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The Northcountry News is a bi-weekly paper serving approx. 10,000 people in over 40 communities in the Western White Mountains Region of NH and the Upper Connecticut River Valley of both NH and VT
   C Y ANMA GE NT AY E L L  OWBL A C K (  P  a g e1  )   In New Hampshire - Bath, Benton, Bethlehem, Bristol, Campton, Canaan, Dalton, Dorchester, East Haverhill, Easton, Franconia, Glencliff, Groton,Haverhill, Hebron, Landaff, Lincoln, Lisbon, Littleton, Lyman, Monroe, North Haverhill, North Woodstock, Orford, Piermont, Pike, Plymouth, Rumney, Sugar Hill, Swiftwater, Thornton, Warren, Waterville Valley, Wentworth, and Woodsville. In Vermont - Bradford, Corinth, Fairlee, Groton, Newbury, South Ryegate and Wells River  Northcountry News ã PO Box 10 ã Warren, NH 03279 ã 603-764-5807 SKIP’SGUN SHOP  Buy ã Sell ã Trade 837 Lake St.Bristol, NH 603-744-3100 New & Used FirearmsReloading SuppliesGunsmithing ServiceHunting Supplies& So Much More! 485 Tenney Mountain Hwy. Plymouth, NH 603-536-1422   The area's first choice, for  furniture and mattresses. 󰁵 La Z Boy 󰁵 Broyhill 󰁵 Simmons 󰁵 Best 󰁵 Tempur pedic 󰁵 shley Free Local  Delivery C.M. Whitcher  Transfer Facility  CommercialResidentialRoll OffsandDemolition1 to 40 YardContainers Available 58 Whitcher Hill Rd.Warren, NH 603.764.9300 Hunting Season is here - get your gear!  Great Blue Heron. A beauty. - Duane Cross Photo. ( Rumney Rocks Trail Construction Project__________________  Right off I-91, Exit 17, Rte 302Wells River, VT 802-429-2500 Hours: M-F 8-5 Sat. 8-2 N ORTHCOUNTRY N EWS N ORTHCOUNTRY N EWS SUPPORTING ALL THAT IS LOCAL FOR OVER 25 YEARS FREE Dale Clough Photo  S INCE A PRIL 1989 R EAD T HROUGHOUT T HE N ORTH C OUNTRY & B EYOND   O CTOBER 24, 2014 A construction project toimprove public safety is under-way with the development of atrail to connect the two RumneyRocks Parking Lots in Rumney, NH. This very popular destina-tion for rock climbing enthusi-asts attracts climbers from allover the world. The construction of theConnector Trail will involveexcavation and some blasting inorder to cut a suitable trail intotwo prominent rock outcrop- pings that extend to the edge of Buffalo Road between the two parking lots. In order to safelyconstruct this trail, BuffaloRoad will be temporarilyrestricted to one lane accesswith traffic control signs andshort duration road closureswhile blasting operations areunderway. The Forest Service isworking with Town of Rumneyofficials to coordinate lane androad closures. Buffalo Roadshould be open evenings and onweekends. Please be aware thattemporary area closures within¼ mile of both parking lots will be necessary while blastingoperations are underway, andthe area will be posted accord-ingly. Once completed, climbers andvisitors will have a trail whichconnects the two parking lotsand eliminates the need for climbers to walk alongside theroad. The project is expected to becompleted by the end of December, 2014. For more information, go or call: 603.536.6100.     C   Y   A   N   M   A   G   E   N   T   A   Y   E   L   L   O   W   B   L   A   C   K   (   P  a  g  e   2   ) NORTHCOUNTRY NEWS| ã October 24, 2014 ã Page A‐2 URGENT SAVINGS ALERT! ã URGENT SAVINGS ALERT! TheSavingsContinue DISCOUNT JIM’S BARGAIN CENTERISCOUNT JIM’S BARGAIN CENTER In The Village Of North Haverhill NH On Route 10 603-787-6807 ã OPEN EVERY DAY WeOf f er AVastAr r ayOf QualityItems YouWillFindAt Jim’s Deeply Discounted Pr ices!!! God Bless America  Remember - Prices Are Born Here And Raised Elsewhere & There’s Always A New Reason To Shop Jim’s... Still Doing What We’re Known For ã BIG NAMES ã LOW PRICESStill Doing What We’re Known For ã BIG NAMES ã LOW PRICES Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Retail !!! Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Retail !!!    