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prinsip imunisasi
  PRINCIPLES OF IMMUNIZATION Kuliah Blok VII (Infeksi –  Imunologi) FK UNSRI  Palembang, Juli 2009  Objective At the end of this lecture the student should be able to describe: ã Active and Passive Immunizations ã Types of Vaccines (eg.‘whole - cell’ vaccines and subunit vaccines). ã Use of Adjuvants in Immunization. ã Problems in Immunization  – Understand the term “Cold - chain monitoring” and storage conditions for the different types of vaccines.  – Mode of Administration  – Contraindications in Immunizations (side-effects). ã The Extended Program of Immunization (EPI) in Indonesia.  – Targeted-Immunizable Diseases in Indonesia  – Immunization schedule  Introduction ã Immunization  – remarkably successful  – very cost-effective  – Infectious disease  Introduction ã Immunity and Immunization ã Immunity to contagious disease  protect individu from infection.  – Types of Immunity: ã Innate immunity  ã  Acquired immunity   – Active immunity  organism exposure, vaccine  – Passive immunity  temporary, maternal antibody transmission to fetus, immune globulins or antitoxin
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