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  10/20/2011 1 LECTURE 1 Web Essentials: Clients, Servers, and Communication Dr. Said Mirza Pahlevi, M.Eng. 1 Agenda  The Internet and TCP/IP  The Web  HTTP  Web Clients  Web Servers Dr. Said Mirza Pahlevi, M.Eng. 2  10/20/2011 2 What Is It? Dr. Said Mirza Pahlevi, M.Eng. 3   THE INTERNET Dr. Said Mirza Pahlevi, M.Eng. 4  10/20/2011 3 The Internet  Internet: the network of networks connected via the public backbone and communicating using TCP/IP communication protocol  Dr. Said Mirza Pahlevi, M.Eng. 5 Dr. Said Mirza Pahlevi 6 History of the Internet: 1969 ARPA NETWORK consisting of 4 nodes: ã University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) ã University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) ã University of Utah ã Stanford Research Institute (SRI).    10/20/2011 4 Dr. Said Mirza Pahlevi 7 History of the Internet: 1971  Akhir tahun 1971 bertambah menjadi 14 node yang beroperasi Dr. Said Mirza Pahlevi 8 History of the Internet: 1980 Termasuk link satelit paket TCP/IP digunakan untuk internetworking


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