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LET THERE BE LIFE! Ten Values That Build Strong Families- Part 6 October 3-4, 1992 Exodus 20:13 series/6th command/ (READ) - thinking: skip this one! The urge to murder isnt frequent except on freeway! My guess: dont have more than 15/20 pro. hit men in our... Clarence Darrow: I've never killed anyone but I've read alot of obituaries with glee. ILL: by the time an ave. child has finished 6th gradewitnessed over 8,000 murders 100,000 other acts of violence! Every 22 minutes-an American is sho
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  LET THERE BE LIFE! Ten Values That Build Strong Families- Part 6Octoer - # $%%&E'odus &()$ series/6th command/ (READ)- thinking: skip this one! The urge to murder isnt freuent ecept on freea#!$# guess: dont ha%e more than &'/ pro* hit men in our***+,arence Darro: .%e ne%er ki,,ed an#one ut .%e read a,ot of oituaries ith g,ee* 00: # the time an a%e* chi,d has finished 6th grade-itnessed o%er 12 murders &2 other acts of %io,ence!E%er#  minutes-an American is shot*staed2 eaten or strang,ed to death! (highest murder rate in the or,d!)$ore kids die from %io,ence than i,,ness in America!This seems ,ike a %er# straightforard command*  Actua,,#3 often misunderstood/ misapp,ied I* +H,T THIS O..,/0 IS /OT ,BO1T : $* IT2S /OT PROHIBITI/3 4ILLI/3 ,/I.,LS *4i,e: c,ear distinction- human/anima, ,ife*5od commanded anima,s sacrificed- T 3E/*%)  dont ha%e to-%egitarian! &* IT2S /OT PROHIBITI/3 ,PIT,L P1/ISH.E/T* 7act: 5od commands +8 for certain crimes LEV* & )$5-$ 73/8 To maintain order in societ#2 5od has de,egated authorit#to human go%t to punish crimina,s: RO.* $) 79B8 7/IV8 :agent o; <ustice: o sift - $c9in,e#.s assasin- put to death ' da#s ,ater!4und#: eecuted after && #rs of ta paid appea,s! o ,i%er ;* <o,mes =ustice postponed is >ustice defeated o doesnt deter crimina,s - it does to the one eecuted! A%e 07E ?E@TE@+E con%ict -freed after 1 #rs! * IT2s /OT PROHIBITI/3 3OI/3 TO +,R* EL*) Tape: ;hen is it right to fight n order to***- preser%e freedom-defend innocent peop,e-stop the spread of e%i,  A,, that is necc* for e%i, to triumph-good men do nothing II* HO+ 0OES THIS O..,/0 ,PPL= TO .= F,.IL=  - &st murder-&st fami,#! (+ain ki,,ed his rother)- Toda#: most %io,ence-eteen fami,# memersRegister Artic,e- %io,ence is increasing $* 3od sa>s /O to S1II0E* B cause of death- co,,ege students 2 B- high schoo, t.s $C ,ife- ha%e the right to take it* 5D:C D@T!o Cou are not #our on**ought ith a price* RO.*$ )5 7LB8 7act: 5od predetermines eact,# ho ,ong #ou i,, ,i%e: 9OB $ )? 73/8 - 5od doesnt ant #ou short-circuiting it!f #ou.%e considered suicide-There is hope! 5od understands #our pain/dispair 5od has a p,an for #our ,ife!There are peop,e here ho care  ant to he,p #outhru #our dark da#s! &* 3od sa>s /O to .erc> 4illing 7Euthanasia8 +ausing the death of someone ecause of their o,d age2 deformit#2 or an incura,e disease 9OB $&)$( 73/8 - n,# 5od has a right to determine**hen  shou,d stop ,i%ing*@F*Gth: p,anning to %ote  ,3,I/ST Pro@* $6$- hich ou,d,ega,iHe doctors to put peop,e to death*This is not aout pu,,ing the p,ug2 or refusing treatment- it goesa# e#ond that- FERC 8R0C ;RTTE@ 0A;00: There as a gu#-ho thought he shou,d e a,e to decideho as fit to ,i%e and ho asnt- name: <T0ER! * 3od sa>s /O to ,ortion* PS*$%)$-$6 73/8 +irc,e: 2 me2 $# - that.s a person inside!There are no accidenta, conceptions!5od has a purpose in e%er#one of them (e dont a,a#s**5D: A fetus is not tissue- it.s a ,ife .%e p,anned!f a,, our da#s are B-aor* is the u,timate short circuit of 5od.si,,* EI+E8T@: $T<ER.? 07E ? T<REATE@EDT<E 7A+T? @ A4RT@ ARE ?<+9@5:- 6J of a,, pregnancies are aorted*- %er  mi,,ion Americans ki,,ed # aortion (more than a,, our ars put together)- Each #r- G/' aorted aies continue to ,i%e- K1J of a,, aortions:>ust ecause the mother    doesnt ant the a#*- not ecause of rape/incest- not ecause mother.sL,ife threatened*@+@FE@E@+E!R@+:7eminists ho supported aortion are nocomp,aining that more gir,s than o#s are eing aorted* SticAer :Su@@ort 1norn +omen2s Rights: +0EAR: 5D ?AC? A4RT@ ? 900@5 A 8ER?@ AR5$E@T: @o chi,d shou,d e rought into the or,d unanted 7a,,ac# of that ,ine: 5D ants that chi,d orn-hether parents***T<E 5D @E;?: Cou can repent  5od i,, forgi%e #ou*$oses2 Da%id  8au,- rote ma>or part of the 4i,e- A,, - forgi%en for taking the ,ife of another Rick3#ou.%e ne%er had an unanted pregnanc#R5<T! 4ut there are man# omen in our church hoD understand and ha%e strugg,ed to make the right choice*Toda#: .%e asked 0ee EHe,, to come and share her mo%ing stor#****+0?E: 5D ? A 5REAT 5D!<E +A@ 4R@5 5D T 7 4AD* 5i%e =esus +hrist a,, the pieces of #our ,ife- and ,et him rep,ace themith his peace!@TE: f #ou are strugg,ing ith one of the issues e.%e mentionedtoda#*** suicide*** aortion*** merc# ki,,ing- there are caring peop,e hoou,d e happ# to ta,k ith #ou this eek*;rite a note on #our card2 or stop # one of our ta,es outsideM


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Jul 23, 2017
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