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10 Books to Read if You Were Delighted by The Hunger Games

Super Success! The Hunger Games Series-The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingja
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  10 Books to Read if You Were Delighted by The Hunger Games Super Success!The Hunger Games Series-The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay-garnered manypositive reviews, and the first book was named one of Publishers Weekly's Best Books of the Year in 2008. It has also been translated into 26 languages. A brave protagonist, lots of adventures, a cute love story, or even better, a classic love triangle,along with some science fiction elements, or a dystopian society as a background, and some violenceto spice things up, and you have got a very interesting novel! The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, sure is one of the most loved science fiction novels. We all loved The Hunger Games series; well, at least most of us did. We could relate to the protagonist Katniss, understand her struggles, even got inspired byher character, and in fact, it was very hard to keep the book down.So, as a true fan, if you are missing out on the above action and are looking for something that'srelated, we recommend a few books like The Hunger Games that will make for a joyous read too.DivergentBy: Veronica RothPublished: 2011Main Characters: Beatrice, Four, Caleb A brave female protagonist, dyspotian society, dangerous journey, and a love story ... what more can you ask for? The book makes for an interesting read as we get absorbed in Beatrice's strugglebetween her family and discovering her own self. The society is divided into five factions Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite, which mean honest, selfless, brave, peaceful, andintelligent respectively. Beatrice, who later changes her name to Tris, joins Dauntless, and has toundergo some dangerous trials. But she is divergent, she does not belong to a single group, a secretthat can kill her. Later, she realizes her seemingly perfect society is far from it, and may be hersecret could her society. But what if it destroys her? The book ends with a cliff-hanger ending, so you just have to pick up the sequel!DeliriumBy: Lauren OliverPublished: 2011Main Characters: Lena, Alex  This book depicts a society where love is considered a disease- amor deliria nervosa, and issurgically cured when a person reaches the age of eighteen. Our protagonist, Lena is actuallylooking forward to the surgery, but falls in love with Alex, an outcast, just months before hersurgical treatment. They both decide to run away into the Wilds, and join rebels who oppose thegovernment. Unfortunately, she is captured by the government. The book ends as Alex gets killed,after saving Lena. Now you just have to read the sequel as well! The book makes for a verycompelling read as Lena fights for her love, and realizes many other faults in her government.GoneBy: Michael GrantPublished: 2008Main Characters: Sam Temple, Astrid, CaineThe book is based in a fictional town, Perdido Beach, where everyone disappears as they turn 15.They just disappear- poof! The town is surrounded by an impenetrable energy barrier, and some of the inhabitants even develop supernatural powers. Nobody can enter or leave the town. All thechildren are stranded without any adults, and some mutants are developing as well. The protagonist,Sam, who has become their leader, must save the town from a malevolent creature called Darkness. The book is followed by Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear, and Light. The series is very popularwith teenagers.LegendBy: Marie LuPublished: 2011Main Characters: June Iparis, Day, ThomasThis book makes for intriguing read, especially if you love brave girls and bad boys. It is followed bytwo books, Prodigy and Champion. The story is based in The Republic of America, in the year 2130.Our two protagonists belong to entirely different worlds-June, a prodigy from a very rich family, andDay, the most wanted criminal in the country. Their paths cross when June's brother, Metias iskilled. Day is a prime suspect, and June is assigned the task of capturing him. The book is about howwhen their paths cross, they realize that things are not what they seem like. There are many thingsthat the Republic has hidden from them, and will go to any length to protect those secrets. June andDay must take a stand, and fight for the people they love.UgliesBy: Scott WesterfeldPublished: 2005Main Characters: Tally, David, MaddyThe Uglies series consists of the hunger games mockingjay online three books - Pretties, Specials,and Extras. The story is set in the future post-scarcity dystopian world, where everyone has to get a  cosmetic surgery when they turn 16. Well, being pretty is not as appealing as it sounds. Ourprotagonist, Tally is initially very excited to get the surgery, and become pretty, but later sherealizes that the government is altering people's minds, along with their bodies. So she decides to join other rebels who have run from the city to another place called Smoke. She must now saveherself, and the people she loves, from turning pretty. The story propagates the idea thatindividual freedom is more important than the need for uniformity.GracelingBy: Kristin CashorePublished: 2008Main Characters: Lady Katsa, Prince Po, King Leck It is a young adult fantasy novel, which was followed by Bitterblue. Every being is graced with aspecial power. Katsa is an outcast as her power is killing, she killed a man with her bare hands atthe age of eight. Her uncle has trained her, and uses her to kill his enemies. But, she starts a Councilto help people who were wronged by their rulers. She meets Prince Po of Lienid, who convinces herthat she can stop killing for her uncle. As they travel together, they fall in love, and Katsa realizesthat her real grace is not killing, but survival. The protagonist is very brave, and her adventuresmake for an engrossing read.The Maze RunnerBy: James Dashner  Published: 2007Main Characters: Thomas, Teresa, AlbyThis book has been made into a major motion picture as well. It is followed by two books - TheScorch Trials (2010) and The Death Cure (2011). The protagonist, Thomas, is trapped in a mazealong with other teenage boys. None of them have any memories left. He must find a way to savethem all by escaping the maze as there are lethal creatures called Grievers, which are picking upboys everyday. Thomas decides to get bitten by a Griever, in an attempt to get back his memory. Heeventually realizes that, the Griever hole is an exit, and the maze has a unique code. Join him in thisadventurous ride!The Matched TrilogyBy: Allyson Braithwaite CondiePublished: 2010Main Characters: Cassia, Xander, KyMatched, Crossed, and Reached are the books in this rather interesting series. The story is set in afuturistic dystopian society, where the government decides everything for the citizens, even their perfect match. Cassie, our protagonist, is very happy when she is paired with her best friendXander, but a technical glitch pairs her with another boy Ky as well. She starts wondering if hermatch is right for her, and struggles between what she feels, and what she is told. What follows inthe book, is the realization that the society is not what it seems like, and a daring fight by our braveprotagonist.The Mortal InstrumentsBy: Cassandra ClarePublished: 2007Main Characters: Clarissa, Jace, SimonThe series has six novels - City of Bones (2007), City of Ashes (2008), City of Glass (2009), City of Fallen Angels (2011), City of Lost Souls (2012), and City of Heavenly Fire (2014). Angels, demons,shadow hunters, a brave girl, lots of adventures, and, of course a love track, these books arecomplete entertainers. You will love them all! Clarissa, our protagonist, discovers an alternate New York, when searching for her mother. There, she comes across all sorts of supernatural creatureslike fairies, vampires, demons, and werewolves. She realizes that rescuing her mother won't be easyafter all. Join her in her daring adventures!The Lunar ChroniclesBy: Marissa MeyerPublished: 2012
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