Women Molestation

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  WOMEN MOLESTATION Even if a woman is abused a very long time ago, it comes out in her life in a negative way!!! Women in India who are altogether contribute equal to men in Indian society, today, are  becoming the most vulnerable section as far as their safety and security is concerned. When we turn the pages of a newspaper, we come across many headlines reporting cases of crimes against women. If all the violence that have been done on women is put in a bundle and rolled into one, then the earth could not hold it, the sky could not enfold it and it could not be lighted by the warmth of the sun. Centuries have come, and centuries have gone, but the plight of women is not likely to change. Victims of violence suffered in silence with little public recognition of their  plight. Time has helplessly watched women sufferings in every stage of life. After decades of independence, still our better halves are unsafe and unsecure towards the realization of freedom and liberty which is guaranteed by our Indian Constitution. It's unbearable to imagine the plight of women who are sufferers of such crimes. The condition becomes even worst when we talk about the responsibility of such circumstances. Who should be blamed for it? Is it only the drift in legal system of our country or the police or the public where such fracas occur or the Indian society as a whole. Through a report by World Health Organization study it has been noted that more than a third of all women worldwide are victims of physical or sexual violence and this is  posing a global health problem 1 . According to a Global poll conducted by Thomson Reuters, India is the “fourth most dangerous country” in the world for women.  A society that is unable to respect, protect and nurture its women and children loses its moral moorings and runs a drift 2 .   The brutal gang rape of a 23 years old girl on bus in New Delhi  popularly known as ‘Nirbhaya Rape Case’  generated a global turmoil and forced us to think if we are living in the same country where women are worshipped in the form of goddess and on the other hand their cries are confined within tears and fear of the society . It was found by WHO that violence against women is the root cause for a range of health issues ranging from sexually transmitted diseases to depression and stress. 1   Kamesan, Vepa (2003), “ Indian Economic Scenario –   yesterday  –   today  –    tomorrow”   2   The Hindu- Opinion Sept, 15 2012    Childhood should be carefree playing in the sun, not living in a nightmare in the darkness of the soul 3 . But sarcastically the struggle for existence begins before birth in the life of a woman. Her every step goes over the way full of thorns and they are grinded between family and society. She is treated like a doll which looks nice being inside the four walls of the house and follow the instructions given to her but as soon as she denies pretending a puppet, her dignity gets violated. The Vedas dignified women as the mother, the creator, one who gives life and worshipped her as a ‘Devi'. But their glorification  was rather mythical and woman found herself totally suppressed and subjugated in a patriarchal society. A woman gets humiliated, oppressed and exploited in every way and the door of courts becomes her last and only hope. But unfortunately even the world’s  biggest constitution with plenty of laws fails to grant her justice and the goddess of  justice remains blindfolded being unable to see the perplexity of a daughter, wife and mother. According to Jonathan Swift “Laws are like cobwebs which may catch small flies but let wasps and hornets break through”. Indian laws are theoretical and the practical side is beyond expectations. We can’t measure the sufferings of a woman but ironically Indian law does not differentiate between major and minor rape. A woman won ’t get justice until the crime gets severe. She has to prove the most heinous crimes also in the court rooms keeping away her dignity and answering to all sorts of questions even if it amounts to demolition of her prestige and morality. Crimes rates are much higher in big cities than in either small cities or rural areas. According to a report, there has been a marginal increase of 2.5% in other sexual offences against women in 2015. Delhi has the highest rate of crimes against women overall. With 17,104 cases, the capital recorded a crime rate of 184.3 per 1 lakh female population. More than 50% cases of human trafficking involved minors and close 90% of them were girls trafficked to be forced into  prostitution in 2015. 4  India is a destination for women and girls from Nepal and Bangladesh trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation, while the Indian women are being trafficked to the Middle East for the same purpose.   The development of science and technology opened a way to the practice of female foeticide which eventually led to a slump in the female sex ratio leaving only 927 females per 1000 males according to the census of 2001.   In many regions, rape victims and women suspected for premarital sex are even murdered in the name of 3   Dave Pelzer in his book A Child Called “It”   4   Crimes In India , National Crime Record Bureau, GOI, 2015    “ honor killing ”    because the violation of a woman’s chastity is viewed as an affront to the so called family’s honor. Sometimes in lower class poor families they are married at an early age or we can say they are sold to overcome their poverty and indebtedness. What the scene it is that a girl is not treated as a human but an asset or a property which can be used any time in hard circumstances. The fact is bitter but actually this is the condition of a woman, the creator of life without whom it is impossible to imagine the earth. People are concerned with why women are staying in such an abusive state rather than why men are abusing them and this is the irony of the society. Recording the pain of women and crime against them on paper is beyond the bounds of  possibility and the astringent truth is that we all are well acquainted of their agony with closed eyes and dumb mouths. Now the question arises is what to do next? Should we still behave like Gandhiji’s monkeys blindfolding our eyes and covering our ears being unable t o hear the sorrowful cry behind the tears? The time has came when we need to join hands and take certain  preventive measures to give women her share of free air, the right which has not been apprehended by her even after so many years of independence. We all have the fundamental duty to contribute towards bringing an order to ensure dignity and respect for women so that she can also enjoy her human and fundamental rights with sense of pride, freedom and confidence. To ensure this at every level the society must work together to give an edge to the solution. There is an urgent need of reforms in our legal system such as stringent punishment which are non  bailable in nature. Other area of interest would be reform in police system. Allocation of women  police in every area and their continuous monitoring which also requires participatory attitudes of government. This could act as friction to those who perpetrate crime. Knowledge is of no use unless we put it into practice. Even though these suggestions are urgently required as practical measures but since they require rigorous effort for implementation it may be not be practically realized. So we must have remedial or curative measures such as fast track courts especially dedicated to deal only with these offences and crimes. These can be made responsible to clear the cases on day to day basis with fair trial as its core principle. All these measures are supportive in nature and prevents women from being victimized we can’t deny the other face of the coin. India, being a land of social customs and traditions where men are treated as god namely “Pati parmeshwar”,  have given rise to the perception that males are  superior than their counterparts and unfortunately women too have accepted this perception as a reality. Sometimes male child is preferred more within a family and hence   women are denied or given less preference in every aspect of life whether it is for giving education or access to health care. From above factors we came to the conclusion that the problem is not limited to few factors, but a sum total of a large number of factors. To eradicate this and arrive to a permanent solution we need to have a more integrative approach. Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries and without them humanity cannot survive. We need to channelize the potential of woman into the stream of development and this can be done by emphasizing on the quality education in order to inculcate morality among individuals and uproot the seed of enmity. Knowledge is power and the man who has the most knowledge has the greatest power. 5  Moral and spiritual inclination of education will impart impetus to curb the inappropriate sexual desires of men and women and would not let them indulge in committing such heinous crimes. This solution is an ideal solution which would need a more comprehensive support of all the stakeholders of societies. No nation can rise to the height of glory unless women are side be side with men. By taking these steps and sowing the seeds of morality, knowledge and love, we can hopefully curb this great evil and bring a better tomorrow for women free from fear, sorrow and  pain. The dream of a women empowered nation is a golden step towards the socio-economic  prosperity of our nation as well as humanity. 5   Quote given by Joseph Smith
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