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  Introduction Introductory Circuit Analysis Crd: Robert L. Boylestad  The Electrical/Electronics Industry   Technology and its effects on our lives   Healthcare and the arts   Computer simulations   The Integrated Circuit (IC)   First developed in the late 195!s    nderstanding of fundamental concepts   #nce understood$ %ill not &e replaced   A Brief History – The Beginning   'hysicists$ chemists$ mathematicians and even philosophers   illiam il&ert (static electricity)   #tto von ueric*e (first machine to generate large amounts of charge)   +tephen ray (transmitted electrical charge over long distances on sil* thread)   A Brief History – The Beginning   Charles ,uFay (charges attract or repel)   'ieter van -usschen&roe* . 1/05 (eyden 2ar)   3en2amin Fran*lin . 1/54 (used the eyden 2ar to prove lightning is an electrical discharge)   Charles Coulom& . 1/0 (force &et%een charges)   uigi alvani . 1/91 (effects of electricity on animals)   Alessandro 6olta . 1/99 (voltaic cell)
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