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  D IPLOMA   IN  L AW LEGAL PROFESSION ADMISSION BOARDLAW EXTENSION COMMITTEE LAW EXTENSION COMMITTEE SUBJECT GUIDE 04 CONTRACTS WINTER SESSION 2014 This Guide includes the Law Extension Committee’s course information and teaching program and theLegal Profession Admission Board’s syllabus The syllabus is contained under the heading !Prescribed Topics and Course utline# and has been prepared in accordance with $ule %&'(a) of the Legal Profession Admission $ules %**+ Course Description and O!ecti es#Lecturer # Assess$ent#%&Septe$er &'#( E)a$ination&Te)ts and Materia*s+Lecture Pro,ra$+%(Wee-end Sc.oo*s # and &/%0Co$pu*sor1 Assi,n$ent0 Assi,n$ent 2uestions0Prescried Topics and Course Out*ine3%#(Pro*e$ 2uestions#/%&4  LAW EXTENSION COMMITTEEWINTER 2014 04 CONTRACTS COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES T.e *a5 re*atin, to contracts is one o6 t.e pi**ars o6 t.e co$$on *a5 s1ste$7 An understandin, o6 t.easic e*e$ents o6 contract *a5 is a critica* pre%re8uisite 6or t.e stud1 o6 a nu$er o6 *ater su!ects9inc*udin, Con e1ancin,9 Co$$ercia* Transactions and Industria* La57 T.e course ai$s to pro idestudents 5it. an understandin, o6 t.e asic princip*es o6 contract *a5 5.ic. app*1 to near*1 a**contracts7 In 6u*6i**in, ai$9 t.e course 6ocuses pri$ari*1 on a stud1 o6 re*e ant case *a5 and statute*a57 T.e course co ers t.e e*e$ents o6 6or$ation o6 contracts9 ter$s o6 a contract9 $atters a66ectin,consent to a contract9,e o6 contracts9 re$edies9 and t.ird part1 ri,.ts7Specia* princip*es app*1 to speci6ic t1pes o6 contracts are dea*t 5it. in *ater courses7T.e o!ecti es o6 t.e course are:;a<to pro ide students 5it. an understandin, o6 asic princip*es o6 contract *a5= and;<to de e*op in students an ai*it1 to ana*1se 6act situations and correct*1 identi61 t.e re*e antprincip*es o6 contract *a5 are app*ica*e to t.e reso*ution o6 pro*e$s raised 1 particu*ar 6actua* situations7 LECTURERS Greg Tolhr! # $D%&L'() SAB# LLM $S*+,e*)# Ph+ $UNSW) Gre, To*.urst is a Pro6essor o6 Co$$ercia* La5 at t.e Facu*t1 o6 La59 >ni ersit1 o6 S1dne17 ?e is a*soa consu*tant at ?erert S$it. Free.i**s7 El%!'-e h Pe+e,# BA .o,! $S*+,e*)# LLB .o,! $S*+,e*)# Ph+ $C'/-r%+ge) E*isaet. Peden is a Barrister and Pro6essor o6 La5 at t.e Facu*t1 o6 La59 >ni ersit1 o6 S1dne17 .ele, S',+er! LLB .o,! 1A $S*+,e*)# BA $So her, Cro!! U,%er!% *)# M'! er o M!% $W% hD%! %, %o,) %, M!%olog*# C',-err' Shool o M!%# The A! r'l%', N' %o,'l U,%er!