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Transcript  1a A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. disagree chat decide explainargue whisper spend yell1. I don’t understand this exercise because the teacher didn’t it very well.2. Can you  ________________ please? The babyis sleeping.3. I_. I don’t think it’s a goodidea.4. Hi Jenny, I just called because I wanted to5. You don’t have to hear you.6. I’m not going to _ Just do it!7. Why do children _. I canwith you.all theirfree time watching TV?8. Lucy can’t  _______________ what to wear tothe party. B. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple or the Present   Progressive of the verbs in brackets. 1. Mary and Gina(often / gossip)about the other girls at school.2. The Bensons  _______________ (travel) aroundSouth America at the moment.3. Look! Mike  _________________ as Leo today.4. We  _______ (wear) the same T-shirt (not believe) it!My sister.(usually / eat) fish on Fridays. (hate) it but I5. A: What(love) it! you(get) Keith for his birthday? B: I  ____________________ (not know) yet. A: I  ____________________ (think) of getting him a CD.6. A: What time  _____________________ your parents  ____________________ (leave) tomorrow? B: Early in the morning. Their plane (leave) at six. C. Write sentences. Use the prompts given and the Present Simple or the Present Progressive. 1. David / not want / eat / spaghetti / tonight2. Janet / see / dentist / tomorrow afternoon3. You / have / dinner / restaurant / tonight / ?| oJLa. .£ Q v,e ãMe LA a. HO'. 4. Tony / not understand / Spanish5. Sandra / need / new mobile / ?  ■S..  VN'cvaS. viawakVi ■aScYiMfe D. Answer the questions about yourself. 2. How often do you chat on the phone?  _________ 3. What are you doing at the moment?  __________ 4. Where do you hang out with your friends?  _____ 5. Are you going round to a friend’s house tonight?6. Do you fancy going to the cinema?  ____________ E. Choose a  or b. a. Don’t be ridiculous! b.  Not much. with Brad Pitt. r ^ Is Barcelona in France? I   don’t want to study Geography. It’s so boring! a. I'm not thinking about it. b. I don’t think so. a.  Of course. b.  You’re right there. 5  B. Complete the sentences   or adverbs in brackets.the correct form of the adjectives 1. This month’s Maths test was than last month's.2. My mum drives  ____________ that doesn’t mean that she’s careful.3. I think the Mona Lisa is the _ painting in the Louvre.4. Ted doesn’t wake up as  ____ Mandy. He goes to work  ____ (fast) than my dad, but  _____________ (little)(beautiful)5. The plane is probably the(early) as . (late) than her.  _ (safe) meansof transport but lots of people who hate flying say thatit’s the6. Gavin is abut Mike is the team.7. Joanne is the(dangerous) of all. _ (good) player than Christopher, (good) player in the(bad) student in mySpanish class but she refuses to study.(hard). sthe best? y A. Circle the correct words. 1. Let’s organise / agree a surprise party for Charlie. 2.  Isn’t that film end / over yet? I want to watch the news.3. Do you usually have volleyball match / practice on Tuesdays or Wednesdays?4. My sister plays football / hockey so I got her a new stick for her birthday.5. I held / dropped a knife on the floor. Could you pick it up?6. The school football coach let me play in goal / goalkeeper.C. Choose a, b  or c. 1. Jeremy doesn’t work  _________ hard as Chloe. a. not as b. as c, too2. I’m going to buy the blue shoes because they’re  _________ expensive that the grey ones. a. least b. most c. less3. The library is further from my house  ________ the cinema. a. than b. as c. of 4. I believe Heather is the funniest all my friends. a. than b. as c. of  5.  I didn’t get in the team because I’m  ________ good asthe other players. a. not as b. as c. less6. What is  ________ popular sport at your school? a. the more b. the most c. most

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Sep 22, 2019


Sep 22, 2019
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