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HONORING MY PARENTS Ten Values That Build Strong Families - Part 5 Sept. 27, 1992 Exodus 20:8-9 Families fragmenting/alarming rate: - ave. marriage lasts 7 1/2 yr - 60% of 2nd marriages fail - every 30sec- divorce - kids can divorce parents! Series/5th READ TEXT no age/ time limit I. WHY DID GOD GIVE THIS COMMANDMENT? 1. There are no perfect parents! All -weaknesses-faults-inconsistencies- mistakes Even best parents have sinned God - only perfect parent! Since all sinners- have all been warped
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  HONORING MY PARENTS   Ten Values That Build Strong Families - Part 5Sept. 27, 1992 Exodus 20:8-9 Families fragmenting/alarming rate:- ave. marriage lasts 7 1/2 yr - 60 of 2nd marriages fail- every !0se - divor e- #ids an divor e $arents%&eries/'t( R! T#T  no age/ time limit $. %&' $ () ($V T&$S *)++! +T 1. There are no pere/t parents0  )ll -*ea#nesses-faults-in onsisten ies- mista#es Even +est $arents (ave sinned,od - only $erfe t $arent%&in e all sinners- (ave all +een *ar$edF):any-un*ort(y of (onor: a+usive (ateful (urtful unlovingE&3 &)4: (onor t(eir sins selfis(ness 5later gnore $ain/(a$$y fa e 3% rin i$le: res$e t t(eir $osition: sour e of your life% 2. Respe/t or authorit egins at home ne of t(e riti al lessons a (ild must learn:... determines (o* *ell you do - s (ool areer relations(i$s,ro*s u$: 3o+ody tells me *(at to do- ant #ee$ ;o+%.! &<E=E&:(ome (ur ( govt 5diff. roles+asis for orderly so ietyres$e t $osition-even if a ;er#% 4our (onor3ote: <onor +ot(% ,od never meant - #ids to (ave to (oose%% 3. &o4 $ relate to m parents 4ill ae/t eer other relationship a;or forming fa tor of your life4our style of relating- set at (ome >(en-a t in *ays you don?t understand-still rea ting to...o any marriages ruined-s$ouse never resolved. =ea t to any reminder...4ou?re ;ust li#e your mot(er.... my dado ate +e omes target of unresolved anger% $artners *it( good rel. to $arents- less stress. $$. &)% )S () %!T + T) &))R +' P!RTS  n ea ( $(ase of life- a$$ly t(is ommand differently 1. !S ! *&$6 , $ &))R +' P!RTS B' )B'$( ! RSP*T$( o @y o+eying- do *(at t(ey say *illingly..$leasantly..immediately%  R! P&. 81 6B: @@AE: as long as you are de$endent...5food s(elterinsuran eEx e$tion:diso+ey ,odo @y not tal#ing disres$e tfully/sar asti ally R! PR. 1982 6B:2. !S ! ');( ! ;6T...B' !**PT$( < !PPR*$!T$( T&+. >(en you move out on o*n - rel. (anges.ost #ids +e ome adults a+out 2 years +efore t(eir $arentst(in# t(ey do rs after t(ey t(in# t(ey do%AA: older- start seeing t(eir faults 5more (angu$s lig(ts onB& 3> AE)=3  )E..%@ut  didnt (ave a (oi e% 3eit(er did t(ey% 5)(at?s *(y ) e$tan e is a+solutely essential%  !//eptan/e doesnt mean8 - $retending t(ey *ere $erfe t / ignoring t(e mista#es t(ey made/$ain- agreeing *it( all t(ey did... or ex$e ted you to do  !//eptan/e inoles 3 things8 1. =ealiCing ,od used t(em to +ring me into t(e *orld. (ey did somet(ing for you- t(at no one else ould do% 5o*e-life2. Aisten to *(at t(ey (ave to say. R! PR. 23822 4ou?re not +ound to t(eir advi e no* - +ut you dont dis$ise it.an disagree */o +eing disagreea+le. ont tune t(em out%AA:Even $arents-*(ose $er. lives are disasters- often still(ave a good gri$ on *(at?s +est for #ids!. ) e$tan e in ludes forgiveness.Fa t:>e often (urt t(ose *e love t(e most... intentionally/)4: $o$ular not to (onor... +ut lie on ou ( D +lame... R! PR .2=82=   (: - +itterness is self-destru tive%>=E: , ,)E E 4 )=E3& F= ) B=&E4ou (onor t(em *(en you forgive *(at t(ey did *rong..and (oose to fo us on *(at t(ey did rig(t% ;T. 2811 (:$ honor m parents  appre/iating them0 t?s easy to ta#e your $arents for granted.