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03.Cognos TM1 User Guide 10.1.0

03.Cognos TM1 User Guide 10.1.0
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  Cognos TM1 User Guide 10.1.0Contents 1. Introduction2. Getting Started2.1. Before You Start2.1.1. Required Other Software2.1.2. Microsoft Excel Macro Securit Setting2.1.2.1. Setting Macro Securit2.1.!. ocal and Re#ote Ser$ers2.2. Starting %M1 &lients2.2.1. Running %M1 'ers(ecti$es and %M1 &lient2.2.1.1. &onfiguring %M1 to oad )uto#aticall when You Start Excel2.2.1.2. ocal Ser$er Startu(2.2.2. Running )rchitect2.!. Setting &lient O(tions2.!.1. Setting ogin 'ara#eters2.!.1.1. S(ecifing the )d#in *ost2.!.1.2. Setting the Integrated ogin O(tion2.!.1.2.1. Ena+ling the integrated login2.!.1.2.2. ,sing standard %M1 authentication2.!.2. Setting ocal Ser$er O(tions2.!.!. Setting )d#in Ser$er Secure Soc-et aer O(tions2.. ,sing the Ser$er Ex(lorer /indow2..1. 0iewing Infor#ation a+out O+ects on the Ser$er2..2. )ccessing Re#ote Ser$ers2..2.1. ,(dating the ist of )$aila+le Ser$ers2..!. ogging in to a Re#ote Ser$er2... *iding and 0iewing O+ects in Ser$er Ex(lorer2...1. 0iewing or hiding an o+ect2...2. Ena+ling or su((ressing the dis(la of control o+ects!. Browsing ata!.1. Browsing ata O$er$iew!.1.1. ,sing ,ndo or Redo!.1.2. )ccessing ata through the &u+e 0iewer!.1.!. )ccessing ata through the In3S(readsheet Browser!.1.!.1. &hanging the efault Browser!.1.. ,nderstanding &ell ata!.1..1. &alculated &ells!.2. Ex(anding etail in a 0iew!.2.1. Stac-ing i#ensions!.2.1.1. Stac-ing i#ensions in the &u+e 0iewer!. Stac-ing a %itle i#ension as a Row i#ension!. Stac-ing a %itle i#ension as a &olu#n i#ension!.2.1.2. Stac-ing i#ensions in the In3S(readsheet Browser!. Stac-ing a title di#ension as a row di#ension!. Stac-ing a title di#ension as a colu#n di#ension!.2.2. rilling own through &onsolidations!.2.2.1. rilling own in the &u+e 0iewer!.2.2.2. rilling own in the In3S(readsheet Browser!.2.2.!. &hanging the irection of Ex(ansion when rilling own on &onsolidations!.!. &hanging %itle i#ension Ele#ents!.!.1. &hanging %itle Ele#ents in the &u+e 0iewer!.!.1.1. &cling through the title ele#ent na#es!.!.1.2. Selecting a new title ele#ent using the su+set editor!.!.2. &hanging %itle Ele#ents in the In3S(readsheet Browser!.. rilling %hrough to etailed ata!..1. rill3%hrough Exa#(le. /rite+ac- Modes and Sand+oxes.1. /rite+ac- Modes.1.1. Setting the write+ac- #ode.2. ,nderstanding different tool+ar o(tions.2.1. ,sing direct write+ac- and na#ed sand+oxes Cognos TM1 User Guide 10.1.0 of 43826-09-2014 11:09  .2.2. ,sing a 'ersonal /or-s(ace and na#ed sand+oxes.2.!. 'ersonal /or-s(ace without na#ed sand+oxes.2.. irect write+ac- without sand+oxes.!. ,sing a 'ersonal /or-s(ace or Sand+oxes.!.1. ata $alues for leaf and consolidated cells in a sand+ox.!.2. Resetting data $alues in a sand+ox or 'ersonal /or-s(ace.!.!. ,nderstanding cell coloring for changed data $alues.!.. &o##itting changed data fro# a 'ersonal /or-s(ace or sand+ox to +ase.. 4o+ 5ueuing..1. 0iewing the 5ueue..2. &ancelling a o+ in the queue6. /or-ing with Su+sets6.1. 7arrowing the ist of Ele#ents6.1.1. Selection &riteria6.1.2. Sa$ing Su+sets6.1.2.1. 'u+lic and 'ri$ate Su+sets6.1.2.2. efault Su+sets6.1.!. &reating i#ension Su+sets6.1.. Selecting Ele#ents6.1..1. Selecting a single ele#ent6.1..2. Selecting adacent ele#ents6.1..!. Selecting non3adacent ele#ents6.1... Selecting ele#ents + hierarch le$el6.1..6. Selecting ele#ents + attri+ute $alue6.1..8. Selecting ele#ents + s(elling (attern6.1..9. ,sing /ildcard &haracters6.1..:. Selecting Ele#ents ,sing a 0iew Extract6.1..:.1. Range 'ara#eters6.1..:.2. 