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(1) Planning Teacher: ___________________________ Class: ___________ School: ____________________________ Date: ___/___/___ 1.1 Lesson objectives / learner outcomes: (what is the lesson focus? / what will the pupils learn?) 1.2 Links to National Curriculum: 1.3 Links to rimar! Lan ua e Learnin #bjectives: 1.$ Links to %revious & 'uture lessons: 1.( Lan ua e anal!sis: (key language learning focus) 1.) *aterials & resources: 1.+ #utline lesson structure: (proposed timing, stages, interactions
  (1) Planning  Teacher:  ___________________________  Class:  ___________  School:  ____________________________ Date:  ___/___/___  1.1 Lesson objectives / learner outcomes: (what is the lesson focus? / what will the pupils learn?) 1.2 Links to National Curriculum:1.3 Links to rimar! Lan ua e Learnin #bjectives:1.$ Links to %revious & 'uture lessons:1.( Lan ua e anal!sis: (key language learning focus) 1.) *aterials & resources:1.+ #utline lesson structure: (proposed timing, stages, interactions, use of materials)  Timin Sta eT/*aterials & ,esources  (2) The Lesson  Timin Sta e & %roce-ureT/#bservation notes   nstructions0%lanations*T useuestionin *o-ellin ra-in  T/ talkDealin ithrrorsraise4ee-backListenin /S%eakin ersonalisation5-a%te- to sSta in ace*eanin 'ulnteractionClass mana e6ment/-!namic*aterials,esources  (3) After the Lesson 3.1 ,e7ection: How satised am I ...  that the lesson ... 123$(  that I ... 123$( ha- clear learnin objectives 8create- a %ositive learnin environment 8met the learnin objectives 8relate- lesson material to %u%ils9 nee-s an- interests 8as clearl! linke- to the curriculum objectives 8communicate- ell ith m! class8instructions; e0%lanations; <uestionin ; elicitation; estures;e!e contact; voice; movin aroun-=matche- the abilities o' the %u%ils 8mo-elle- an- use- n lish ell 8as ell/lo icall! se<uence- an- mana e- 8su%%ortin the verbal ith the visual ell 8 esture; e0%ression; %ictures; boar- ork; etc=as ell %ace- 8%romote- listenin an- s%eakin skills 8ha- a variet! o' interactions 8%romote- %ersonalise-/ enuine use the lan ua e %resente- 8as %u%il centere- 8the! ere activel! involve-=-ealt ith learnin mistakes hen a%%ro%riate to -o so 8ha- a variet! o' activities to %romote learnin an- maintain attention 8motivate- the %u%ils ell 8%raise; 'ee-back; encoura ement; rein'orcin %ositive learnin behaviours=ha- an a%%ro%riate balance o' L1/L2 8checke- un-erstan-in an- learnin 83.2 -enti>cation o' stren ths; issues an- nee-s ith mentor=  3.3 5ction %lan ith mentor=#vervie ?nole- e@seresentationSi ne-:  _____________  _______________ Descriptors (key areas and s! components)#nowled$e (of lan$a$e% of the crriclm% of the ppils% of plannin$) 1= o' lan ua e tau ht lan ua e anal!sis A %ron; structure/ rammar; collocation; 'unction; 'ormalit!; etc.=2= o' the National Curriculum & rimar! Lan ua e Learnin #bjectives3= o' the %u%ils9 nee-s; stren ths & eaknesses as a rou% an- as in-ivi-uals=$= o' classroom mana ement & -!namics control an- -isci%line; %u%il %artici%ation accor-in to abilit!; %air/ rou% ork; T vs  talkin time=(= o' lesson %lannin sin le lessons & 'rom lesson to lesson= &se (of lan$a$e) 1= teacher9s classroom lan ua e to %resent tasks instructions; e0%lanations; <uestionin ; elicitin ; *T use=2= teacher9s classroom lan ua e to %resent lan ua e mo-ellin ; voice; ra-in ; 7uenc! o'; a%%ro%riac! o'=3= teacher9s classroom lan ua e to motivate %raise; 'ee-back; encoura ement; rein'orcin %ositive learnin behaviours=$= su%%ortin the verbal ith the visual  esture; e0%ression; %ictures; boar- ork; etc=(= teacher9s on lan ua e use lan ua e com%etenc! A clarit!; -iction; intonation= 'resentation (of lan$a$e in contet% of materials% of the lesson) 1= %romotion o' meanin 'ul interaction2= %romotion o' listenin an- s%eakin skills back to basics A %rimar! 'ocus o' Nat Curr=
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