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    RATIO ANALYSIS OF FIRST SECURITY ISLAMI BANK LIMITED    Internship Report On “Ratio Analysis of First Security Islami Bank Limited”   Prepared For Ms. Sohana Wadud Ahmad Lecturer, BRAC Business School Prepared By Maliha Ehsan ID- 09204042 BRAC University February 17, 2014    February 17, 2014 Ms. Sohana Wadud Ahmad Lecturer BRAC University Mohakhali, Dhaka Subject: Submission of Internship Report Dear Madam, With due respect, I would like to notify you that I have completed my Internship Report on “Ratio Analysis of First Security Islami Bank Limited  (FSIBL) .”  This particular report enables me to get an insight of the performance of First Security Islami Bank Limited and how they create value for their stake holders. I have analyzed many ratios and data to judge the performance of FSIBL. I have formed graphs to analyze the performance better. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for your supportive thoughts and kind consideration in making this report. At each stage, I have given my best efforts in preparing this report. Without any doubt, this experience enriches my knowledge in a greater degree. If you have any query over any aspect of my report, I would gladly answer them. Regards Maliha Ehsan ID-09204042    Acknowledgement:  In the beginning, I would express my gratitude to Almighty Allah for whose Mercy I am mentally and physically sound in order to prepare this report. Other than that, I am thankful to many people who have provided me with incentive and support during the whole time I was working with this report. I am very grateful to Ms. Sohana Wadud Ahmad, my respective faculty and advisor of my internship report who assigned me with this topic and assisted me the whole time. She guided me to finish this task successfully. Without her assistance, I would not have been able to complete my report successfully. I would also like to thank my Office Supervisor, Mr. Masud Hossain, FAVP & Second Manager, FSIBL Mohakhali Branch; Mr. Ishtiak Al Anis, Assistant Officer; Ms. Tasnuva Hassan, Assistant Officer, Mr. Rubel Miah, Assistant Officer and Mr. Mamun Ahmed, Assistant Officer; who have cordially helped me and provided me with the information that I needed to prepare this report. Also, I am extremely thankful for all the websites, journals, research papers, books and literature that provided me information on this issue, as without that, the project would go nowhere. I would also like to thank my peers and friends who assisted me during its preparation. Without their support, suggestion and co-operation, this project would have remained a dream.
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