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  TimestampCompose a poem about 'tree.'NameSchoolCorrected Answer  8/11/2014 20:14:46TREES ARE LIFE,TREE ARE COOKS,SHREYA YADAV ATOMIC ENERGY CENTRAL SCHOOL 6 MUMBAI ANUSHAKTI NAGAR, BARC COLONY8/26/2015 16:53:45TreesBadalmandalVivekananda shiksha Kendra9/1/2015 20:42:29Trees do not feel, nor hurt, or happyBut have modesty, consolance, not in humanity..Arya ganeshApeejay, Park street9/30/2015 21:04:16trees are big,trees are small.trees have flower,trees have nestchitraksh purohitkokilaben dhirubhai ambani vidyamandir 10/7/2015 20:38:22Trees poemshahadaA M U P S kanhirakole10/8/2015 7:41:53Trees helps birds to make nest and children to play .They play hide and seek. Adults have tea parties. It gives cool shade in summer. Trees are for apple and pears. yogeshkmr 10/14/2015 22:11:12Trees are for us.Don't cut them.They give us food,They give us oxygen,They give us shade.Don, cut them.They have the permission to live here. they are for us.Aadhya.A.Nair KV NO-2 sohna road gurgaon10/27/2015 19:20:41i donnot knownikitharatnam central school10/27/2015 19:25:54trees are for us trees give us oxygen trees gives food trees are very importantnikitharatnam central school10/27/2015 19:28:30trees are for us trees give us oxygen trees gives food trees are very importantnikitharatnam central school11/26/2015 15:40:34Tree tree I would like to ask u some more oxygen gor us....bhavya joseph jeevass cmi central school  TimestampCompose a poem about 'tree.'NameSchoolCorrected Answer  3/6/2016 17:09:35Come, Let us grow treesDecorate the road with treesWhenever the sun rays fallsWhen the clouds bring rain fall Slowly slowly trees will growLet give them manure like theseCome, Let us grow treesTravelers often sit under themBirds also live in themThey sing song and made their nestThey eat fruits and enjoy themselvesCome, Let us grow treesThose who cut the glory of trees We should stop themBecause trees gives us many blessingsLet save them you and meCome, Let us grow treesCome, Let us grow treesDecorate the road with trees Arpita GoudaGreen Land Public School,Surya Vihar,Opp.Sec 4,GGN 3/11/2016 12:23:32Trees, our friendGives us many thingsBut what we give them in return?Nothing..........But can give them one thing That is their LifeHow??????By stopping the people who cut trees.SAVE TREES ,SAVE EARTH AaushiB/150,Surya Vihar GGN  TimestampCompose a poem about 'tree.'NameSchoolCorrected Answer  4/5/2016 10:08:24Trees! Trees! Trees! They are so unique,They give us fresh air to breathe,They give us wood and medicines, And create in the world magic scenes.They provide us food,Which includes fruits, And vegetable, which are useful for us,Trees make the world green,But we are very mean.We destroy the greenery, And also the scenery.So let us be bit kind, And strive to the mankind.Bhat IrfanIslamic Model High school Diver Lolab7/3/2016 18:08:19trees help us to take oxygennamratast. marys8/1/2016 11:12:39Tree is you ha ha bad who are you tree la la mad mad treeAnjaliLa la mad8/10/2016 0:09:31ErtyuikjgfzxvNncbsiotyuhsZeuikbdfokbsCuibnRita mishra R. L. B. Sarvodaya school lkw8/10/2016 0:09:33ErtyuikjgfzxvNncbsiotyuhsZeuikbdfokbsCuibnRita mishra R. L. B. Sarvodaya school lkw8/11/2016 18:53:01eassy treearyan sshivani devi saraswati vidya mandir 8/29/2016 20:07:35TREES ARE LIFE TRESS ARE EVERYTHINGNABIHA ALIHOLY FAMILY CONVENT SR SEC SCHOOL BHOPAL8/29/2016 21:35:23Tress are cute They protect us from flute Tress are our shedWhere we live as madManisha bhagwani HOLY FAMILY COVENT SR. SEC.SCHOOL shantinagar bhopal 9/7/2016 19:14:38Trees are our lifedon't cut themthey have thepermission of godto live on........AkankshaStanford international school9/7/2016 20:27:53Aisha yadav k.v. kosiwas9/15/2016 11:25:54What trees are fordeelepgmttv10/13/2016 21:50:15Trees are for humans.Trees are for animals.Trees are to make world green.Trees are to make weather cool.Trees are to give shelter to birds.Trees! Trees! Trees!Plant a tree, plant a hope.HrudiSri chaitanya olympiad school10/16/2016 21:19:31Trees are a treasure down under,  A magical mystery.That stands tall and brave,Strong and weak by its high,That reaches the sky. A gift from the heaven that never dies!! - Sri Niranjani.Sri Niranjani.KAristo public school10/20/2016 19:56:26Tree is that which gives us oxygen to breathe in,Tree makes the nature look beautiful ,Trisha.GSadhguru Sainath International School10/20/2016 19:58:35Tree is that which gives us oxygen to breathe in,Tree makes the nature look beautiful ,Trisha.GSadhguru Sainath International School10/20/2016 19:58:55Tree is that which gives us oxygen to breathe in,Tree makes the nature look beautiful ,Trisha.GSadhguru Sainath International School11/1/2016 20:39:58TreesAnukulCampus public school  TimestampCompose a poem about 'tree.'NameSchoolCorrected Answer  11/14/2016 13:14:54Trees are good. Thamk you . bye . goodnightAmmuKDAV11/30/2016 3:00:28Bunyan treesudhir  Anglo Verna cular high school12/15/2016 20:27:29Trees are important for birds,saurabh sahaniglenhill12/20/2016 21:16:35trees are great they accept their fatewhen its pouring down with rain they don't wear macs it runs of their backsbut you never hear them complainso answer me please if there weren't any tress where would naughty boys climb where would lovers carve their names where would little birds nest where would we hang the leavessrijaiisr 1/3/2017 19:20:47Tree are the synonymous of house They give us food Let's save our nature Tanisha SharmaCity international school1/31/2017 11:40:26Trees like bees don't cut the treesKanishkaSadhu vasvani internet school for girls2/23/2017 18:46:06Trees are the best gift of God for us. They help us in many ways. The most important thing is that they maintain the atmosphere by exchanging of gases. The second thing is that they gives us wood to make paper, furniture etc. There are so many things that I have no words to express them but I just want to say that friends please save trees. ArpitaAakash Public School5/3/2017 20:24:57Ffktszcvk.hfdFfuckoppoSukhwinder singh5/10/2017 22:07:43Utility of plantsaalia firdausdav public school bistupur 6/15/2017 17:26:45What does the poet compare a tree withSahilPphs 6/17/2017 13:32:21Tree are for birdsuditya kushwaha pragya shishu vihar 6/24/2017 14:04:28effgfff 6/24/2017 14:04:35effgfff 6/28/2017 21:34:40What is trees?YaminiNAV-SHAKTI6/28/2017 21:34:42What is trees?YaminiNAV-SHAKTI6/28/2017 21:42:19Why not person respect to trees?YaminiNAV-SHAKTI6/28/2017 21:42:22Why not person respect to trees?YaminiNAV-SHAKTI6/28/2017 21:46:20Why didn't respect person?YaminiNAV-SHAKTI Girls Sr. sec school
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