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    Page 1   CPC02 JOINT VENTURE ISF DEVELOPMENT IN DUHAIL MINUTES OF SITE CONSTRUCTION MEETING NO. 03 Purpose: Construction Progress Date & Time: 12 Aug 2014, 04.00 pm –  5.00 pm   Attendees: Hamdy Eid (HE), Joseph Rosales (JR), Ahmed El Desoky (AD), Tariq Abumafouz (TA), RV Mallia (RM), Sherif Kamel (SK), Costas Kalyvas (CK), Ahmed Magdi (AM), Nemer Abuhajar (NA), Apologies: Nikolaos Baimas (NB), Maher Sulaiman (MS) Distribution: All, Baris Nazlim (BN), Pandelis Aslanides (PA), Master File Minutes by: Recorded by: Hamdy Eid (HE)   Item Description Action Party Action Date 1 1.1 1.2 1.3 Al Rayyan Block Works      GF will be completed by Sunday 10 Aug. Autoclaved reached up to lintel beam. Block Work Subcontractor rate 250    /day rate is 12    /mason Plastering & Tiles/Paint    AJJV to work night shift for preparation of plaster    Total Quantity for GF 9,453    , completed 5,671. The rate is 10m 2  /mason as per program, our rate is    /mason completion date is 30 th  August 2014    AJJV to propose to ISF Type/colour for each floor.    AJJV to finalize subcontract agreement of painting work. Concrete    Roof slab first part casted. 2 nd  part casted on 6 Aug 2014, 3 rd  part on 14 Aug 2014, 4 th  part on 25 th  Aug 2014.      By 10 Sept 2014, all concrete work will be completed.      15 nos. of steel fixers will be released from Al Rayyan by End of Aug 2014. TA AM    Page 2   Item Description Action Party Action Date 1.4 1.5 1.6 Painting    Subcontractor to start immediately and the matter will be finalized tomorrow. Clinic    Revised submittal will be on this week.    Workshop to be arranged for next week. Sports Hall    Steel Structure, inquires have been prepared and CS will be submitted for board approval on 13 th  August 2014.    Construction Program of works is already prepared by Planning Team and TA will review the Construction Part next Saturday.    Structure Drawings will be available next Thursday. AM AM AM SK/TA AM 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Salwa Fire Protection Paint (Excel Sheet to be prepared by Planning for GASCON)    Planned 10- 12 days per store.    First Store will be completed by Tuesday, 12 th  August 2014 and inspection was failed on 11 th  August 2014 and NCR has been issued    Revised program will be submitted by Sunday, 9th Aug 2014. Store Cladding      Roof Cladding will start after Fire Protection Paint.    Wall & Roof Cladding material have been delivered. (100%)    Roof Cladding was planned to start on 13 th  August 2014 and awaiting NCR clearance. Block Works    100% of First Store will be competed on 13 th  Aug 2014. Storm Water and other utilities  Excavation completed.    400 Storm Water System    200 Foul Sewer System Concrete    Rebar for the third section of Store Type 2 will finish on 20 th  August 2014.    12 steel fixers will be released on 20 th  August 2014    20 carpenters & 19 mason will be supplied on 11 th  August 2014 from JEC TA TA TA NA TA    Page 3   Item Description Action Party Action Date 2.6 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 4 4.1 4.2 4.3 MEP Material    JEC to put more effort in material approval. Meeting on Tuesday.    Utility rooms are in progress    The allocated duration for MEP Works is 75 days for each 2 stores. Boundary Wall Mock-up    Lifting Plan will be submitted on Sunday, 10 th  August 2014.    Tomorrow at 5:00PM, Mockup will be completed / installed. KM Substation 10e    12 columns are rejected to be re-casted.    Program reviewed & Rejected by planning/Construction and Letter will be submitted to SMEET.    AJJV started excavation for west and south side at 10e. KM Substation 14l    Resubmission of 14l at North Side on 3 rd  Aug 2014. Al Shamal Road    400m of Al Shamal temporary fence is available.    300 lm has been relocated to Al Shamal Road    Excavation started and awaiting excavators to be mobilized. Buildings VIP Main Gate    Columns to first floor for 2 parts, ground beam for 3 rd  part will start and scaffolding is urgently required.  Watch towers      23b1 Wall shutter assembly started and work is in progress.      Scaffolding to be hired.  RO      Sky light finished and block work will start on 12 th  August 2014 SS AD    Page 4   Item Description Action Party Action Date 4.4 5 6 7 8 Wind Tunnel      Accelerated program has to be prepared and meeting will be held next Thursday at 2:00PM.    KAHRAMAA will disconnect the cables on 10 th  - 14 th August 2014    (Next Thursday, 14 th  August 2014) 50% foundation will be completed. Site Offices and Restaurant    Office No.01, walls are in progress    Office No.02, floor frame is in progress    Office No.03, Foundation will be completed on 15 th  Aug 2014    Restaurant, check DAR comments with kitchen supplier.    Revised program to be summited.    Subcontractor to Gulf Prefab is on board. Storm Water Tanks SW tank 3    80% blinding completed    Check With SIKA for the delivery of special piece    Rebar is called off form Al Wataniya for the raft.    Rebar delivered on 11 th  August 2014 and installation will be on 16 th  August 2014.    Primer will be delivered come on 10 th  August 2014    Meeting with SIKA on Monday, 12 th  August 2014    The Raft must be casted on or before 15 Sep 14 SW tank 6    Joseph to check with Bin Laden/QPM to shift the existing material.    Excavation has to be completed on or before 30 Aug 14 SW tank 2    Dewatering will start tomorrow 3 rd  Aug 2014.    The excavation works has to resume ASAP Sewage Network Road 22 and 28 are reaching the final level.    AJJV started pipe laying in Road 22.    Construction Team has to take the advice from technical Dept. prior to execute the pipe laying works    Discuss with the Client to inspect infra according to 90% submissions. Storm Network    Road 28 is in progress. AD RM JR/RM JR/RM
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