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CSH.07.4394448 Oil Analysis Technical Guide The next generation in oil analysis exclusively from ConocoPhillips Lubricants Lubricants Get the information you need to make better decisions and reduce your maintenance costs. Sign up for the ConocoPhillips AnalysisPlus Oil Analysis Program today. Signing up is easy: Join through Lubestream or visit Copyright© 2007 ConocoPhillips Company. The ConocoPhillips logo, Conoco, the Conoco Logo, Phillips 66, the Phillips 66 logo, 76 an
  Oil Analysis Technical Guide The next generation in oil analysis exclusively fromConocoPhillips Lubricants Lubricants  1 Table of Contents 2 Laboratories 3 Introduction 4 Viscosity 6 Water/Coolant Contamination 7 Fuel Dilution 8 Solids 9 Fuel Soot 10 Oxidation 11 Nitration 12 Total Acid Number (TAN) 13 Total Base Number (TBN) 14 Particle Count 16/17 Wear Metals/Elemental Analysis 18 Infrared Analysis 19/20 Typical Paper Analysis Test Report 21 Quality Equipment Oil AnalysisProgram 22/23 Oil Sampling Procedures ConocoPhillips Lubricants600 N. Dairy Ashford2W-9000Houston, TX 77079http://lubricants.conocophillips.comAnalysisPlus ™  SupportBasic Testing: Lab One ã 866-652-2663Premium Testing: POLARIS Laboratories ã 866-341-4396Staveley Services ã 877-645-5221Technical Services Hotline1-800-766-0050Customer Service Center 1-800-640-1956 ã Monday-Friday,7:30 a.m-5:00 p.m.C.S.T.  2      S     t    a    v    e     l    e    y     S     t    a    v    e     l    e    y     S     t    a    v    e     l    e    y     S     t    a    v    e     l    e    y     S     t    a    v    e     l    e    y     S     t    a    v    e     l    e    y     S     t    a    v    e     l    e    y     S     t    a    v    e     l    e    y P    o     l    a    r     i    s     P    o     l    a    r     i    s     P    o     l    a    r     i    s     L    a     b     O    n    e AnalysisPlus ™  Participating Laboratory Locations Customer Selects LaboratoryCompany and Location
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