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    1 MINUTES OF THE MEETING APRIL 01, 2014 Republic of the Philippines PULUNGBULU BARANGAY COUNCIL  ANGELES CITY REGULAR SESSION MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON APRIL 01, 2014 AT PULUNGBULU BARANGAY HALL,  ANGELES CITY Present: HON. BERNARDO D. SANTOS  - Punong Barangay HON. PRIMITIVA D. CALARA  - Barangay Kagawad HON. BREANN NOUEL S. BUAN  - Barangay Kagawad HON. ERNESTO S. BANSIL  - Barangay Kagawad HON. EDWIN M. SORIANO - Barangay Kagawad HON. SAMUEL M. SICAT  - Barangay Kagawad HON. ROLANDO S. TULIO  - Barangay Kagawad HON. ALEXANDER G. CACAP  - Barangay Kagawad JELLY D. MENDOZA  - Barangay Secretary REMEDIOS T. TINIO  - Barangay Treasurer  Absent: NONE I. The meeting was called to order by the Punong Barangay Bernardo D. Santos at the about 2:27 pm followed thereby an invocation led by Kagawad Breann Buan.  a.  The Presiding Officer requested the secretary to call the roll and to determine the presence of a quorum.   a.1 Kagawad Bansil reiterated the status for the purchase of flashlights and other equipments needed by the barangay police. a.2 The barangay treasurer response that the equipments needed should come-up right on the Supplemental Budget appropriations. a.3 The previous minutes was approved on the motion of Kagawad Cacap seconded by Kagawad Bansil was carried by the body. II. BUSINESS OF THE DAY: A. RECALL FOR FIESTA ACTIVITIES and its VENUES b. The body discussed the programs for the fiesta activities and clarified the venues of its consecutive dates. b.1 Kagawad Bansil suggested a venue for the event of the variety shows which is in Purok 2 Jesus St. Cor. Pamintuan St. near the outpost. b.2  The suggestion was favored by the body likewise agreed to hold at the suggested area the activities dated April 2 to 4 while on April 5 the venue would be at Angeles Elementary School. b.3 Kagawad Cacap inquired Kagawad Breann Buan regarding the Inter Purok Basketball tournament status. b.4 Kagawad Breann said that he still needs to wait for the completion of the list of the joining teams added that, the opening would be held on April 12, 2014.    2 MINUTES OF THE MEETING APRIL 01, 2014 b.5   Kagawad Cacap said that upon what he’s remembere d that there is an ordinance/resolution made by the previous set of officials which stated therein there should be a prior ratification and approval by the barangay council for those outsiders who has planned to have a basketball tournament within the barangay. b.6 Kagawad Breann said that he would make an appropriate action for those aspirants to be notified and comply regarding the said ordinance. B. CLEAN-UP DRIVE SAPANG BALEN c. The Punong Barangay has urged the council to conduct a clean-up drive along the waterways of Sapang Balen with the Barangay San Jose added that the barangay police would execute the operation to be scheduled on April 2, 2014 at 6:00 am. C. TREASURER’s REPORT FOR BINGO   d. The Barangay Treasurer presented the report and discussed the appropriations for the Bingo fund raising. d.2 The council has no any objections upon the report therefore it was unanimously approved by the body. D. REQUIREMENT OF CONG. YENG SCHOLARS e. The barangay secretary furnished a copy of the list of requirements for the college students selected scholars preferred by the barangay council. III. OTHER MATTERS: f. The Punong Barangay requested the secretary to make a letter of invitation to Mr. Norman Salunga regarding the Pulungbulu Elementary School vacated facility room. f.1 Kagawad Cacap informed the body that the he has set the schedule for the appointments of the officers for the completion of senior citizens officials stated as well that after holy week is their courtesy call from the city mayor, furthermore he suggests the barangay council to take of having a respective committee such in food, activity preparation etc. f.2 Kagawad Calara requested for a water dispenser to place at the lobby, it is for the benefit of barangay employees as well as guess she added. f.3 The body favored the requested matter furthermore the secretary was tasked for the completion. f.4  Kagawad Soriano requested the to have a meeting among the barangay employees and staffs. Since there were no more matters to discuss Kagawad Sicat led the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at exactly 5:20 pm. Prepared by: Approved by: JELLY D. MENDOZA BERNARDO D. SANTOS Barangay Secretary Punong Barangay
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