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  EXPERIMENTS AND INNOVATIONS  IN  EDUCATION This  series  is  published  in  English,  in  French  and  in  Spanish Titles  in  this  series: 1. The  TEVEC  case 2. The  school readiness project 3.  Innovation  in  reading  in  Britain 4.  Understanding  change  in education: an introduction 5.  Changes  in  secondary education and  their  implications for continuing education in  Canada 6.  A  community  school in Yugoslavia 7. The  basic  secondary  school in the countryside: an educational innovation in  Cuba 8. An  experiment  in the  realization  of  education:  IPAR and  the  Cameroonian  reform *  9.  Educational innovation  in  Singapore *10.  Educational innovation  in  Iran ã11.  Educational innovation  in  India *12.  Educational innovation  in  the  Republic  of  Korea *13.  Educational innovation in Indonesia 14.  Experimental  period  of the  International Baccalaureate:  objectives  and  results 15.  Radio  study  group  campaigns  in  the United Republic of  Tanzania 16.  Educational  reform  in  Peru 17.  Establishing an  institution  teaching by  correspondence 18. .  Youth  participation  in the  development  process:  a  case study  in  Panama 19.  Mostaganem  Institute  of Agricultural  Technology:  an educational innovation 20.  Post-graduate  teacher  training:  a  Nigerian  alternative 21.  Innovation in  Upper  Volta:  rural education  and  primary  schooling (English version ã  in preparation) 22.  The Peruvian model  of  innovation  :  the reform  of  basic  education *23.  ã  In-service training of teachers  in  Sri  Lanka *24.  Examination reforms  in Sri  Lanka  ' *25.  Management  of  educational  reforms  in Sri  Lanka. *26.  Integrated  approach to curriculum development in primary  education  in Sri  Lanka *27.  Integrated  science  in  the  junior  secondary  school  in  Sri  Lanka *28.  Pre-vocational  education  in  Sri  Lanka 29.  Roskildc  University  Centre:  a  socio-economic  interpretation  of  an  innovation  in Denmark  (available  in  French and Spanish  only) 30.  An  alternative  pattern  of  basic  education:  Radio Santa Maria 31. The  Spanish  educational  reform  and  lifelong  education 32.  The Caribbean Mathematics  Project:  training  the  teacher  as the  agent  of  reform 33.  Educational innovations  in  Switzerland:  traits  and trends 34.  Educational  reforms and  innovations  in  Africa 35. INCE and  technical  and  vocational training in  Venezuela  (available  in  French  and Spanish  versions only) 36.  Basic  services  for  children:  a  continuing  search  for  learning  priorities,  Part  I 37.  Basic  services  for  children:  a  continuing  search  for  learning  priorities,  Part  II 38.  Institutional  leadership for educational  reform:  the Atlantic  Institute  of  Education 39.  Regional  co-operation  for curriculum development and reform  in  teacher  training 40.  Outdoor primary  education  in  Bangladesh  ' *41.  Examination reforms  in  India * Asian  series  Experiments  and  innovations  in  education  No.  41 An  International  Bureau  of  Education  series Examination  reforms in India H.  S.  Srivastava Head, Examination  Reform  Unit, NCERT,  New  Delhi Study  prepared  for the International  Educational Reporting  Service  (IERS) Unesco  —  Paris  1979  Published  in  1979 by  the United Nations Educational,  Scientific  and  Cultural  Organization, 7,  place  de  Fontenoy, 75700  Paris,  France ISBN  92-3-101680-6 Printed in Switzerland by  Journal  de  Genève ©  Unesco  1979
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