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  Boral Concrete POLISHED CONCRETE Bringing concrete to life with colour COLOUR GUIDE  Cloudy CrystalSilver GreyGraphiteMarbleOystershelCoalGreen ChalkShaleGreen ShadowOpalLimoniteGrey GreenTravertineWarmstoneGialloDeep GreenPraseRaffia Beige All the colours on this brochure are produced using BoralStone 503 Neutral base. This unique blend of materialsproduces a light base which is perfect for combining with pigments to provide brighter colour resolution. Please note: These samples are intended as a guide only. Colours may vary slightly from samples and from area to area. ã Please visit our display sites or contact one of our representatives to view actual colours. Boralstone 503 Be Inspired to create the look you want Colourrange  MadagascarClayStonewearLight TanHardwoodPetrieCoffeeEmperadore BrownSpartaAmberSandstoneBeachAlacante RedZinciteCoralSerpentineMudgee MudAutumn RedOutbackMoccaWine JasperDark Sand Stylish,Contemporary & Bold  General information: please email us make an appointment to visit the Boralstone TM showroom, or visit our display at theSydney Building Information Centre inSurry Hills, Sydney. Customer Service: at Boral we are committed toexcellence in service so please contact 1300 13 15 99 for further information or to arrange anappointment with our architecturalconsultant. Boral website: Visit the Boral website for the fullrange of Boral for specificinformation on Boralstone TM , 01704/ 04.05 Step1: Select with the help of your “Boralstone” trained consultant the look and style you require. Call 1300 13 15 99 to make an appointment at your nearest Boralstone showroom. Step2: Select from over 30 colours of “Boralstone polishable concrete” available. Refer to pages 2 and 3 of this brochure. Step3: (optional) For a really distinctive effect, you can choose from a wide range of surface additionssuch as, glass, shell, timber or metal lettering.If the surface is to be honed, select the aggregate you wish to see in the finished product. In-floor heating isalso available. Step4: Select the sealer and level of gloss required depending on the project and the slip resistance i.e.inside or outside/wet or dry area. Step5: Contact Boral as Boralstone trained consultants are available should you have any enquiriesthroughout the process or to place an order. POLISHED CONCRETE BORALSTONE POLISHED CONCRETE This product is unique and therefore has properties which set it apart from man made items such as linoleum and ceramic tiles.Concrete is a blend of Natural Products, making each floor individual and will not necessarily mirror the showroom or samples provided exactly.1) Shadowing, discolouration, depth of colour, trowel marks, moisture movement, colour change are all due to and are a characteristic of concrete which undergoes chemical changes and as it cures gains strength.2) All concrete shrinks slightly as it hardens and this can result in cracking. These cracks can be controlled by the use of expansion joints and correct curing techniques. Extra care should be taken when placing concrete on high temperature windy days and low relative humidity. 3) Boral, as a Concrete supplier, takes no responsibility for workmanship of contract placers or polishers so we advise that written quotations should be obtained and previous work viewed.
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