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  Dear Beaver Patrol,As you gather around your own special patrol campfre tonight, I hopethat each o you will be flled with a deep eeling o brotherhood thatculminates in your individual and patrol’s development during the pastweeks!hen you ga e at the dancing #ames that warm your body, I hope thatyou will eel an inner glow o accomplishment and personal growth$avor this moment with your dedicated ellow $couters or it will lingerin your memories orever I am sure you will not let any annoyances orother problems interere with your concentration on the ob%ectives o this e&perience As a patrol, would you like to rededicate yourselves toservice to $couting through the development o better leadership skills' (onight, I ask that you elect a permanent patrol leader by secret ballot (he permanent patrol leader should be one who will set the e&ample incompleting the ticket and will motivate others to do likewise (hepermanent patrol leader will not, however, take over the patrol untilinstalled by me at our )losing *ilwell )eremony, on the fnal aternoon o the course Please advise only the $enior Patrol +eader o your choiceduringbeore our closing lunch In the morning, en%oy breakast together, complete your daily patrol sel assessment, and begin cleaning up your patrol campsite in preparationor departure At -./A0, please gather as a patrol1hal o the (roopwill gather at the 2andicrat shelter and the other hal o the (roop willgather at $hower 34 between 0c+aughlin and $aunders 5pon hearingthe 6udu horn, please march onto *ilwell 7ield, arriving precisely at8A0As the embers o your fre begin to ade away, re#ect upon the  opportunity and challenge that is ours, or service to *od, our )ountry,and to our $couting youth 9ur spirit and the spirit o $couting are withyou, orever :ours in $couting,)huck $mith$coutmaster, $;8<=  BP’s Last Message to Scouts Dear $couts-I you have ever seen the play >Peter Pan,? you willremember how the pirate chie was always making hisdying speech because he was araid that possibly whenthe time came or him to die, he might not have time toget it o@ his chest It is much the same or me, and so,although I am not at this moment dying, I shall be doing soone o these days and I want to send you a parting word o goodbye;emember, it is the last you will ever hear rom me, so think it overI have had a most happy lie, and I %ust want each o you to have ashappy a lie, tooI believe that *od puts us in this %olly world to be happy and to en%oylie 2appiness doesn’t come rom being rich, nor merely rom beingsuccessul in your career, nor by selindulgence 9ne step towardhappiness is to make yoursel healthy and strong while you are a boy,so that you can be useul and so can en%oy lie when you are a manature study will show you how ull o beautiul and wonderul things*od has made the world or you to en%oy Be contented with what youhave got and make the best o it +ook on the bright side o thingsinstead o the gloomy oneBut the real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to otherpeople (ry and leave this world a little better that you ound it, andwhen your turn comes to die, you can die happy in eeling that at anyrate you have not wasted your time, but have done your best BePrepared in this way, to live happy and to die happyC stick to your $coutpromise always1even ater you have ceased to be a boy1and *odhelp you do it :our riend,
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