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Information on Liebherr Piling equipment used widely.
  Technical dataPiling and drilling rig LRB 125 XL  2 LRB 125 XL Concept and characteristics Leader topLeaderTool with quick connectionRadius adjustment deviceUndercarriage Auxiliary winch Vertical travel deviceInclination deviceParallel kinematicsUppercarriageLeader rotation device ã High engine output with automatic engine speed controlã Controlled entirely from cabã Sturdy and solid rig designã Wide longitudinal and lateral supporting system on the basic machine through trianglesã High push and pull forcesã High torqueã Completely self–rigging (no auxiliary machines required)ã Large range of working tools (all piling and drilling works can be performed)ã Stepless leader inclination 1:6 forward – 1:3 backward depending on type of equipmentã Leader swing range ± 90ºã Increase of effective leader length (5 m) via vertical travel deviceã Automatic vertical alignmentã High alignment forcesã Simultaneous control of several movements via Load–sensing multi–circuit hydraulicsã Quick change of equipment possible through quick connectionã Equipment design according to latest European regulations and standardsã High manufacturing quality through quality control by PDE–system  LRB 125 XL  3 Transport dimensions and weights 71005100 112015850 incl. aux. winch300010003400285011801600400   Transport weight* Without attachment, with telescopic undercarriage and counterweight 46 tWithout attachment and counterweight,with telescopic undercarriage 40.7 t*) Weights can vary with the nal conguration of the machine.  4 LRB 125 XL Dimensions Basic machine LRB 125 3150        1       7       5       0       0 36704200700 1: 3  5350 90 ° 2 .8  °        3       3       0       0 90 ° 1: 6  2. 8° Technical data Leader length 15 mCapacity hammer including cap plus pile 12 tMax. hammer weight 6 tMax. pile weight 6 tMax. pull 200 kNMax. torque 120 kNmWorking radius machineCenter of rotation — center pile 3.15 — 5.35 mStepless rig inclination adjustmentLateral inclination ± 1:20Forward inclination 1:6Backward inclination 1:3 Vertical leader adjustment aboveground level (depending on radius) 5 mLeader swing range ± 90° Operating weight and ground pressure Telescopic undercarriage with700 mm 3–web shoes 52 t – 0.88 cm 2 The operating weight includes the basic machine LRB 125 (leader length 15 m, with attachment). Weights can vary depending on the nal conguration of the machine.

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Jul 23, 2017
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