% * ?e*en Saunders .as tau,.t Contract La5 at T.e Austra*ian Nationa* >ni ersit1 and S1dne1 >ni ersit17 ASSESSMENT To e e*i,i*e to sit 6or t.e Board@s e)a$inations9 a** students $ust co$p*ete t.e LEC, and*earnin, pro,ra$9 t.e 6irst step o6 5.ic. is to ensure 1ou .a e re,istered on*ine 5it. t.e LEC ineac. su!ect 6or 5.ic. 1ou .a e enro**ed 5it. t.e Board7 ,i es 1ou access to t.e 6u** ran,e o6 *earnin, resources o66ered 1 t.e LEC7To re,ister 5it. t.e LEC9 ,o to 5557s1dne17edu7au*ec and c*ic- on t.e WEBCAMP>S *in- and 6o**o5t.e instructions7 Detai*ed ,uides to t.e Weca$pus are contained in t.e $ateria* distriuted 1 t.eLEC9 in t.e Course ,nformation 'andboo-  9 and on t.e Weca$pus7 El%g%-%l% * o S% or E3'/%,' %o,! In accordance 5it. t.e Legal Profession Admission $ules 9 t.e LEC $ust e satis6ied 5it. a student@sper6or$ance in a su!ect in order 6or t.e student to e e*i,i*e to sit 6or t.e e)a$ination9 conducted 1t.e Le,a* Pro6ession Ad$ission Board ;LPAB<7 Assi,n$ents are used to assess e*i,ii*it17 Students are e)pected to e at *east a pass $ar- o6 /' in assi,n$ents to e e*i,i*e to sit 6or e)a$inations7 ?o5e er9 a cate,or1 o6 dee$ed e*i,i*e .as een introduced to o66er students 5.oseassi,n$ent $ar- is et5een ('%( an opportunit1 to sit 6or t.e e)a$ination7 In t.ese circu$stancesstudents are o6ten ad ised not to sit7 A $ar- e*o5 (' $eans a student is not e*i,i*e to sit 6or$ination7 1  A!!%g,/e, ! '! &'r o he Bo'r+! E3'/%,' %o,!  Assi,n$ent resu*ts contriute &' to t.e 6ina* $ar- in su!ect7 T.e La5 E)tension Co$$ittee ;LEC< ad$inisters t.e settin, and $ar-in, o6 assi,n$ents7 T.e LECen,a,es t.e LPAB@s E)a$iners to assess or super ise t.e assess$ent o6 assi,n$ents7 S-/%!!%o,  Assi,n$ents $ust e su$itted 1 ##:/p$ on t.e due date un*ess an e)tension .as een ,ranted7E)tensions $ust e re8uested 1 e$ai* prior to t.e due date7 Speci6ic supportin, e idence $ust epro ided7 Assi,n$ents are $ore ten da1s *ate 5i** not e accepted7 Late assi,n$ents attracta pena*t1 o6 one $ar- out o6 &'9 or / o6 t.e tota* $ar-s a ai*a*e9 per da17 A!!e!!/e,  Assi,n$ents are assessed accordin, to t.e Assi,n$ent Gradin, and Assess$ent Criteria out*ined int.e Guide to the Presentation and .ubmission of Assignments 7 Prior to t.e e)a$ination9 assi,n$ents5i** e returned to students and resu*ts posted on students@ indi idua* resu*ts pa,es o6 t.e LECWeca$pus7 Students are responsi*e 6or, t.eir resu*ts screen and ascertainin, t.eir e*i,ii*it1 to sit 6or t.e e)a$ination7 Re%e( W.ere a student@s o era** $ar- a6ter t.e e)a$ination is et5een ('%(9 t.e student@s assi,n$ent su!ect 5i** e inc*uded in t.e Re isin, E)a$iner@s re ie57 T.e 6ina* e)a$ination $ar- isdeter$ined in accordance 5it. re ie57 Assi,n$ent $ar-s 5i** not ot.er5ise e re ie5ed7 SEPTEMBER 2014 EXAMINATION Candidates 5i** e e)pected to .a e a detai*ed -no5*ed,e o6 t.e prescried topics7 A detai*ed out*ineo6 t.e prescried topics is set out e*o5 under t.e .eadin, Prescried Topics and Course Out*ine@7Candidates 5i** e e)pected to .a e $ade a stud1 o6 t.e prescried $ateria*s in re*ation to t.osetopics9 and to .a e ana*1sed t.e cases and statutor1 pro isions re6erred to in t.e La5 E)tensionCo$$ittees course out*ine7T.e e)a$ination 5i** consist o6 t.ree 8uestions7 Students 5i** .a e to co$p*ete a** t.ree o6 t.e8uestions7 A** 8uestions 5i** e o6 e8ua* a*ue7 A** t.ree 8uestions 5i** e pro*e$%t1pe 8uestions7 T.e e)a$ination 5i** constitute 4' o6 t.e 6ina* $ar- in su!ect7T.e e)a$ination 5i** e a c*osed oo- e)a$ination7 A case *ist 5i** appear in t.e e)a$ination7 Ple'!e ,o e5 All 6e! %o,! %, rel' %o, o he e3'/%,' %o, !hol+ -e +%re e+ o he Leg'lProe!!