Save Big At Jim’s ã Your Every Day Savings Place! URGENT SAVINGS ALERT CHANGE OF SEASONS, CHANGE OF INVENTORY CHECK OUT THESE DEALS Citrus II Hand Sanitizer ã 2 for $1Bag of 12 Pairs of USA Made Socks ã Only $3.88Warm Hats ã Start At Only .88¢Gloves ã From Just .99¢Pain Patches ã 4 for $1Chain Saw Files ã $1.88NEW SEASONAL ITEMS ARRIVING DAILY NICE HOUSE LOT OF FURNISHINGSON ITS WAY...Lots of better buy it when you see it Bargains SIMILAR SAVINGS THROUGHOUT THE STOREWE LOVE YOU MOM. KEEP SMILING  As Always ‐ Thank You For Your Support    C Y ANMA GE NT AY E L L  OWBL A C K (  P  a g e 3  )   THE TIP TOP HOUSE ATOP MT. MOOSILAUKE, WARREN, NH, CIRCA 1930 Page A‐3 ã October 24, 2014 ã |NORTHCOUNTRY NEWS New 4-H Club Is Forming In Haverhill__ Bath Public Library News______________  Northcountry News PO Box 10 ã Warren, NH 03279Phone & Fax ã 603‐764‐5807Email: ncnewsnh@gmail.comWeb: The NORTHCOUNTRY NEWS is published every other Friday byBryan Flagg and is circulated free of charge throughout the townsand communities listed on the front page. Publisher & Editor ‐ Bryan FlaggAdvertising ‐ Bryan Flagg / Pat WilsonDelivery Fulfillment ‐ LeeAnn RobergeOffice/Bookkeeping ‐ Suzanne Flagg This paper assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors, however we will reprint a correction notice,and/or that portion of the ad in which an error occurs. The Northcountry News is proudly published and printed in NewHampshire using recycled paper and 100% water based inks!We are printed by the Concord Monitor, Concord, NH Hunt For The Hungry: NH Food Bank Seeks Meat Donations From Hunters_____________________________  Rodent Infestation Mice, Squirrels, ChipmunksCan cause serious health problemsWe can HelpAct now before winter  White Mountain Wildlife Control (603) 616-1538 Email:  NH Licensed: Wildlife Control OperatorsMember   New Hampshire hunters canshare their fall harvest with theneedy through the “Hunt for theHungry” program at the NewHampshire Food Bank. Onceagain this fall, the food bank iscollecting donations of whole or  processed game animals for dis-tribution to more than 400 food pantries, soup kitchens, home-less shelters and group homesstatewide. Last year (2013), the Hunt for the Hungry program took in1,200 pounds of donated deer, bear, moose and other gamemeat for distribution to theneedy. To donate game, and for packag-ing instructions, call the FoodBank at 603-669-9725 ext 245.If you are donating a whole deer,you can bring it to Lemay &Sons Beef in Goffstown, N.H.(603-622-0022), and they will process it for the food bank at nocharge.Please note that the N.H. FoodBank is not equipped to acceptdonations of wild game birds,such as wild turkey or grouse. “We are counting on continuedstrong support from hunters thisyear,” said Bruce Wilson,Director of Operations for the New Hampshire Food Bank.“Donations of protein foods filla big need for the Hunt for theHungry program. Venison isespecially popular, a real treatfor clients. Last year, we gotsome moose meat, and as soonas it came in, out it went! Asalways, we want to thank NewHampshire hunters and Lemay'sfor their continued support.”“The Hunt for the Hungry pro-gram is a great way for huntersto share their harvest and helpneedy families get through thewinter, said Glenn Normandeau, ExecutiveDirector of the New HampshireFish and Game Department.“Wild game is a local renewableresource that is high in protein,low in fat and all natural – not tomention delicious.”For more information on donat-ing to the New Hampshire FoodBank, visit http://www.nhfood- information on hunting in New Hampshire or to purchase ahunting license, visit A new 4-H club is starting in the Haverhill area. Join 4-H leader Jodie Lang on October 25, 2014 at 1:30pm at 170 Court Street,Haverhill, to make plans for the 4-H year ahead. This Club’s projects will be geared towards the 4-H Intermediate(youth 12 to 13 years old) and Senior (14 to 18 years old) levels. For more information please contact the UNH CooperativeExtension office at 603-787-6944, or JodieLang at 603-348-0666, The Bath Library Book Clubwill be discussing “Talk FunnyGirl”, by Roland Merullo onThursday, November 13th at 6 pm at the Bath Public Library.In one of the poorest parts of rural New Hampshire, teenagegirls have been disappearing. For 17-year-old MarjorieRichards, the fear raised bythese abductions is the back-drop to what she lives with her own home, every day. Marjoriehas been