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   6 DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTCONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITIONALL FUNDSAS AT DECEMBER 31, 2017 (In Thousand Pesos) Note20172016ASSETS  Current Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents7₱ 748,880 ₱ 422,6 !e eiva#les8 $%,$66,62& $6,%22,80 Inventories& 6,2$6 ,8%7 'ther Current Assets$0 4,&22 %,0&2 Tota C! e#t A$$et$ 1%,&%6,6'7 17,001,6&2  onCurrent AssetsInvest*ents$$ $&$ $&$ Pro+ert, Plant and Equi+*ent$2 &$4,486 74,&78 Intan-i#le Assets$ 2% $0 'ther onCurrent Assets$4 6%,6%$ 64,$74 Tota No#(C! e#t A$$et$ &)0,%)1 7&&,3%3 Tota A$$et$ 16,&37,22) 17,)01,0'% LIABILITIES Current .ia#ilities/inan ial .ia#ilities$% 26$,$78 $0,%24 InterA-en  Paa#les$6 260,4&7 &84,77 IntraA-en  Paa#les$7 $,&60 20,&64 Trust .ia#ilities$8 &,702 $,2& 'ther Paa#les$& $$,$$ $,420 Tota C! e#t L*a+**t*e$ %%6,6') 1,330,&20  onCurrent .ia#ilitiesTrust .ia#ilities$8 $ ,&6 e1erred Credits20 6 &%$ Tota No#(C! e#t L*a+**t*e$ 76 ',3'7 Tota L*a+**t*e$ %%6,72' 1,33%,267   6 Note20172016NET ASSETSE-UIT. A u*ulated ur+lus3(e1i it) $6,80,%04 $6,46%,778 Tota Net A$$et$E/!*t 16,3)0,%0'  16,'6%,77)   6 Note20172016 This statement should be read in conjunction with the accompanying notes.   % DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR AND LOCAL I.AP'.C'5 CETE! ., EA Corner ue9o DETAILED STATEMENT OF FINANCI ALL FUNDS CENTRAL a# REGIONA A$ o5 Dee+e 31, 2017ASSETSC! e#t A$$et$Ca$8 a# Ca$8 E/!*9ae#t$ Cash on :andCashColle tin- '11i ersPett CashCash in an; Cash in an;.o al Curren , Current A ountCash5odi1ied is#urse*ent sste* (5), !e-ular  Ree*9a+e$ .oans and !e eiva#les A ountsA ounts !e eiva#les  Allowance for Impairment - Accounts Receivable Net Value - Accounts Receivables InterA-en  !e eiva#lesue 1ro* ational overn*ent A-en iesue 1ro* overn*ent '<ned and Controlled Cor+orationsue 1ro* .o al overn*ent =nitsIntraA-en  !e eiva#lesue 1ro* !e-ional '11i esue 1ro* 'ther /unds'ther !e eiva#les
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