%o, A+/%!!%o, Bo'r+# ,o he L'( E3 e,!%o, Co//% ee7 2  TEXTS AND MATERIALS Cor!e M' er%'l! ã Guide to Presentation and .ubmission of Assignments  ;a ai*a*e on t.e LEC Weca$pus< Pre!r%-e+ M' er%'l! ã Radan H Goo*e19 Principles of Australian Contract Law  9 +rd ed7 Le)isNe)is9 &'#+ ã Radan9 Goo*e1 H ic-o ic.9 Principles of Australian Contract Law  9 Cases and /aterials0 &nd ed7Le)isNe)is9 &'#'Cases under*ined in t.e Prescried Topics do not appear in t.e case oo- and students 5i** needto otain a cop1 o6 t.ose cases7 No e ho!e '!e! %, he &re!r%-e+ o&%! /'r8e+ 9 're NOT o/&l!or* '!e!# ho(eer#! +e, ! (%ll -e e3&e e+ o 8,o( he ge,er'l &r%,%&le! o o, r' l'( h' ho!e '!e! ! ',+'! ' hor% * or7Reere,e M' er%'l! ã Carter9 Contract Law in Australia 9 0t. ed7 Le)isNe)is9 &'#& ã Carter9 Cases and /aterials on   Contract Law in Australia 9 0t. ed7 Le)isNe)is9 &'## ã Corones9 The Australian Consumer Law  9 T.o$son Reuters9 &'## ã Paterson9 Roertson H Du-e9 Principles of Contract Law  9 (t. ed7 T.o$son Reuters9 &'## ã Paterson9 Roertson H Du-e9 Contract1 Commentary and /aterials 9 #&t. ed7 T.o$son Reuters9&'## ã Seddon9 Bi,5ood and E**in,.aus9 Cheshire and 2ifoot3s   Law of Contract  9 #'t. Austra*ian ed7Le)isNe)is9 &'#& ã 4ournal of Contract Law  T.e cases and *e,is*ation *isted under t.e .eadin, Prescried Topics and Course Out*ine@ s.ou*d eread as a minimum  6or students to ,ain a ,roundin, in t.e asic princip*es o6 contract *a57Students are encoura,ed to read e1ond t.ese $ateria*s9 and in respect t.e cases$entioned in t.e te)too- and caseoo- ser e as a startin, point7 LEC We-'/&! Once 1ou .a e re,istered on*ine 5it. t.e LEC9 1ou 5i** .a e access to a** t.e 6aci*ities on t.e LECWeca$pus inc*udin, t.e pro*e$ 8uestions 6or eac. c*ass9 p*us an1 $ateria*s t.e *ecturer $a1 $a-e a ai*a*e to students7 T.ese course $ateria*s as 5e** as *in-s to re*e ant cases and*e,is*ation can e 6ound in t.e Cor!e M' er%'l!  section o6 t.e LEC Weca$pus7 LECTURE PROGRAM T.e 6irst o6 #& *ectures 5i** e .e*d on T.ursda1 #/ Ma1 &'#(7Lectures 5i** e .e*d on T.ursda1s durin, eac. 5ee- o6 t.e session as set out on t.e ne)t pa,e7  A** *ectures 5i** e 6or + .ours and 5i** start at 07''p$7T.e enues 6or t.e *ectures are set out in t.e *ecture pro,ra$ on t.e ne)t pa,e7 For detai*s as to t.e *ocation o6 t.ese enues9 re6er to p7/# o6 t.e Course ,nformation 'andboo-   6or a$ap o6 t.e >ni ersit1 o6 S1dne1 $ain ca$pus7 :
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