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  uNL Concept of the week: Week 3, Pot Control NL is a complex game. We all know this. Sure, you get 2 cards, but the game is far more than  just the 2 in your hand and the 5 on the board. For the next few weeks, uNL is going to have a  concept  of the week thread discussing a certain  concept  or theory in NL Hold'em. In this thread you should post HH's showing situations where the  concept  was applied effectively as well as examples of poor usage of the  concept . Also, please debate over various aspects of the  concept  and it's pro's and con's. ___________________________________________________________ Week 3, Pot Control What is pot control Pot control is the idea of controling the size of the pot, whether you wish to make it small or big. In the Little Green Book by Phil Gordon, he has a over simplified but yet important saying: Small hand, small pot; Big hand, big pot. Pot control is about making the pot big or small, but is usually discussed on keeping the pot small or managable. Why to exercise pot control Touched on in the first sentence, certain hands are best played in a small pot situation, certain hands are best played in a large pot situation. By keeping the pot small on earlier rounds, it makes putting the bets put in with marginal hands smaller and keeps the pot a reasonable size and you are not bringing a knife to a gun fight. When to use pot control Pot control is best applied when you have a hand with good showdown value but can't take a lot of heat. It is also good against tighter opponents who often arent calling with the same crap the fish are. It is best applied in a Way Ahead, Way Behind situation. How to exercise pot control Often, pot control can be exercised in a few manners. When in position, the best way is often checking the turn when the board isn't particularly drawy or you arent vunerable. Another way to exercise pot control is to call a bet when lead into as the PFR, not raise. When OOP, pot control can be exercised by often by your general bet size, and also by check calling Anything Else Knowing when to use pot control is important. You should still be valuebetting a lot of hands, and not sacrificing clear valuebets in the name of pot control. But sometimes, you just need/want to get to showdown, and thats where pot control comes in. What about making the pot large? When you have a big hand, you wanna get the monies in the pot, but also wanna do it in a clear and safe manner. You need to bet enough on earlier streets to stop a draw from being profitable, but have enough behind to bet on a later street to also make the draw unprofitable.   _________________________________________________________ This guy is a 22/10 TAG, multitables, isnt too bad. Full Tilt Poker No Limit Holdem Ring game Blinds: $.25/$.50 6 players Converter Stack sizes: UTG: $35 UTG+1: $20 Hero: $50 Button: $15.50 SB: $47.75 BB: $121.85 Pre-flop: (6 players) Hero is CO with A Q UTG calls, 1 folds, Hero raises to $2.5 , 2 folds, BB calls. Flop: A 8 :clubs: 2 5, 2 players) BB checks, Hero bets $4, BB calls. Turn: 3 BB checks, Hero Checks River: 9 ($13, 2 players) BB Bets $10 , Hero Calls Results: BB shows A K Here, I checked the turn to make the pot small and managable, as I was WA/WB. I may have lost this hand but I lost the minimum I shouldve lost with this hand.


Jul 23, 2017

2002 Vrod

Jul 23, 2017
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