VALUATION CLASS - Goods Movement Types

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  Copy, change movement types Transacton: OMJJSPRO Pah: Maerial managemen -> Invenory managemen and physical invenory -> Movemen ypes -> Copy, change movemen ypesIn his sep, you can  change he seng of existng movemen ypes  dene new movemen ypesWhen you ener a goods movemen, you mus always ener he movemen ype. The movemen ype has imporan conrol functons in Invenory Managemen. I is essental for  updatng he quanty elds  updatng he sock and consumpton accouns  selecton of he elds used for enering documens  printng goods receip/issue slipsA he end of his documen, a shor descripton of he movemen ypes dened in he Sandard conguraton is conained under Addional informaon . Note You have already compleed he sengs of he existng movemen ypes in oher seps. This means ha, normally, you do no need o mainain he existng movemen ypes.The various conrol indicaors for he movemen ypes are divided ino several views in his sep (for example, enry conrol, postng conrol). You can nd he relevan conrol indicaors in each view. As some conrol indicaors do no only depend on he movemen ype, bu also on oher parameers (for example, debi/credi indicaor, special sock indicaor, indicaor for updatng quanttes and values), you maynd several enries for a movemen ype for cerain views. These enries are necessary o cover all possible daa consellatons in he sysem. Standard Sengs In he sandard SAP R/3 Sysem, movemen ypes are prese for all ransactons/evens. Recommendaons SAP recommends ha you work wih he sengs dened in he sandard sysem. In his case, no acton is required on your par.  However, if you have o dene new movemen ypes, i is recommended ha you creae hese movemen ypes wih reference o an existng movemen ype. In doing so, you do no have o manually mainain he conrol indicaors. Acvies Check wheher you can use he prese movemen ypes.If no, his is how you dene new movemen ypes:1. Selec a movemen ype and choose Edit   -> Copy as .Overype he seleced movemen ype wih he new movemen ype (beginning wih 9, Y, or Z) and copy all dependen enries.The sysem copies all conrol indicaors from he reference movemen ype o he new movemen ype.2. Check all views of he new movemen ype and, if necessary, change he conrol indicaors. Please noe ha here is a deail screen for some of he views.3. Also copy he reversal movemen ype and ener i in he view Reversal/follow-on movement types .4. Save your sengs. Cauon Movemen ypes have an imporan conrol functon. In partcular, hey play a major role in updatng he sock quanty and sock value in he maerial maser record. Changing some of he indicaors (such as he quanty sring or value sring) is considered a modicaon . Please noe ha updae errors resultng from incorrec sengs for a movemen ype are modicaton-based errors and canno, herefore, be correced by he SAP Holine. Addional informaon Below you will nd a shor descripton of he sandard movemen ypes. The cancellaton movemen ype is he movemen ype + 1 (cancellaton for 101 = 102).101 Goods receip for purchase order or orderIf he purchase order or order has no been assigned o an accoun, a sock ype (unresriced-use sock, sock in qualiy inspecton, blocked sock) can be enered during goods receip.If he purchase order or order has been assigned o an accoun, he goods receip is no posed o he warehouse, bu o consumpton.In he case of non-valuaed maerials, he goods receip is posed o he warehouse, alhough he purchase order has no been assigned o an accoun.Possible special sock indicaors: o K Goods receip for purchase order o consignment stock o O Goods receip for purchase order o  stock of material provided to vendor o E GR for purchase order or order o  sales order stock   o Q GR for purchase order or order o project stock .   Goods receip for subcontract order : a goods receip, he consumpton of he componens is posed a he same tme (see movemen ype 543)Goods receip for stock transport order  : a goods receip he ranspored quanty is posed in he receiving plan from stock in transit  ino unresriced-use sock (or sock in qualiy inspecton, blocked sock).103 Goods receip for purchase order ino GR blocked sockThe GR blocked sock is no valuaed.You canno receive goods ino GR blocked sock for sock ranspor orders.105 Release from GR blocked sock for purchase orderMovemen ype 105 has he same eecs as 101.121 Subsequen adjusmen for subconractngThis movemen ype canno be enered manually.Wih a subsequen adjusmen for a subcontract order  i is possible o correc he consumpton of componens. In his case, he maerial produced by he supplier is credied wih he excess consumpton / under-consumpton. For his reason, if here is a subsequen adjusmen, an iem is generaed for he produced maerial using movemen movemen ype 121.Movemen ype 121 does no have a reversal movemen ype.122 Reurn delivery o supplier or o productonUsing movemen ype 122, you can distnguish real reurn deliveries for a purchase order or order from cancellatons (102).In he sandard version, you mus ener a reason for he reurn delivery if you are using movemen ype 122. In his way, evaluatons of reurn deliveries are possible.The eecs of movemen ype 122 correspond o a cancellaton of movemen ype 101.123 Reversal of reurn deliveryIf you reurned a goods receip using movemen ype 122, you can reverse he reurn delivery using movemen ype 123.Movemen ype 123 has he same eecs as movemen ype 101.124 Reurn delivery o vendor from GR blocked sockUsing movemen ype 124, you can reurn a goods receip o GR blocked sock (103).Movemen ype 124 has he same eecs as movemen ype 104.125 Reurn delivery from GR blocked sock - reversalIf you reurned a goods receip o GR blocked sock using movemen ype 124, you can reverse he reurn delivery using movemen ype 125.Movemen ype 125 has he same eecs as movemen ype 103.131 Goods receip for run schedule header  This movemen canno be enered manually. I is generaed auomatcally a notcaton of goods receip for a  run schedule header .Possible special sock indicaors: E und Q 161 Reurn for purchase orderIf a purchase order iem is marked as a reurns iem, he reurns o vendor are posed using movemen ype 161 when he goods receip for purchase order is posed.Movemen ype 161 has he same eecs as movemen ype 122.201 Goods receip for a cos cenerThe goods can only be wihdrawn from unresriced-use sock.Possible special sock indicaors: o K: Goods wihdrawal from o consignment stock   o P: Goods wihdrawal from pipeline If you have wihdrawals from consignmen sock and from pipeline, payables o suppliers ensue.221 Goods issue for a projecThe goods can only be wihdrawn from unresriced-use sock.Possible special sock indicaors: K, Q 231 Goods issue for a cusomer order (wihou SD)You use his movemen ype if you wan o process he delivery wihou SD.The goods can only be wihdrawn from unresriced-use sock.Possible special sock indicaors: E, K, Q 241 Goods issue for an asseThe goods can only be wihdrawn from unresriced-use sock.Special sock indicaor: K251 Goods issue for sales (wihou cusomer order)Use his movemen ype if you have no enered a cusomer order in SD. In he sandard sysem, hemovemen is assigned o a cos cener. konter.The goods can only be wihdrawn from unresriced-use sock.Possible special sock indicaors: K261 Goods issue for an orderThis refers o all wihdrawals for orders (for example, producon order ,  maintenance order , excep cusomer orders.

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