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  Wood Badge SR917 Letter of Acknowledgment I am pleased to welcome you to the upcoming Wood Badge for the 21stCentury course and to acknowledge receipt of your acceptance. Let me giveyou an overview to help you prepare for the course.First please do the following !efore ugust 2# 2$$%&1. 'ay all fees directly to (o!in (ush at the Council )ervice Center if youhaven*t already done so.2. )end your completed medical form and personal resource +uestionnaire to (o!in (ush at the Council )ervice Center. ,-ark nvelope w/ 0Wood Badge)(134. 5ou will !e issued one ,14 course ctivity )hirt. Be sure toindicate your shirt si6e. 7nce the cost of shirt is determined you will !esent an order form in case you wish to order a second shirt.#. For planning purposes !efore the course !egins please notify the ssistant )coutmaster for )upport and Facilities 8om 9ohnson  of any special dietary re+uirements or physicallimitations. Note: We cannot allow you to participate in this course without acurrent, complete medical form !lease pro ide a copy of yourcurrent form  8his will !e kept con:dential. 8he form will !e destroyed atthe end of the course ; do not send your only copy it will not !e returned. #ourse $ates% Friday, Sept 19, 2008: 7:30 a.m ., to Sunday, Sept 21, 2008: 5 p.m .andSaturday, Oct 18: 7 a.m . to Monday Oct 20, 2008: 4:15 pm .  8here will !e one or two patrol meetings !etween the weekends. 8he dateand time will !e esta!lished !y your patrol.7ur course will !egin with registration at 7:30 a.m. on Friday )ept 1 2$$% at Cu! and We!elos dventure Camp 12# -aidens (d. -aidens <a. 2#1$2=2>$1. -ap+uest link& http&//2#?-aidens?(d?-aidens?< ?2#1$2=2>$1/I have also attached a suggested e+uipment list to assist you in planning. Wewill sleep Bunk @ouse )tyle Weekend 1 and will !e camping Weekend 2 so you will need to !ring your tent and normal camping e+uipment. 5ou will receive information regarding the outdoor eAperience during weekend 1 and will have an opportunity to plan and coordinate your e+uipment needs. 8o help you !egin considering issues that will !e important during the courseplease set aside time in the coming weeks to consider and to answer the 2$uestions of the enclosed precourse assignment. 8he assignment is for your  !ene:t no one !ut you will see your answers. ,Instructions are included withthe assignment.4 8he :rst three days of the course will !e held at Cu! and We!elos dventureCamp -aidens <a. -ost of that time will !e :lled with instruction in variousleadership development skills. ll of your meals will !e prepared !y staD mem!ers. 8he :nal three days of the course will take place in the!ackcountry ; Camp 8. Brady )aunders where you will camp and cook as amem!er of your patrol using the principles of Leave Eo 8race. 8he hike to thecampsites will !e relatively short and easy however we will providealternative transportation for anyone who re+uires it.uring the Wood Badge course please wear the uniform of your position in)couting. If you serve in more than one capacity ,as !oth an assistant)coutmaster and a Cu!master for eAample4 wear the uniform representingthe position in which you are most active.nclosed with this letter is a B) Gniform Inspection )heet. 'lease inspectyour uniform !efore coming to the Wood Badge course and make anycorrections. )hould you have any +uestions refer to the current B) InsigniaGuide, Eo. ##$HH. http&//uide.aspA In addition to your oJcial uniform you will at times during the course wearan 0activity uniform3 consisting of uniform pants ,short or long4 and a Coursespeci:c knit shirt which will !e issued. Eon=)couting shirts are notaccepta!le. 8he Wood Badge Aperience is uni+ue in that it is a total immersioneAperiential learning environment. uring the course we ask that you notcarry any cellular telephones !eepers radios or any other devices thatcould disrupt the course. 8he rare moments of free time during the courseare intended for team development. 5our active interaction with your patrolmem!ers during these moments is crucial to the success of yourself yourpatrol and the entire troop. If you must remain in contact for emergenciesplease set your cell phone to silent mode. It is eApected that you will useyour phone only for emergencies )cout Is 8rustworthy.roup photographs of course participants will !e made availa!le for anominal fee. 8he camp trading post will open several times during the courseto allow for the purchase of Wood Badge course mementos.If you have any +uestions please feel free to call me at %$K.>2H=H$# duringthe evening or email me at w!.sr1yahoo .com. I Moin with the rest of theWood Badge staD in welcoming you to the upcoming course. I am certain itwill !e a mountaintop eAperience for all of us.   5ours in )coutingChuck )mith Wood Badge Course irector )(1 http&//  -edical Form ,Class #4http&//$K%.pdf  Gniform Inspection )heet Insignia Guide
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