1.1 Teradata Architecture

1.1 Teradata Architecture
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  TERADAT A Swapnil Mahalle (176191)   What is Teradata?  Teradata is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that drives a company's data warehouse  Teradata is an ideal foundation for many applications, including:  Enterprise data warehousing   Active data warehousing  Customer relationship management  Internet and E-Business  Data Marts  Enterprise Data Warehousing  Teradata Database is ideal for enterprise data warehousing , which is commonly characterized by:  Multiple subject areas  Many concurrent users  Many concurrent queries, including ad-hoc queries  Large quantity of tables  Hundreds of gigabytes (and terabytes) of detail data  Historical data stored (months or years)   Active Data Warehousing  Active Data Warehousing  is the technical ability to capture transactions when they change, and integrate them into the warehouse.   Active data warehouse must deliver performance, scalability, availability, and data freshness.  The Teradata Warehouse supports active data warehousing with:  Capability to handle thousands of additional users and mixed workloads.  High availability and reliability to support mission-critical applications.  Scalability to accommodate an increase in the amount of data, the number of data sources, and the number of applications supported in the data warehouse environment.


Jul 23, 2017
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