0iew Extract Exa#(le6.1.6. eleting Ele#ents fro# a Su+set6.1.8. Sorting Su+set Ele#ents6.1.9. &hanging the irection of Ex(ansion for &onsolidated Ele#ents6.2. )dding a ,ser3efined &onsolidation to a Su+set6.2.1. &reating ,ser3efined &onsolidations on the ;l6.!. &reating na#ic Su+sets6.!.1. &reating an Ex(ression3Based na#ic Su+set6.!.2. &reating a ;ilter3Based na#ic Su+set6.!.!. Editing na#ic Su+sets8. /or-ing with &u+e 0iews8.1. Sa$ing &u+e 0iews8.2. O(ening Sa$ed 0iews8.2.1. O(ening 0iews fro# the Ser$er Ex(lorer8.2.2. O(ening 0iews fro# the &u+e 0iewer8.2.!. O(ening 0iews fro# the In3S(readsheet Browser8.!. ;iltering 0iews8.!.1. &ancelling a 0iew ;ilter8.. &hanging is(la O(tions8..1. *iding &ells &ontaining <eros8..1.1. Su((ressing <eros on Rows8..1.2. Su((ressing <eros on &olu#ns8..1.!. Su((ressing <eros )cross a 0iew8..1.!.1. Su((ressing <eros )cross a 0iew in the &u+e 0iewer8..1.!.2. Su((ressing <eros )cross a 0iew in the In3S(readsheet Browser8..1.. <ero Su((ression and &onsolidations8..2. ;or#atting &ells8..2.1. )((ling ;or#at )ttri+utes to i#ension Ele#ents8..2.2. ;or#atting 0iews in the &u+e 0iewer8..2.!. ;or#atting 0iews in the In3S(readsheet Browser8..2.. ;ree=ing 'anes in the In3S(readsheet Browser8..!. &hanging the &olu#n Orientation8.6. Modifing &ell 0alues8.6.1. Recalculating a 0iew8.6.1.1. Recalculating a 0iew in the &u+e 0iewer8.6.1.2. Recalculating a 0iew in the In3S(readsheet Browser8.6.1.!. Setting the In3S(readsheet Browser to Recalculate the 0iew + efault8.6.2. ,nderstanding /rite+ac- and Sand+oxes Cognos TM1 User Guide 10.1.0 of 43826-09-2014 11:09  8.6.!. Sa$ing &ell &hanges to is-8.6.!.1. ,sing Batch ,(dates8.6.!.1.1. Initiating Batch ,(dates8.6.!.1.2. Sa$ing Batch ,(dates8.6.!.1.!. iscarding Batch ,(dates8.8. Ex(orting &u+e ata8.8.1. Ex(orting ata fro# a &u+e8.8.2. Ex(orting ata fro# a Sa$ed 0iew8.8.!. &ontrolling the %(es of 0alues to Ex(ort fro# a &u+e8.8.. efining Range 'ara#eters for Ex(orting &u+e ata9. ,sing ata S(reading9.1. O$er$iew of ata S(reading9.1.1. General 'rocedures for ata S(reading9.1.1.1. Ste( 1 3 Select a cell or range fro# which ou want to initiate data s(reading9.1.1.2. Ste( 2 3 Select a data s(reading #ethod9.1.1.!. Ste( ! 3 S(ecif required $alues9.1.1.. Ste(  3 Select the directions to extend s(reading9.1.1.6. Ste( 63 Select an ,(date )ction9.1.1.8. Other Ste(s9.1.2. ,sing the 'ro(ortional S(read Method9.1.!. ,sing the Equal S(read Method9.1.. ,sing the Re(eat Method9.1.6. ,sing the 'ercent &hange Method9.1.8. ,sing the Straight ine Method9.1.9. ,sing the Growth > Method9.1.:. ,sing the Relati$e 'ro(ortional S(read Method9.1.?. ,sing the Relati$e 'ercent )dust#ent Method9.1.1@. ,sing the Re(eat ea$es Method9.1.11. ,sing the Equal S(read ea$es Method9.1.12. ,sing the &lear Method9.2. Excluding &ells fro# ata S(reading9.2.1. )((ling eaf *olds9.2.2. Releasing eaf *olds9.!. *olding &onsolidation 0alues &onstant9.!.1. Interaction of &onsolidation *olds and eaf *olds9.!.2. )((ling &onsolidation *olds9.!.!. Releasing &onsolidation *olds9.. ata S(reading Sntax9..1. 