00 kWp Solar Ongrid Photovoltaic Power Plant BILL OF MATERIAL

00 kWp Solar Ongrid Photovoltaic Power Plant BILL OF MATERIAL
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  100 kWp Solar Ongrid Photovoltaic Power PlantBILL OF MATEIAL Sl! "o!Brie# $e%cription&nit%Make Standard 1Multicrystalline solar pv module-250 Watt400 sets Alpex Solar Pvt LtdAs per I! "1215# I! "1$%0 standards2SP& module mountin' structure suita(le )or accommodatin' 100 *+p capacity SP& modules includin' )oundation as per speci)ication o) site-!orrosion resistant ,alvanised steel As per ISA%Solar P!5 .o/ SetAA,Santernno !4Array 3unction oxes1 Set nstoenselvtIP"55Main 3unction ox1 Set nstoenselvtIP"5$! istri(ution units1 SetASc6nieder lectricevtAs per esi'n7A! istri(ution units 1 SetASc6nieder lectricevtAs per desi'n8!a(le reuirenment 9inolexPolyca(avellsvtMtrs/reuired at site )or )ull plant commissionin' as per desi'n10ner'y Meter1 SetSc6neider or euivalent  119ire extin'uis6er 1 SetStandardIn accordance +it6 IS codes )or electrical s6ort circuit )ires alon' +it6 sand (uc:ets12Li'6tin' arrester 1 SetStandard!omplete set as per speci)ication1%art6in' *it 1 Setranded ;2 Mtr !6emical ased<!omplete set as per site reuirement14Spares# tools and plant )or 5 yeras operation and maintenanceAs per listStandardAs per reuirement159uses# =rans)er s+itc6es# Printed !ircuit (oards reuired )or po+er plant1 SetStandardAs per reuirement1"Providin' trainin' to en'ineers and site sta)) )or operatin' Maintenance and trou(le s6ootin' s:ills1 ItemStandardAs per reuirement1$>peration and maintenance o) t6e SP& Po+er Plant )or a period o) 5 years )rom date1 ItemStandardAs per reuirement17n'ineerin'# electrical dra+in's and installations and > ? M manuals1 SetStandardAs per reuirement18Any ot6er euipment reuired to complete t6e installationStandardAs per reuirement
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