1 Neonatal Hepatitis b

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   November 2013  Public health functions to be exercised by NHS England Service specification No.1 Neonatal hepatitis B immunisation programme     NHS England INFORMATION READER BOXDirectorate Medical Operations Patients and InformationNursingPolicyCommissioning DevelopmentFinanceHuman Resources Publications Gateway Reference:00705Document PurposeDocument Name Author Publication DateTarget Audience Additional Circulation ListDescriptionCross Reference Action RequiredTiming / Deadlines (if applicable)Public health functions to be exercised by NHS England service specification no 01: Neonatal Hepititus B Superseded Docs (if applicable) Contact Details for further information Document Status 0This is a controlled document. Whilst this document may be printed, the electronic version posted on the intranet is the controlled copy. Any printed copies of this document are not controlled. As a controlled document, this document should not be saved onto local or network drives but should always be accessed from the intranetResourcesW1T5HD0113 8250550Direct CommissioningNHS England4-8 Maple Street LondonThis specification is part of an agreement made under the section 7A of the National Health Service Act 2006. It sets out requirements for an evidence underpinning a service to be commissioned by NHS England for 2014-15. It may be updated in accordance with this agreement N/A NHS England11 November 2013NHS England Regional Directors, NHS England Area DirectorsCCG Clinical Leaders, Directors of PH018367N/A   2  You may re-use the text of this document (not including logos) free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence. To view this licence, visit   © Crown copyright 2013 Published to, in PDF format only.     3  Public health functions to be exercised by NHS England Service specification No.1 Neonatal hepatitis B immunisation programme Prepared by Public Health England


Jul 23, 2017
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