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TAKING GOD SERIOUSLY Ten Values For Building Strong Families - Part 2 September 12-13, 1992 Ex.20:7 “names” EXODUS 20:7 “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God” What’s in a name? Reputation Character Authority Want..blessing-don’t misuse... Why-God sensitive about his name? “Hallowed” Your name repr. 3 things about you  Reputation -”making an.”...”a good name..” -Hitler, M.King, Truman’s  Character -name connected BIBLEWhen people changed - God changed name!  Authority -”stop i
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  TAKING GOD SERIOUSLY Ten Values For Building Strong Families - Part 2September 12-13, 1992Ex.2! #names$E%&'(S 2! #)ou s*all not misuse t*e name o+ t*e ord our od$/*at0s in a nameeputation*ara4ter  5ut*orit/ant..blessing-don0t misuse.../*-od sensiti6e about *is name #7allo8ed$)our name repr. 3 t*ings about ou ã   Reputation -$maing an.$...$a good name..$-7itler, :.;ing, Truman0s ã   Character  - name connected B<BE-/*en people 4*anged - od 4*anged name= ã   Authority -$stop in name o+ la8$-$.Bro8n>Bus* on p*one$&'! /*en-misuse m name..s*o8 disrespe4t +or m I.  !AYS GOD S NA#E CAN $E #ISUSED %.   TO E&'RESS IRRITATIONINSULT  ?pro+anit>s8earing@#<+ 4ussing-4rime> (o)*  -illegal=$ +armer  >mules 5meri4a! most *ou),mouthed nation  A -ecomin( more ã  :o6ies add 4ussing#$rating ã  TV, mags, boos-+illed#pro+anit$ ã  e4ords-labels 8arn#expli4it lang.$ CAN T AOID /EARING IT oti4ed! 7o8 man t*ings 4ompared to /e))0 #<t0s 4old as>*ot..raining lie..7e0s smart as.../7) '& PE&PE S/E5To impress ot*ers ?sign o+ inse4urit@-/ea people *a6e to use strong 8ords<! #<0m a liberated 8oman$ #manl man$ D!EE$1  F5TS! 5n idiot 4an s8ear ?no 1 re4.@;ids, e2en parrot31 <t taes maturit to di3cip)ine your 3peech  - esp. 8*en angr!?stub toe...4ut o++ in tra++i4@/7) S/E5 4. USING GOD S NA#E TO INDULGE OURSELESREAD LE.%56%4 7GN8 #'o not mae a promise in m name i+ ou do not intend toeep it. T*at brings disgra4e on m name$ e6.19!12 ?@ ã   E9cu3e our3e)2e3  A -)ame God #od didn0t 8ant me to$#< didn0t +eel )ed  to (et out  o+ bed and go to 4*ur4*$ ã  Custi+ing../rong ?but od@ 8ill +orgi6e me$ 54t lie od0s a pus*o6er #<06e praed about it$ - <+ it0s 8rong it0s 8rong= :. USING GOD S NA#E TO INTI#IDATE #od *as told me 8*at ou s*ould do.$8*at0s 8rong 8it* ou$ou0re supposed to loan me money $# +ORGERY $ - using someone else0s name to get 8*at ou 8ant ã  Parents do it - to eep ids in line#od 8ill get ou +or t*is=$ ?B< ST<;@ ã  Spouses God  8ants us to bu t*at ne8 Cag/5! BE 5EF( about speaing +or od= ;. USING GOD S NA#E TO I#'RESS inse4ure belie6ers - pro6e *o8 spiritual4ontinuous pattern o+ religion p*rases.Srup tone..Be8are o+ maing od a 4li4*D= READ TITUS %6%< #T*e 4laim to no8 od, but b t*eir a4tions t*e den 7im$ Titus 1!1od0s name in 6ain 8*en 8e 4laim to be 4ommitted..but don0t ba4 it up 8it* li+estle. . USING GOD S NA#E I#'ULSIELY -as a 4on6enient expression o+ +ear, surprise, amae#4aug*t a 1 lb +is*$ - &&' &'= #split m pants$pregnant$ - :) &'=od - redu4ed to le6el o+ /o8>Far out-ex4lamation point  #<mpulsi6e$ G 8it*out t*ining)ou 4an 8ors*ip impulsi6el! READ ISA.456%: #T*ese people 8ors*ip me 8it* t*eir lips...but t*eir *eartsare +ar +rom me.$ <sa.29!13 ã  E6er sang in 4*.-8>o t*ining o+ 8ords?mind in neutra) >*al+*earted@E6er use od0s name as a +iller in our praersE6er use an *abitual praer 8>o t*oug*t READ #ATT.<6= 7GN8 #/*en ou pra, don0t use a lot o+ meaningless 8ords...$ :att.! ?@S(VE)! H 5meri4ans admit to breaingT(T7! EVE)&E &F (S :<S(SE &'0S 5:E= Rationa)i>e  b saing..#< didn0t mean it t*at 8a$od! /*en ou use m name, mean it=od is deadl serious about t*is! READ E&.4?6=- #...< t*e ord 8ill punis* anone 8*o misuses m name=$ Ex.2! b- &T, s8earing-a capita)  4rime.- od 8ill &T tolerate it=- )ou are o++ending t*e reator o+ (ni6erse=- 5nd ou 8ill not get a8a 8it* it=&'! '&0T :ESS /<T7 :) 5:E= TE5T <T /<T7 ESPET:ost o+ us need to apo)o(i>e  to od+or *o8 lig*tl 8e06e treated *is name II. /O! CAN I USE GOD S NA#E CORRECTLY0 %.   REERENCE GOD S NA#E CONTINUALLY Treat it 8it* utmost respe4t. (se it 4are+ull READ 'S.4564  #i6e to t*e ord t*e glor due *is name.$ Ps.29!27onor od0s name=T7<S-8*-no #$ mo6ies. <&-bound to a++e4t ou#'oesn0t bot*er..< tune it out$ It -other3 God1 <+ doesn0t-T*en ou don0t lo6e od 2ery deep)y === ã  <+ someone slandered m @i*e 3  name...8ouldn0t sa #< Iust tune it out$ &VE DE#AND RES'ECT <+ someone ridi4uled our mot*er-ou0d protest it=But man belie6ers sa not*ing 8*en Cesus0 name-blasp*emed75EE )&(! Spea up 8*en someone 4lose is misusing...?ta4t+ul@e6eren4e in6ol6es no@in(  od0s names. READ 'S.56%? #T*ose 8*o no@  our name 8ill trust in ou...$ Ps.9!1 ã  od-man names ?Bible@ Ea4* re6eals-aspe4t... ã  )ou get to no8 od b no8ing *is names.75'&(TPromise! READ 'S.<%6 7L$8 #)ou ?od@ *a6e gi6en me t*e blessings ou reser6e +or t*ose8*o re6eren4e our name.$ Ps.1!J ?B@< Exalt T*ee= 4. RE'RESENT GOD S NA#E CLEARLYREAD 4 TI#.46%5 7L$8 #5 person 8*o 4alls *imsel+ a *ristian s*ould not be doingt*ings t*at are 8rong.$ 2 Tim. 2!19 ?B@<+-a belie6er! ou represent od= #4all oursel+..a4t lie one=$2 reasons - man don0t +ollo8 *rist1. *a6e ne6er no8n a *ristian2. no8n one in name onlT(T7! People all around ou are 8at4*ing A e6aluatingour spee4* A a4tions READ COL.:6%=

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