05. Building Rules and Regulations

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  MLP Tower/Tenant Handbook/Chapter 4: Building Rules & Regulations Page 14   of 19 CHAPTER 4: BUILDING RULES AND REGULATIONS In order to maintain a high prestige, good state of repair and efficient operation for Me Linh Point Tower, the Management would like to seek the cooperation of all the lessees to comply with the following rules and regulations. 1.   Interpretation “Building” means any part of the leased premises or any part of the area outside the boundary of the leased premises or the whole area which situated within the titled boundary of the building known as “ Me Linh Point Tower”. “Common area” means any area within the building that is outside the boundary of any leased premises and the purpose of which is to be used  jointly by all the Lessees visitors and workmen in the building. “Management” means Me Linh Point Ltd. and its employees or its assigns or appointed agents. “Lessee” means the Lessee (which also includes his employees) as named in the lease agreement. 2.   Usage The leased premises must be at all times solely used for the purposes stated in the lease agreement unless otherwise approved by the Management in writing. 3.   Utilities Charges The Lessee shall pay to the Management on demand the costs and expenses of electricity and air-conditioning outside the hours of services. The standard hours of services are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Monday to Friday) and from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday for Offices (except Public Holidays and Tet Holidays or otherwise stated). The Management reserves the right at any time to amend the standard hours of service for the building. Individual sub-meter shall be installed to the leased premises for the reading of the utilities account. Lessee shall pay to the Management on demand according to authority’s rate applicable to foreign owned enterprise. 4.   Unauthorized Tapping The Lessee must not tap or use or permit to be tapped or use any water, electricity, telephone and other utilities from any source other than that arranged and paid by Tenant.  MLP Tower/Tenant Handbook/Chapter 4: Building Rules & Regulations Page 15   of 19 5.   Tenantable Repair The Lessee must keep the leased premises including all fixtures and fittings contained therein and wall and ceiling surfaces, doors and windows thereof in good and tenantable repair condition except fair wear and tear. 6.   Losses and Damages The Lessee must be wholly responsible for all damages and bear the full cost or repairs and reinstatements of such damaged building, equipments, fixtures, fittings, drains, wiring, and piping above and below ceiling level if the cause or causes of such damages can be attributed to the Lessee. 7.   Alternations and Additions The Lessee must not erect any building and structure in the leased premises or to alter and add to the premises and fixtures or fittings of any kind or description without first obtaining the Management’s approval in writing. The Management may within reasonableness impose certain conditions to be complied with by the Lessee as the pre-requisites of its approval. 8.   Exterior Decor and Design The Lessee must submit all decor and design of the exterior of the leased premises to the Management for approval before installing the same. The Lessee shall remove forthwith on demand any unauthorized changes and if not so removed by Tenant, the Management may remove the same and charge all costs of removing and making good the leased premises to Tenant. 9.   Entrance The Lessee must not alter the type, size or location of the entrance of his leased premises except with the prior written approval of the Management. 10.   Windows The Lessee must keep the leased premises windows closed at all times during the air-conditioning (A/C) working hours in order to maintain the sufficient cooling capacity throughout Tenant’s premises and so as to minimize the Building’s power supply consumption for operating A/C system. 11.   Signs The Lessee must not to erect or install any sign, device, furnishing, ornament or object which is visible from the street or from any other buildings. The Lessee must not affix, erect, paint, attach or otherwise exhibit or permit to be on any part of the exterior or interior of the leased premises any name writing, drawing, sign-board, plate, placard, sign post, flag pole, television or wireless mast or advertisement whatsoever without having obtained the Management’s prior consent.  MLP Tower/Tenant Handbook/Chapter 4: Building Rules & Regulations Page 16   of 19 12.   Damage to Common Area The Lessee must from time to time make good any breakage defect or damage to the common area or to any adjoining premises or facility or appurtenances thereof howsoever caused by the Lessee or the Lessee’s employees, agents, contractors or sub-contractors. 13.   Nuisance and Annoyance The Lessee must not do or suffer to be done upon the leased premises or any part thereof anything which is or may in the opinion of the Management is or may become a danger, nuisance or annoyance to the operations, business, and quiet enjoyment of the occupants of adjoining premises. 14.   Illegal or Immoral Use The leased premises must not be used for any illegal or immoral purposed. 15.   Waste Discharge The Lessee must at his own cost and expense ensure that all waste discharged at the leased premises if any must be properly connected to the main waste disposal system of the building. 16.   Livestock The Lessee must not keep or allow to be kept livestock or other live animals at the leased premises unless with the prior written consent of the Management. 17.   Combustible and Toxic Substances The Lessee must not use, load, unload, or store in the leased premises or any part thereof any liquids, goods, materials or things of an offensive, explosive, dangerous, corrosive, toxic or combustible nature without the prior consent of the Management. 18.   Obstruction of Fire-Fighting Installations The Lessee must not obstruct, cause or permit any form of obstruction of any fire-fighting installations and equipment including fire escape doors. All fire-fighting installations and equipment upon the leased premises must be maintained in good proper working at all times by the Lessee. 19.   Cleanliness The Lessee must keep the leased premises including the interior surfaces of the window in clean and hygienic standard acceptable to the Management and at his own cost and expense comply with all directives, rules and regulations and new requirements introduced by the relevant authorities.  MLP Tower/Tenant Handbook/Chapter 4: Building Rules & Regulations Page 17   of 19 20.   Neat and Tidy Condition The Lessee must maintain the leased premises in a neat and tidy condition and forthwith comply with the management’s direction to remove any materials, goods or articles of whatever nature and description from the leased premises or such part thereof. 21.   Obstruction to Common Area The Lessee must comply with the management’s direction to remove from the common areas, carpark, lift lobby, loading dock or any part thereof any materials, goods or articles or whatever nature and description belonging to or left by the Lessee. 22.   Electrical and Mechanical Installations The Lessee must not install or use any electrical or mechanical installations, machines or apparatus that may cause heavy power surge, high frequency voltage, air-borne noise, vibration, interference or disturbance whatsoever which may adversely affect the operation of other equipment, installations, machinery, apparatus of adjoining or neighboring premises or the Building or the inhabitants of the neighboring premises within the Building. 23.   Usage of Lift The Lessee must not place of take into passenger lifts or escalators any baggage, furniture, parcels, sacks, bags, articles or other goods or merchandise except only such articles as brief cases, attach cases and handbags. The Lessee must ensure that his workmen, employees and suppliers use the designated service lift for the transportation of any baggage, furniture, parcels, sacks, bags, articles and all other goods and merchandise. 24.   Floor Loading The Lessee must not place or allow to be placed upon the leased premises or on any of the floors in the Building any article, machinery or load in excess of 4KN psm for retail area and 2.5KN psm for offices. 25.   Air-conditioning Air-conditioning of the leased premises is provided from Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 8:00am to 1:00pm for offices (except Public Holidays and Tet Holidays or otherwise stated). The Lessee must arrange with the management for the use of air-conditioning beyond the aforesaid hours subject to all terms and conditions that may be imposed by the Management from time to time.
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