00086.MOV Josie Palmer, 15 00:03:11 Ohh Facebook app because it is easy to use and I don t have to log on to my computer all the time and stuff.

00085.MOV Guy Lewis, 12 TEENS & TWEENS TRANSCRIPTS WHAT S YOUR FAVOURITE APP? 00:03:18 What s your favourite app? Copter, helicopter because it keeps you interested and you always want to do a better high
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00085.MOV Guy Lewis, 12 TEENS & TWEENS TRANSCRIPTS WHAT S YOUR FAVOURITE APP? 00:03:18 What s your favourite app? Copter, helicopter because it keeps you interested and you always want to do a better high score. 00:03:29 What is it? How would you describe it to me, the app? Your like going along and you have to dodge things, yeah MOV Tom Parkes, 12 00:02:50 And what s your favourite app? Brick breaker 00:02:54 And why is that your favourite? Because you can go on it for ages, it s really fun. 00:03:01 How would you explain it to me? You throw a ball at these bricks and it bounces back and you have got to keep hitting it. 00:03:11 And what do you like about that? Its good when you complete a level but when you lose a life it s a bit annoying MOV Josie Palmer, 15 00:03:11 Ohh Facebook app because it is easy to use and I don t have to log on to my computer all the time and stuff MOV Joanna Lawn, 15 00:01:00 Probably don t really have one. 00:01:05 Do you have a Facebook app or? Oh yeah Facebook app and what s app but that s about it. 00:01:10 Ok so what s you most used app? Probably Facebook. 00088.MOV Munia Zaki, 12 00:02:57 My favourite app is probably Facebook actually to keep because then I can go on the go and chat to my friends and everything. 00:03:06 Any other apps that you like? I like angry birds because it is fun and it s quite addictive MOV Anna Trew, 14 00:01:59 Screen muncher because you can munch screens, like things. 00:02:10 What s good about it? How would you describe it me? Gooo.. I don t know. 00:02:14 What is that app, how would you describe the app? You can like munch the screens then show people so like if you get text, you can munch it. 00:02:23 What do you like about Blackberry? Is it the colour, the style of it? Why did you go for a Blackberry instead of a iphone? Because I like the keyboard better and I like BBM MOV Harriet Dolan, 15 Libby Darlow, 14 00:04:30 H- Doodle Jump! Sorry. 00:04:34 Why do you like Doodle Jump? H-Its so good, because you just play and its addicting. L- Ohh What s App because you get really cool smiley face and there is like whales, really fun. 00:04:47 What do you use What s App for then? Socialising with people and just talking MOV Florence Green, 16 00:02:59 IMBD the movie one because I like to know who is in which films and which actors are in both movies I am seeing and stuff so I normally go on that all the time. 00:03:15 Why did you for a Samsung and not an iphone or a Blackberry? Because I cant afford it, and I don t like a blackberry because I think they are really ugly and iphone I will get one but I just couldn t at the time because it was too expensive MOV Joel Stanier, 16 00:02:47 I don t particularly have a favourite app but I don t know. 00:02:56 What one do you most use? Probably game apps because they are fun to do and they just pass time. 00:03:03 What one in particular? Jet pack joy ride. 00:03:07 What s that how would you explain it to me? Your just a little man on a jet pack trying to dodge stuff. 00:03:15 Why do you like that? I don t know it s really strangely addictive MOV Freya Wigfield, 12 So do you use any apps on it, do you have a favourite one? I use like BBM and stuff. 00:02:33 And why do you use that? All my friends have blackberries so that have all got it so it easier to talk to them and stuff MOV Will Mead, 15 00:02:15 And have you got a favourite app? I don t, I like playing Tiger Woods pj tour that s good I play that at the moment. 00:02:25 What is that? How would you describe? Its like this golf game you use your finger to hit the ball, put a spin on it and stuff get it in the hole so yeah. 00:02:34 Why do you like that? Just probably sport just generally sport I like it MOV Hannah Edwards, 15 00:02:04 What sort of apps do you use? I have a range, I have lots of games, I have the fatify, the baldify all them ones and obviously the social networking sites that it really to be honest I don t really have many. 00:02:15 Those two games you just describe what are they? Baldify, oh well you can put someone s face on it and you can make them bald basically and make them fat it quite funny when you do it with family and everything so MOV Matt Burton, 15 00:02:43 What apps do you use? What are your favourite apps? On Blackberry, I haven t really downloaded very many apps I think I downloaded one which was copter so that s just a game when I am bored I play it. 00:02:54 So what is that game? What is it about that game that you like? It keeps me entertained while I am waiting for a bus or something, once I have got on the bus I just turn it off and sit down MOV Callum Ahearne, 15 00:02:31 Do you know any of the apps on the iphone that you like have used any of those? Yeah the facetime ones and the cam world ones. I will just look at the apps I have got, YouTube and the munch screen that is all I have downloaded. 00:02:45 So what is munch screen? Why do you like munch screen? Because you can munch what people say and you can take a picture of what they said then if they try say that they didn t say it then you can just show them that they did. 00:02:55 So why do use that? Why do you like that one? Because if someone said they didn t say something, or they say something embarrassing you can munch it and just show people. 00:02:06 Have you got any apps on your phone? Yeah some. 00:02:12 What ones have you got? Just like obviously like the twitter and the Facebook ones, I don t really have games on there wait let me think, let me look MOV Keenan Berry, 14 00:02:13 Have you got any favourite apps that you use? Probably Facebook, YouTube and sonic. 00:02:22 What s sonic? Sonic like a video game and stuff like that so yeah. So why do you use that one? Just because it s like a fun game to play and its really easy to play as well, yeah there is no complicated thing about it MOV Harry Smith, 15 00:02:22 So is there any apps you have on your phone? A few yeah, I got the bus checker one to see what time the bus is coming and a couple of games, little games. 00:02:32 What sort of game have you got? Why do you like those sorts of games? I just got like small ones for like playing on the bus or something or when I am waiting for the bus. 00:02:40 And bus checker can you tell us a little bit about that app and how you use it? Well its got like you can click find bus stops near me then it gives you a list then you click one and its go the countdown thing on the blackberry yeah MOV Milly Roselli, 15 00:02:17 Do you have any apps on your Blackberry? I have got some I got one that changes the colour when people call which is quite good. Are there any other ones that you use? Probably not actually because I only got it last weekend because I had an old one so no its just that one. 00:02:34
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