04 Economic Environments of IB II

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  BUSS 313 International BusinessLecture 04Economic Environments of International Business II: Competitive Environment September 18, 2014Jon J. MoonKorea University Business School  Class Outline  Standard tools in analyzing the market environment at the industry level  Corporate strategy: definition and sources of superior returns  Relationship between industry structure, firm strategy, and value creation  Porter’s five forces analysis  Value chain 9/12/2014BUSS313 KUBS4  Market Structure: Industry Classification Division Code Including:  Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing01-09Mining10-14Construction15-17Manufacturing20-39Food, Textile,Furniture, Chemicals, Metal, Machinery, ElectronicsTransportation, Communications, Electricity& Gas40-49Railroad,Air Transport, CommunicationsWholesale Trade50-51Retail Trade52-59Restaurants, Auto dealers, StoresFinance, Insurance, and Real Estate60-67Banking, Brokerage, InsuranceServices70-89Hotels, Business services, Motion pictures, Health, Legal, EducationPublic Administration91-99Government, Tax, National security 9/12/2014BUSS313 KUBS6  Micro-economic Environment:Market Structure and Concentration  Structure –Conduct –Performance paradigm  Concentration ratio: Cx(C 4 commonly used)  Herfindahl-Hirschman index (HHI)  Example:  C 4 is 0.9 (90%)  HHI is 2350 9/12/20147BUSS313 KUBS Firm A B C D E F Market share (%)1020303055
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