mems ppt and basic idea

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ppt about mems
  MEMS BASED SENSORS    PARTHA PRATIM PATHAK  MONISH KUMAR CHOUDHURY  LAKHYA JYOTI PHUKON  RAJDEEP CHOUDHURY   ANKUR SHARMA  Introduction ã MEMS deals with process based technologies used to fabricate tiny integrated devices and systems that integrate functionalities from different physical domains into one device. ã MEMS applications include systems ranging from consumer electronics, automative, medical, communication, defense  SENSORS ã   A device used to measure a physical quantity such as temperature and convert it into an electrical signal of some kind (e.g. a voltage), without modifying the environment..    What can be sensed?  Almost Everything!!! Commonly sensed parameters are : ã Pressure ã Temperature ã Flow rate ã Radiation ã Chemicals
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