raised by parents sointentionally isolated from nor-mal society that they havedeveloped their own dialect.Marjorie is tormented by her classmates, who call her “TheTalk-funny girl,” but as thenearby factory town sinks deep-er into economic ruin and as her  parents fall more completelyunder the influence of a sadisticcult leader, her options for escape dwindle. But then,thanks to a loving aunt,Marjorie is hired by a man,himself a victim of abuse, whois building what he calls “acathedral,” right in the center of town. Books may be picked up at theBath Library; hours areTuesdays and Thursdays9:00am to noon and 1:00pm to6:00pm and Saturdays 9:00amto noon. Anyone with an interest in read-ing and conversing about booksis welcome to attend. For information, please contactthe library at 603 747-3372 or email     C   Y   A   N   M   A   G   E   N   T   A   Y   E   L   L   O   W   B   L   A   C   K   (   P  a  g  e   4   ) NORTHCOUNTRY NEWS| ã October 24, 2014 ã Page A‐4  Northcountry News Picture Of The Week   Just how much does a woodchuck chuck! How much wood would a woodchuck chuck is an American English languagetongue-twister. The woodchuck, from Algonquian wejack, is akind of marmot regionally called groundhog. The completebeginning of the tongue twister usually goes, How muchwood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? - Harry Wright Photo If you have a photo which you think could make it as our pic-ture of the week, let us know. Email it by Dave Berman “Berman’s Bits”   Piermont Plant Pantry  Rte. 25 Piermont, NH ã 603-272-4372 PUMPKINS ‐ CORN STALKSEgg Plant. Cabbage, Winter Squash, Soldier BeansMUMS, ALL SIZES. Open 7 days - dawn - dusk Gift Certificates ã Fresh Eggs Always Orford Sand and Gravel & Piermont Sand and Gravel Gravel/Stone/Sand/Topsoil By Appointment OnlyCall for PricingOffice (603) 353-9700Owner, Stacey Thomson Cell (603) 359-0202Email: “Incessantly scouring the uni-verse (and my back yard) for the weird, the wacky, and thethoughtful so you don’t haveto.”  Back in the day, I was the jolly jokester, the wizard of wise-cracks, the doctor of doubleentendre, etc. When I began myteaching career, I quicklylearned to pretty much virtuallyalways be appropriate. Havingnow finished 31 years in theclassroom, I am slowly return-ing to tossing out jokes, but one problem is people’s sense of humor has changed – there aremany who find most anything  offensive. However, from whatI have seen of Facebook, for many virtually anything goes – all of George Carlin’s sevenwords show up regularly. In my public postings, I usually don’tswear but use the occasionalgrawlix (look it up). I am so ashamed of myself. Iwatched “Alaska Monsters,which a carbon copy of “Mountain Monsters.”According to one reviewer:“The show (like every episodeof  Mountain Monsters ) endswith the crew making vagueinsinuations and wisecracksabout the existence of the crea-ture in an attempt to convince aviewer that he hasn’t just wit-nessed a load of complete bullsh*t.”So Ebola has made it to the US, but the public health systemassures us we really have noreason to be concerned. Why isit that all I can think of are thenine most feared words in theUS: “I’m from the governmentand I’m here to help.”Flash mobs! One of the bestthings evah ! In the undyingwords of Maynard G. Krebs, Iget a little misty when I seewhat positive things people cando. Toss in a  Les Mis song, I ama wreck. The link that follows isthe first one I ever saw. Enjoy:   h?v=bQLCZOG202k The Stateline is home to arecord-holding bovine beauty.Blosom is the world’s tallestcow, with the designation justawarded to her by GuinnessWorld Records . Blosom is 6’4”tall at her shoulder, which isactually taller than Bulls star Derrick Rose. Blosom’s owner says she knew Blosom was spe-cial when she was a calf. “Wewon. We kept her. She’s hereand even though she couldn’thave a calf like with most cows,she does have a purpose. She’sthe official greeter to thefarm,”said Hanson. [ WIFR ]Is this the US? I saw a storyrecently abouta US store thathas two American flags and twoMexican flags flying outside, but the Mexican flag appears to be flying much higher