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Principles of Marketing Answer
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    MEMBERS:   Ansino, Leanna May de la Peña , Aishwarya Isabel Dollete , Kimberly Estimar  , Shacel Rose Teves , Joahnnah Marie Case Study CHERY INTERNATIONAL: Linking up with Land Rover and Jaguar 1. Analyze the buyer decision process of a traditional Jaguar Land Rover customer.  A customer must first recognize its needs. The traditional Jaguar Land Rover customers value luxury brand and exemplary customer service. This is also sets a target market for the brand, which are financially successful individuals. Luxury saloons and sports cars also appealed to them, which Jaguar Land Rover is famed for therefore creating a strong and satisfying feeling for those customers who heard about the brand. Even though customers will evaluate some of their alternatives, Jaguar Land Rover will still be at a priority for it meets the customer’s needs, wants and archetype for an exemplary brand. Purchase decision will also be easy for the brand since customers value luxury, price is not a matter for the customers but the high quality and the features of the cars, which Jaguar Land Rover also provide; satisfying them and even surpassing their expectations. 2. Why might Cherry be an ideal partner for Jaguar Land Rover in China Despite its buoyant sales in China, Jaguar Land Rover still needed a more reliable platform to continue its astonishing sales growth in the country. Cherry, being the top car exporter in China for seven years and achieved year-on year increase on sales of vehicles, makes it a good partner for Jaguar Land Rover. RATING:  Expanding its dealership network across China, this venture will pave way to higher market penetration in the country. Jaguar Land Rover announced that they will be selling cars that is specifically designed for China, Jaguar XJ Ultimate being one of its product list. This venture will also involve the construction of a new factory in Chan Shu in order to be more consistent with its goals of competing with the big brands like Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes. Cherry and Jaguar Land Rover will continue to meet the demands of the Chinese Market who values luxury brands and exemplary service. 3. To what extent could it be said that Jaguar Land Rover is the only non-German premium vehicle brand that has a global credibility? Jaguar Land Rover is owned by Tata Motors of India. The company has been able to export Jaguars to 63 countries & 78% of Land Rovers to 16 countries. Jaguar Land Rover may be lined up with Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, which are German car brands and Lexus which is a luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. Jaguar is in that league in terms of prestige and awareness. 4. Explain how both positive and negative attitude towards a brand develop. How can the brand change customer attitude towards it? Since a certain product or brand is usually developed for customer satisfaction, positive attitudes toward a brand may arise from the customer being satisfied or even delighted with the product and his/her expectations been completely met. Furthermore, delightful experience upon using a certain product for the first time, through the word-of-mouth influence can create a 'domino effect' not only for consumers perceiving the brand as 'new product' but also for those who buy products randomly and impulse-driven. However, negative attitudes can also result whenever consumers are not satisfied with the brand/service or they've encountered unpleasant outcomes or experiences with the brand. This experience will forever be on the consumers' minds and that they will always be particular with the feature in w/c the previous brand failed to provide them with. The brand perhaps can still change customer's attitudes towards it, if it can alter with the factors that affect consumer behavior. Marketers can change how consumers look at a certain brand if they can find ways to satisfy customers not only by meeting needs, wants, and demands but also to assert the brand on culture, socialization process, lifestyle, consumer's personality and beliefs. Also, consumer's attitude can be changed if marketers can tap and fulfill customers' needs in w/c they themselves don't know and can only be realized if triggered by ads and promotional campaigns.  5. What role does the Jaguar Land Rover brand play in the self-concept of its buyers?  As Jaguar Land Rover clearly set their target market, the designs of their cars are personalized for their customers depending on their specifications. The company does not only focus on vehicle sales in China but as well as being involved in various activities such as education, humanitarian aid, and environmental protection. The brand plays a very important role which is the upper level image of every Jaguar Land Rover customer’s self  -concept. Acquiring this product creates an image of being successful and high class plus being labeled as someone with an elevated social stature.
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