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1. How to Optimize Your Mac Life January 10th, 2009 2. Overview ã Class will last approximately one hour ã Not all will be Mac-specific ã Please ask…
  • 1. How to Optimize Your Mac Life January 10th, 2009
  • 2. Overview • Class will last approximately one hour • Not all will be Mac-specific • Please ask questions throughout the presentation • I hope screen sharing works! :)
  • 3. My Mac History • Made “The Switch” in March of 2007 • Spend a lot of time studying personal productivity (blogs like Lifehacker, etc.) • Personal goal is to reduce my reliance on the mouse!! :)
  • 4. Step #1: Learn Keyboard Shortcuts • Keyboard shortcuts available on Apple website • Goal should be to reduce mouse usage to absolute minimum • Hack: Universal Access > Enable Mouse Keys > Disable Trackpad > Hit Option key 5x
  • 5. Step #2: Exposé and Spaces • Exposé - Allows for corner movements. My two are: • Upper right corner - All Windows • Lower right corner - Desktop • Spaces - Allows for a large “virtual” desktop • Launch apps in separate desktops
  • 6. Step #3: Quicksilver • Application Launcher on Steroids • Favorite productivity enhancer on the Mac • Quicksilver allows me to keep a large number of applications open efficiently • In addition to launching you can create helpful triggers!
  • 7. Step #4: FluidApp • Allows for Site-Specific Browsers (SSBs) • Makes it very easy to get to sites you frequent • No longer have to navigate through dozens of tabs!! • Hack: Get Fluid icons off Flickr! :)
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