeals with the 1.2 trillion dollars in tax expenditure spending found in special credits,deductions, and preferential rates that give subsidies to some individuals and corporations.This policy according to Feldstein will pay off this year’s estimated $1.5 trillion deficit. Thecutting of big industry’s tax subsidies can do a lot to cut the deficit (since tax expendituresequate to almost 25 percent of total government spending).Interests in learning about civil liberties have been found in my mind and consciousness fora long time. I’ve had skepticism on the way the government treated the Waco disaster.During the 1990’s, I’ve embrace the concept of individual liberty. 9/11 was the event that  validated my views further to believe in liberties among human beings. It was a tragicoccurrence and it radically shifted individuals’ political, social, and even religious views as itpertains to life in general. My views as a product of 9/11 became more solidified instead of waning. Codified are my view that police brutality is evil criminality, that the Drug Waracuminates of fragrant abuses of powers & violations of human liberties, that healthfreedom is vital to incorporate into our thinking, and that human rights aren’t to be limitedunto one group (it’s meant to be protected among everyone within the human race).You can have incentives for private jobs to be created and have revenue growing policies aswell since both policies aren’t mutually exclusive. Also, much of the wealth has beenprevented to be given into small banks and small businesses to grow the economy ( much of the wealth has been sent into foreign locations). A massive wealth disparity is here. Evenfrom the Federal Reserve Board report form 2006, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americansown 33.4 percent of the wealth in 2004, which is up from 30.1 percent in 1989.Thewealthiest 1 percent of Americans own 62.3 percent of the business assets in 2004. Thesuper rich pay record low taxation in over 50 years. There can be from 10 to 20 trillion U.S.dollars is in some sort of offshore tax haven or tax shelter. Wages have been stagnant or30 years, 14.1 million people at least are unemployed, and 43.6 million people live belowthe poverty line. Millions of people lack quality healthcare in the USA as well. FEMAexisted in Jimmy Carter’s time and now it’s merged with the DHS. FEMA has contingentplans with dictatorial plans in case of an emergency (like Executive Order 10990 gives thegovernment to control all modes of transportation and all highways plus seaports. PD 51is another evil policy). Even in an emergency, our constitutional rights shouldn’t beeliminated at all. Yet, FEMA failed its responsibilities to help citizens adequately duringthe aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I can’t believe it’s almost 6 years afterKatrina (where innocent citizens were stolen of their guns from their own homes by lawenforcement forces). It felt like yesterday. Even Congressional documents prove whatFEMA is all about. The elite for thousands of years exploit terrible events (like the OKCBombing, 9/11, and the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh to promote more globalization) as anexcuse to deplete our liberties and promote the interests of the select oligarchy. At thesame time, the military is acting in domestic drills to try to make the local police & thepublic to accept U.S. troops acting domestically in American soil (beyond the PosseComitatus provision of the Constitution). The National Guard is using training nationwidein domestic capacities from checkpoints to other operations. Military police are inKentucky Derby and in the Super Bowl as well. The military and the police should beseparate not unified into one entity. The elite want the spoils and there is still anepidemic of innocent people in prisons nationwide in America (that houses more peoplein jail than any nation on Earth). The Empire will die one way or the other way. Let’s hopeit won’t die in the other way. We know what the other way is. This new 21 st CenturyCrusade is unjust. A lot of people hate the truth. We shouldn’t. The truth is that we shouldhave concern for the poor as Dr. King mentioned many times before: “… We will place the problems of the poor at the seat of government of the wealthiestnation in the history of mankind . If that power refuses to acknowledge its debt to thepoor, it would have failed to live up to its promise to insure life, liberty, and the pursuit of   happiness to its citizens. ( From  A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. ) Here’s another quote that has relevance now :“…Well, I think in the past, we have. I mean, we look at the legacy of Frederick Douglassand Ida B. Wells and Ella Baker, Malcolm X and Martin King. We have, and part of thestruggle now in the age of Obama is how do we keep alive the legacy of Martin King?I know my dear brother, President Obama, has a bust of Martin King right there in theOval Office, but the question is are is he going to be true to who that Martin Luther King,Jr., actually is? King was concerned about what? The poor. He was concerned aboutworking people. He was concerned about quality jobs. He was concerned about qualityhousing. He was concerned about precious babies in Vietnam, the way we ought to beconcerned about precious babies in Afghanistan and precious babies in Tel Aviv andprecious babies in Gaza. Martin King was fundamentally committed to the least of these.Of course, he was a Christian soldier for justice from the 25th chapter of Matthew.And so more and more black folk tend to be well-adjusted to Obama’s presidency, butdoes that mean they’re well-adjusted to injustice? Because we don’t hear our presidenttalking about the new Jim Crow, the prison-industrial complex…”- Cornel West   Cornel West is right here, except that tons of black people are waking up and aren’t welladjusted to injustice. So, I want to make that clear. It’s not a secret that we have civilliberty issues in America from gun rights to the war in Libya. The 3 branches of governmenthave been manipulated in enumerable ways as well. President Barack Obama has ignoredhis own constitutional lawyers on the legality of the Libyan war. He said that Congressionalapproval isn’t needed since the legitimacy of the U.N. supersedes Congress and thatbombardment. This included over 800 bombing runs flown by U.S. warplanes. This is a war.These acts extend beyond the legal framework of the War Powers Resolution. The fruits of this immoral war deal with marketplaces being bombed, innocent people dying,communications are blocked, and some top admirals wanting regime change. The WhiteHouse wants to force to install a democratic system. The new anti-gun attack is slicker or it’sdone by stealth. Sam Stein from the Huffington Post showed that the President BarackObama wants to use slick anti-Second Amendment laws via executive order that bypassCongressional actions. The White House blamed gun rights on the violence in Mexico whenit was found that after the U.S. government got caught shipping in the weapons in tatters.Also, many of the guns shipped in Mexico are from foreign sources. Rahm Emanuel made anevil May 2007 call to put people who are on no fly list on a no gun buy list on a no gun buylist. This strips millions of Americans of their Second Amendment rights since they havebeen erroneously placed on an inaccurate no fly list. This list includes even Senators andeven toddlers. It’s easy to see that self defense is one means to protect self preservation. The protection of the family is one of the greatest ways to preservecivilization. If you deprive innocent people the right to bear arms totally, then tyrannyhas a real change to exist. This is why historically; one of the first acts of dictators isto ban innocent people from owning arms to protect themselves, so there is no rivalto the dictators’ power. “Innocents Betrayed” is a documentary proving my point in
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