than theU.S. flag, which according tofederal code is not allowed.While the U.S. Supreme Courtsaid that the provisions laid outfor how to display the Americanflag cannot be enforced becausedoing so would infringe uponone’s free speech, it is outra-geous that a city council wouldapply their city’s law to outlawa flag that stands for freedom,yet allow the flag of another country to be not just flown, butdisplayed higher than theAmerican flag. PC lives!So, as of this writing, I justwatched videos of a fight between NASCAR drivers after a race, NFL fans in a couple of  brawls, teen football playerscharged with sexual assault, athief stealing gifts from a wed-ding, two teen girls doing a dineand dash, trampling a waitress breaking her femur and ankle,dozens of teens brawl at theArizona State Fair, a dog badlycut up, and so it goes! Whatever happened to basic decency? Irealize these are the stories thatget posted, but come on. Peopleare supposed to be making theworld a better   place!Another week and a half andit’ll be voting time. As sure asthe sun will rise tomorrow,there are the party faithful who put up every Republican/Democratic candi-date’s sign available and onlyvote by party. The only problemI have with that is the Orwellian  Animal Farm  philosophy“Republicans good. Democrats bad” (or vice versa). I  struggle with many political positions! Iwish more people did, but thatmight involve thinking.One of the hardest questions todeal with in society is what todo with the mentally ill. “Ikilled that lady,” the 10-year-old boy told a Pennsylvaniastate trooper, after a 90-year-oldwoman was found dead in thehome of the boy’s grandfather.Tristen Kurilla, a fifth grader,made the chilling confessionafter his mother brought him toa Pennsylvania State PoliceBarracks. Now, Kurilla is beingheld at the Wayne CountyCorrectional Facility andcharged as an adult with crimi-nal homicide. The boy is sepa-rated from adult offenders andis being constantly supervised, WBRE  reported. The boyadmitted to grabbing a woodencane, holding it against 90-year-old Helen Novak’s throatfor several seconds and punch-ing her in the throat and stom-ach, according to the policeaffidavit. Kurilla told police hewas angry at Novak becauseshe had yelled at him when heentered her room. He said hewanted to ask her a question.Were you trying to kill her? thetrooper asked the boy.”No, Iwas only trying to hurt her,”Kurilla replied.Finally, “Nothing is ever lost bycourtesy. It is the cheapest of  pleasures, costs nothing, andconveys much.” ErastusWiman. Be decent, people..  ......Later  NH Y outh Deer Hunt Set For Weekend_  __   New Hampshire’s youth deer weekend, Saturday and Sunday,October 25-26, 2014, is the per-fect time to take a youngster hunting. This special weekendgives young people age 15 andyounger the opportunity to godeer hunting with an adult men-tor, without the pressure of competing with thousands of adult hunters. Accompanying adults must belicensed hunters and are notallowed to carry a firearm; theidea is to concentrate your timeand attention on coaching your young companion. Prospects for this year’s youthseason are good, according toDan Bergeron, Deer ProjectLeader for the New HampshireFish and Game Department. New Hampshire’s deer popula-tion is healthy and will provideexcellent opportunities. In2013, young hunters took 483deer during the youth weekend. “The weekend presents a greatopportunity to introduce your son or daughter, grandchild, or even a young friend to the joys,excitement, and rewards of deer hunting; all under the carefulguidance of an experiencedadult” said Bergeron. “You canhelp teach them about the sightsand sounds of the forest, how tointerpret wildlife sign, and howto use this knowledge to track and harvest a white-tailed deer.It’s a great excuse to get young people and yourself, out in thefresh air, have some fun, andenjoy some beautiful fallfoliage. Teaching a young per-son how to hunt and seeingtheir excitement can help eventhe most avid hunter remember why they love the sport somuch. This shared experience  Story continues on page A8
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