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        A    d   v   e   r    t    i   s    i   n   g    i   n    t    h    i   s   n   e   w   s    l   e    t    t   e   r    d   o   e   s   n   o    t    i   m   p    l   y   e   n    d   o   r   s   e   m   e   n    t    b   y    D   o   u   g    l   a   s    C   o   u   n    t   y    S   c    h   o   o    l    D    i   s    t   r    i   c    t .  A note from the principal . . .   October 2014 Main Office 303-387-1800 Fax  303-387-801 Attendance 303-387-1802 Athletics/Activities  303-387-1812 Bookkeeper  303-387-1808 Registrar  303-387-1820 Transportation  303-387-0415 Weather Hotline  303-387-7669 Twitter  follow@mountainridgems Online Payments Second quarter already? Wow! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful fall break. This time of year always makes me think about changes. I look at the leaves and think of how their changing colors relate to middle school students. Strange, I know, but hear me out. At the beginning of the school year, all of the leaves are green and full of life. Then, as the summer winds down and the fall rolls in, we begin to see changes. Some trees stay green late into the fall, others turn beautiful shades of yellow and red while hanging on, and still others turn quickly and fall. There is beauty in all of these stages. So, what in the world does this have to do with our students? They, like the leaves, begin the year excited and full of life. They possess an innocence and wonder. This is a beautiful time to watch them and enjoy their energy. Then we have some students who mature, change, and lose some of that youthful innocence earlier than others. This is also a fantastic time to watch. These students are growing into a new form of themselves. They are experiencing new challenges and trying out different perspectives. As challenging as these “fallen leaves” can be, it is such a wonderful and necessary time that every middle schooler goes through. continued on next page    P A G E 2 Mountain Ridge Middle School   A note from the principal . . . continued   We also have students who are changing, but maybe a little more slowly and clinging more tightly to their trees. These students may be trying new things, but doing so with continued hesitance and innocence. All of the students at any of these stages are unique and beautiful. They are worth our awe and wonder. They are worth “the drive” to view these amazing changes.  As parents, these changes can be difficult. Just remember, like the leaves, these changes must occur in order to rejuvenate and grow. Even the fallen leaves are beautiful and can lead to amazing fun (I certainly remember raking these up time and time again and jumping in!) Fall is a great time to step back and look at the beauty that surrounds us both in nature and in our kids! Enjoy their stages and their color. They are quickly changing and growing.    Mountain Ridge Middle School   General Announcements P A G E 3 REMINDERS…   We are enjoying a beautiful, warm fall here in Colorado, but we do have a reminder about our school dress code. Even though the days are warm and summer-like, our school dress code is in effect: shorts must be at least as long as the fingertips when arms are fully extended.  Short shorts and skimpy shirts are a distraction in our learning environment. Appropriate footwear is also a necessity. Although a day may start out beautiful, we have been known to see a dramatic weather change by dismissal time! We also wanted to remind parents and students that we DO NOT wear costumes to school on Halloween. This includes hair colors, face paint, wigs, hats, masks, etc. Students whose wardrobe choices do not follow the school dress code will be given MRMS clothing to wear for the day. Students are allowed to call home for alternate clothing, but they will not be allowed to miss class while waiting for a clothing delivery. They are permitted to check the office during a passing period to see if clothes have been delivered and to change. Thank you for helping students make good choices about wardrobe during these transitional weather days and for helping us keep the focus on learning here at MRMS    Mountain Ridge Middle School   General Announcements continued P A G E 4 Parent Corner The Gift of Struggle, Part 2 In last month’s Parent Corner, we talked about the importance of resilience and grit and how these qualities are crucial to a person’s success. This month, we want to explore some ways in which we can develop them in our students. Set Goals and create Action Plans.  Help your student learn to set realistic goals AND to create Action Plans to help reach those goals. Reviewing the progress from first quarter is a great place to start. What went WELL? What can your student build on? What growth has been made? And…what did not go so well? What improve- ments does he or she want to make for second quarter? How can he or she use the strengths identified to work on the areas that need improv-ing? Identify a Plan B.   What happens when things don’t go the way you planned in the first place? Help your student create a Plan B, which will allow them to “roll with the punches.” Also help them review what went wrong and, most importantly, what can they LEARN from this as they move forward? Help them develop a “growth mindset.”  This is the belief that your basic qualities can be cultivated and grown through your efforts. In her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success , Dr. Carol Dweck says, “The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset.” For our students, this means helping them learn we can (and we need to) keep going and keep growing when the going gets tough. Shepherding our students through the process of developing grit is not easy. Our natural inclinations are to pave the way for them, make their lives easier than ours were, take away obstacles in their paths. When the urge to do that occurs, we must remember the butterfly: without the struggle of getting out of the cocoon, the butterfly’s wings never form properly, and it is never able to take flight.
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