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  Service TrainingMALAGA 902 & 906 CWL ThorbenMARCH 1998 III. DRIVE SYSTEM  CHAPTER : Drive System 301.5 MHEX 2Page: 1. Main Hydraulic Pumps-fixed displacement tandem gear pumps-driven by engine flywheel-max. flow 16Lpm (4.2 gpm)-delivers pressure up to 18600 kPa (2700 psi)-supplies: bucket, boom, R/L travel, stick & aux. hydr.2. Pump Pressure Taps12  CHAPTER : Drive System 301.5 MHEX 3Page: 1. Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gauge2. Hydraulic Oil Tank3. Hydraulic Oil SOS Tap4. Hydraulic Oil Cap5. Hydraulic Oil Filter6. Hydraulic Oil Cooler263541  CHAPTER : Drive System 301.5 MHEX 4Page: 1. Bucket Valve (*)7. Auxiliary Circuit Valve (#)2. Boom Valve (*)8. Confluence Valve3. Right Travel Valve (#)09. Swing Valve (*)4. Straight Travel Valve10. Blade Valve (#)5. Left Travel Valve (#)11. Boom Swing Valve (#)6. Stick Valve (*)3245768910111 * Pilot Controlled Valves# Manual Controlled Valves
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