5uic- Reference %a+le9..1.1. ,sing Shortcuts in ifferent &lients9..2. S(reading )cross a Selected Range of &ells9..!. Sntax Exa#(les9..!.1. S(reading )cross an Entire Row9.6. ata S(reading 7otes9.6.1. ata S(reading 7ot Su((orted in BR ;unctions9.6.2. ata S(read Menu in /or-sheets is not na#ic9.6.!. ata S(reading )((lies )cross Multi(le 'o(ulated Ranges9.6.. S(reading )((lies to a Single &u+e:. ,sing /or-sheets to )ccess ata:.1. O$er$iew:.2. Slicing a 0iew into a /or-sheet:.2.1. %a-ing a Sna(shot of a 0iew:.!. Modifing /or-sheets:.!.1. &hanging Ele#ent 7a#es in /or-sheets:.!.2. %(ing Ele#ent 7a#es in /or-sheets:.!.!. &o(ing Ele#ent 7a#es fro# %M1 &lients:.!.. ,sing %M1 /or-sheet ;unctions to Retrie$e Ele#ent 7a#es:.!.6. Entering In$alid Ele#ent 7a#es in /or-sheets:.. ,nderstanding &u+e References:..1. /riting &u+e References:.6. &hanging &ell 0alues Stored in &u+es:.8. &reating ;or#ulas with the ;or#ula Editor:.8.1. ,sing the for#ula editor to (o(ulate a single cell in the two $iews wor-sheet:.8.2. &o(ing the for#ula in the cell B: across in the to( re(ort:.8.!. &orrecting &u+e References:.8.. &reating %M1 /or-sheet ;unctions ,sing the Excel Insert ;unction Cognos TM1 User Guide 10.1.0 of 43826-09-2014 11:09  :.9. &reating na#ic Re(orts:.9.1. ,sing the 7EA% ;unction:.9.2. ,sing the ;RS% ;unction:.9.!. ,sing the E &OM' ;unction?. )cti$e ;or#s?.1. )cti$e ;or#s O$er$iew?.2. &reating an )cti$e ;or#?.2.1. &reating an )cti$e ;or# fro# the &u+e 0iewer?.2.2. &reating an )cti$e ;or# in Microsoft Excel?.2.!. Sa$ing an )cti$e ;or#?.2.. Recalculating an )cti$e ;or#?.2.6. eleting an )cti$e ;or#?.!. /or-ing with )cti$e ;or#s?.!.1. Su((ressingis(laing <eroes?.!.2. ;iltering?.!.!. ata S(reading and *olding?.!.!.1. )((ling data s(reading?.!.!.2. )((ling data holding?.!.. rilling to Related ata?.!.6. Editing Row Su+sets?.!.8. Sa$ing the Row Su+set as a Static ist of Ele#ents?.!.9. &hanging %itle Ele#ents?.!.:. Inserting a e(endent Section?.!.?. Inserting &olu#ns?.!.?.1. )dding ;unctions to an )cti$e ;or#?.. ;or#atting )cti$e ;or#s?..1. Re$ealing the ;or#at Range?..2. ,nderstanding )((lication of efault ;or#atting?..!. Modifing )cti$e ;or# ;or#at efinitions?... &reating )dditional ;or#ats?..6. )((ling ;or#atting in an )cti$e ;or#?.6. )cti$e ;or#s in %M1 /e+?.8. )cti$e ;or# ;unctions?.9. )cti$e ;or# ,sage 7otes?.9.1. Sheet 7a#es &annot Include ash C3D &haracter?.9.2. Merging &ells In an )cti$e ;or# Requires a Re+uild?.9.!. )cti$e ;or#s Require at east One Row i#ension?.9.. ,sing &ell and 'assword 'rotection with )cti$e ;or#s1@. &reating Re(orts1@.1. O$er$iew of %M1 Re(orts1@.2. &reating %M1 Re(orts1@.2.1. Setting the 'age aout for %M1 Re(orts1@.2.2. Starting the 'rint Re(ort /i=ard1@.2.!. Selecting the Sheets for the Re(ort1@.2.. Selecting the %itle i#ensions for the Re(ort1@.2..1. eter#ining the 7u#+er of Sheets in a Re(ort1@.2..2. eter#ining the Order of Sheets in a Re(ort1@.2..!. Selecting i#ension Su+sets for the Re(ort1@.2.6. Selecting /or-+oo- 'rint O(tions1@.2.6.1. 'rint Single /or-+oo-1@.2.6.2. 'rint Multi(le /or-+oo-s1@.2.8. Selecting a 'rint estination1@.2.9. 'rinting %M1 Re(orts1@.2.:. Sa$ing the %M1 Re(ort as an Excel ocu#ent1@.2.?. Sa$ing the %M1 Re(ort as a '; ocu#ent1@.!. Sa$ing and oading %M1 'rint 4o+s1@.!.1. Sa$ing a %M1 'rint 4o+1@.!.2. oading an Existing %M1 'rint 4o+11. %M1 /e+ O$er$iew11.1. Starting %M1 /e+11.2. ,sing %M1 /e+11.2.1. 7a$igation 'ane11.2.2. &ontent 'ane11.!. ata Browsing and )nalsis %as-s11.. )d#inistrator %as-s12. /or-ing with /e+sheets Cognos TM1 User Guide 10.1.0 of 43826-09-2014 11:09


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