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  A Quarterly Publication by Boral PlasterboardAutumn Edition 99   A Quarterly Publication by Boral Plasterboard Olympic Edition 2000 Boral  for   Builders Why do the job twicewhen you only get paid once? Official Supplierto the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.  About This Edition Welcome to Boral for Builders.This is the third edition of thispopular industry magazinewith even more interestingarticles. Boral for Builderscomes to you courtesy of BoralPlasterboard and is now anational publication havingfirst been published inQueensland only for severalyears. This edition comes toyou jam packed full of articles on achieving an excellent finish on interior linings with advice that couldsave you time and money.Happy reading. The editor Boral for Builders MagazineBoral PlasterboardMarketing ServicesDepartment676 Lorimer Street Port Melbourne Vic 3207 Contents Do it once Do it right2Plasterboard jointing:3, 4, 5Achieving the expected finishMaintenance Control 6 & 7Plasterboard & 8, 9Exterior Ceilings Paint Discolouration10, 11 The debate continues Building activity statistics12 & 13PartiWALL™14Sydney ClassiCove™15 TecASSIST 16 2 Do it onceDo it right Ceiling Batten nailed to jointsPlasterboard screw-fixed to ceiling batten  Note:  Boral Plasterboard fixing specificationsrefer to Rondo ceiling batten Part No. 303 as illustrated  Note what may happen (above) if the ceiling fixing method (below) is NOTfollowed correctly.  I ACHIEVING THE EXPECTED FINISH One of the more‘geometric’ interiordesigns. In the quest to produce the elusive perfect finish for interior linings, many varying techniques and systems are applied, unfortunately to no avail. All that can reasonably be achieved and/or expected is a general appearance of flatness witha strong reliance on the use of a favourable paint system and application, combined with a complementary lighting system. or many years now we have witnessed a growing trend towardslarger residences all competing for individuality with their adventurous designs.These subtle experiments in geometry,although aesthetically pleasing in therecontribution to the overall appearance andpresentation, are responsible for the creation of many problems for the plasterer.They are given the task of providing theexpected finish along with a level andplumb substrate to an industry faced withthe need to continuously monitor and control construction costs combined with a reduction in the availability of quality timber.   Plasterboard Jointing 3 F  4 lasterboard is amaterial with varyingtextures and porositythat is presentedto aseries of conditions that willultimately exaggerate thosevariables. The jointed systemis in most cases handapplied and therefore somevariation in the finished surface is inevitable, therebyproducing the same type ofirregularitiesthat one wouldexpect in any hand madeproducts.Although a flat unblemishedfinish is the common requirement, this is notalways possible, particularlywith current building designand technology. No matter how flat a surfacemay appear, there willalways be some slight undulations and deviationsfrom true flatness.Acceptance of this surfacecan and will vary dependinglargely on an owners perception and/or lightingconditions which may varyfrom night to day. Plasterboard Jointing Some difficulties arise when trying to describe what theappearance of a completed ceiling should be like. Spare athought for the conscientiouscontractor who strives toachieve what he believes to bethe industry standard, only tofind after the completion ofpainting he is confronted by anirate owner commenting:- P “ No nail pops or joints were showing in my last house” “ The ceiling in the display home did not look like this.” 
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