&B,,E& 2 <3,&-  1. )=E)E <E= EFF=.arenting is diffi ult time- onsuming D demanding AA:)s a $arent-ne* a$$re ...enormous energy- orral Ever onsidered- (o* mu ( easier life- if t(ey (adnt (ad youo ree rings:yrs of risiso y life story - mom?s grey (air  5lost-Eel river....+le* u$ room...mar ( on ourt(ouse>(en *as-last time you t(an# your $arents for $utting u$ *it( you>(o else *ould (ave2. )=E)E <E= &)=FE. arenting is ex$ensive%(e e onomi s today are staggering% )ve (ild- *ill ost (is $arents 2'0000 5=i #o Fat(er -one *(o arries $i tures *(ere (is money used to o >(en ou$le (ooses to (ave #idsG (osing to do *it(out many ot(er t(ings..H: >(at ould your $. (ave afforded it t(ey (adnt s$ent iton your lot(es s (ool dr. +ills R! PR. 23822 (:  Io#e: J stages-man?s life loo#s li#e &anta ) great transition *(en your $arents +e ome your friends 3. !S ! ! ;6T, ... B' !FF$R+$( < )T !B! )$( T&+. For many $arents- t(e older t(ey get- t(e less res$e t t(ey get:o affirming friends die off o no longer *anted in t(e mar#et$la eo t(eir gro*n u$ #ids- +usy *it( o*n families4our $arents (ave a great need to #no* t(at t(ey made some #ind of $ositive im$a t on your life. 3eed affirmation%  'ou airm our parents  >ust staing in tou/h0 -Everytime you all send a ard letter...- to (onor means to understand t(eir signifi an e- tell t(em a+out t(e details of your life- >e are to value..treasure...(ig( esteem to our aged $arents. R! PR. 3827  affirm t(em as long as t(ey live,ive t(em t(e ourtesy of see#ing t(eir ounsel.. in ludes res$e ting inla*s 5oses/=ut( R! 1 T$+. 58? 6B: &(ameful tragedy in our so iety: ld fol#s a+andoned +y +usy families*(o leave t(em lonely in t(eir final years.>(en your $arents/grand$arents +e ome too old to are for t(emselves:@@AE: t?s your res$onsi+ility not t(e govt%t?s a demonstration of your (ristianity%   )& E )&&E&-t(e roles reverse: on e t(ey +at(ed..fed.. ared for you. 3o* reversed. (is is t(e family y le% t may mean...o (anging oil in ar for t(emo inviting t(em into your (omeo (iring a nurse to (el$ t(em out *(en frail(ese are issues many of you are already fa ing. ,od says (onor your $arents% R! 1 T$+. 58@ AA:Iesus on ross-*(ile dying for t(e *orld didnt forget to $rovide for (is aged mot(er?s are 5assigned to Io(nF): 4ou *ill rea$ *(at you so*:ne day you?re going to *ant your gro*n #ids to (onor you.(ey are *at (ing your model rig(t no*% ! %)R T) P!RTS8 $ ou 4ant honor- e honorale0 4ou *ill give an a ount to ,od for your $arenting% to...$rovide..$rote t...train...dire t R! P&. 8@ 6B:  - dont drive your #ids nuts +y +eing un$leasa+le% - dont try to ma#e your (ild anot(er you. 51- enoug(%KE4:loving dis i$line-an undis i$lined (ild is an unloved (ildKids must learn: 1. diso+edien e (as onseLuen es%2. o+edien e +rings freedom% )s (ristian $arent:1st $riority-lead your #ids to a e$t (rist. no greater ;oy $ 4ant to /lose 4ith a 4ord to 2 spe/ial groups8 o. &E F 4B <) )=E3& >< <B= 4B EEA4@i+le:severe ;udgment for (ild a+use / negle t 5millstone>(at does ,od ex$e t of you <e?s 3 as#ing you - gloss over it deny it re$ress itex use it F): ,od doesnt *ant you to F)KE / +ut F)E it% (e only *ay to get $ast it%=B<: any of you are arrying unfinis(ed +usiness.o 4ou?re still rea ting to (urt from your $arentso $ro+a+ly venting it on your #ids or s$ousef you?re still angry at a $arent- you are still letting t(em ontrol your life%4ou must release t(at anger% )dmit it% t eventually must +e dis ussed%t ta#es a ouragous de ision to do t(is- to ma#e $ea e *it( your $arents &to$ +laming D running / &tart +eing (onest.5&)=4 4ou?ll (onor your $arents +y +eing (onest *it( t(em% *ant to +e free to (onor t(e good you did +ut  ant until *e tal# a+out t(e$ain  felt- and still feel - and ome to some resolution to it. 5&)4  *ant to forge out a ne* relations(i$ *it( you% Fa e t(e issues.
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