10 Jazz Blues Tunes Every Guitarist Should Know

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  10 Jazz Blues Tunes Every Guitarist Should Know New to Jazz Guitar? Visit the Beginner's Guide to Jazz Guitar.  And Learn to Play Jazz Guitar Today!When learning how to lay azz guitar  one o# the $ost i$ortant ele$ents to %he%& out in the woodshed is $a&ing sure you hae enough tunes to lay when you get out into a a$ session or on the (andstand ese%ially azz (lues tunes. )or this reason * hae ut together $y list o# +, azz (lues tunes eery guitarist should &now.-#ten ti$es well (e #o%used on learning all o# the %hords s%ales and areggios that we need to (e a(le to %o$ and solo oer azz/(lues %hanges (ut we #orget that we also need to learn at least a #ew heads so that we are ready to ta&e the lead on any tune when it %o$es to  a$$ing with #riends and other $usi%ians.Be%ause there are literally hundreds o# azz/(lues heads to %hoose #ro$ *e ut together a list o# +, azz (lues tunes eery guitarist should &now that you %an wor& through in your ra%ti%e routine and add to your reertoire list.* hae %hosen a ariety o# azz/(lues tunes in%luding ri0/(ased heads $aor (lues $inor (lues (ird (lues and %o$$on altered (lues heads that you %an get under your 1ngers and (ring into your laying so that you always hae a good $i2ture o# (lues heads to %hoose #ro$ when it %o$es to a$$ing or getting out on the (andstand.3ae a 4uestion or %o$$ent a(out this lesson? Visit the +, Jazz Blues Tunes 5ery Guitarist 6hould 7now thread in the 8WG )oru$. *# you are new to the azz (lues genre start (y %he%&ing out $y arti%le 93ow to Play a Jazz Blues :hord Progression; (e#ore digging into these+, %lassi% azz/(lues $elodies.    C Jam Blues  This is ro(a(ly the $ost %o$$only learned Jazz Blues head #or guitarists as they 1rst (egin their e2loration o# the genre.With only two notes in the $elody line it is easy to lay and $e$orize and it %an (e 4ui%&ly transosed to any &ey as the line is $oed around the ne%& o# the guitar.Though it only has two notes and #ollows the standard Jazz Blues %hord rogression the rhyth$ %an (e a little tri%&y to nail down whi%h is the ele$ent that $a&es the two/note $elody so $e$ora(le.6o when learning this tune $a&e sure  you send the ti$e to get the rhyth$ down as you (ring this %lassi% (lues head into your azz guitar reertoire.   Bag’s Groove   Another $ust/&now 9ri0; style azz (lues head this $elody %an (e  layed in two ways when ta&ing it onto the guitar #ret(oard.6o$e layers ese%ially those ust (eginning their azz/guitar ourney will lay the $elody without the 9trills; that you %an here when i(es sa2 or other horns lay the tune while other layers re#er to add those trills into the $elody line when they learn it on guitar.No $atter whi%h way you re#er to learn the $elody line trills or not this is a great line that is (uilt #ro$ the toni% (lues s%ale whi%h allows  you to learn the 1ngering 4ui%&ly as you %an (uild it #ro$ a s%ale shae that you already &now as well as use the $elody as the (asis #or your azz guitar solos as all o# the notes o# the $elody will sound good when used to solo oer the +</(ar (lues #or$.Lastly as was the %ase with 9: Ja$ Blues ; sin%e this is a reeated/ri0 $elody line it is easy to transose into di0erent &eys on the ne%& as  you si$ly $oe your hand around the ne%& to (ring it to di0erent &eys on the guitar.  Billie’s Bounce  Now we %an (ran%h out #ro$ the ri0/style $elody lines and %he%& out a Be(o Jazz Blues rogression and $elody.*# you are un#a$iliar with the e2tended azz (lues %hanges %he%& out $y arti%le 9 Jazz Blues 6u(stitutions and Alterations #or Guitar ; to (egindigging into the Be(o side o# the azz/(lues genre.Though there are a large nu$(er o# :harlie Par&er (lues heads that are %lassi%s and desere to (e learned (y azz guitarists o# all (a%&grounds 9Billies Boun%e; is one that is %o$$only %alled on a$ sessions and a azz/(lues Be(o style $elody that sits well on the 1nger(oard whi%h isnt always the %ase when you trans#er tunes #ro$ sa2 to the guitar.  Ta&e it slow when 1rst wor&ing on this $elody as it does o0er so$e uni4ue 1ngering %hallenges that youll need to wor& through. As well you $ight need to learn it in a #ew di0erent ositions on the ne%& or een shi#t (etween ositions during the %ourse o# one +</(ar %horus in order to 1nd a %o$#orta(le and =owing 1ngering #or the $elody.*# you are loo&ing #or a azz (lues soloing ri$er %he%& out $y arti%le 952and >our Jazz Blues 6oloing :hos With This + 5asy 6hae.;    Au Privave   Another %lassi% Par&er tune that sits well on the ne%& 9Au Priae; is worth learning as it not only (rings a Be(o (lues head into your reertoire (ut its %o$$only %alled (y sa2 layers and ianists on gigsand a$s so you %ould dou(le the $elody line with the$ i# you hae it under your 1ngers. As is the %ase with any Be(o tune wor&ing with a $etrono$e and starting slowly is essential when getting this tune under your 1ngers. As well wor& the head out in $ultile ositions i# needed in order to 1nd one that 1ts well with your 1ngers on the #ret(oard.*# you are &new to soloing oer Be(o azz (lues tunes %he%& out $y arti%le 9Jazz Blues Be(o 6%ales The @e1nitie Guide; to hel you naigate this so$eti$es tri%&y %hanges (y (ringing a good dose o# Be(o o%a(ulary into your soloing on this tune.  Straight No Chaser   The last Be(o style azz/(lues head well loo& at on this list is a %lassi% highly rhyth$i% and #un to lay tune (y Thelonious 8on&.This tune %an (e #ound in a nu$(er o# azz #a&e (oo&s and there are seeral (oo&s that hae di0erent notesrhyth$s than others so its worth going to the srcinal re%ording and %he%&ing your notesti$ing
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