100L Lexington Flyer

100L Lexington Flyer
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   ®  hubbell industrial controls, inc .       100L ã  Controls for Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps ã  Remote Alarm Panels ã  Low Suction Pressure Shutdown Panels  Full Service Electric Fire Pump Controls Available with orwithout Automatic TransferSwitch. Listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc., and ULC. Approved by Factory Mutual and New York City Dept. ofBuildings, Materials and Equipment Acceptance. Meet or exceed requirements of NFPA20 and NFPA70. Lexington fire pump controllers for use with electric motor driven fire pumps feature exclusive LXi Microprocessor Logic andControl. LCD display shows system pressure and simultaneous reading of all phases for amps and volts in real time. Events areshown with date and time for each occurrence. Aprinter is available upon request. Data log can be easily saved to a laptop com-puter. All units are manufactured using a Coordinated Design philosophy; they are engineered, built, tested and labeled by onemanufacturer. Anew small cabinet design, available on some models, saves pump room space. The units are suitable for use asservice entrance equipment. Type 2 enclosure is standard.Sixteen models are available, eight with and eight without AutomaticTransfer Switches (ATS) for pumps from 208–480VAC and 15–400HP.All models feature front accessible components. Controllers have separateand independent pressure and minimum run time settings. ModelModelType ofMotorw/o ATSwith ATSStartingRequirements LXi-1100LXi-2100Solid State SoftStandardStart/StopMotorLXi-1200LXi-2200Full VoltageStandard(across the line)MotorLXi-1300LXi-2300AutotransformerStandardMotorLXi-1400LXi-2400PrimaryStandardResistorMotorLXi-1600LXi-2600Manual - SecondaryWound RotorResistor Speed RegulatedMotorLXi-1700LXi-2700PartSpecial MotorWindingw/ Part WindingLXi-1800LXi-2800Wye-Delta6 or 12 LeadClosed TransitionDelta Wound MotorLXi-1900LXi-2900Wye-Delta6 or 12 LeadOpen TransitionDelta Wound Motor Controllers with ATS include Full Featured LX450 Automated Transfer Switch: ã Electrically operated - mechanically held on both emergency and normal power source sides.ã Full protection for all phases of Normal and Emergency sources.ã All transfer and retransfer time delays are field adjustable.ã Motor load decay time delay, to prevent higher than normal inrush current whentransferring large motor loads.ã Test switch to simulate normal power failure.ã Phase loss and phase reversal monitor to initiate transfer to emergency power.ã Audible and visual alarm to indicate isolating switch is open.ã High short circuit ratings. LXi-1200LXi-2900   ®  Hubbell Industrial Controls, Inc. a subsidiary of Hubbell Incorporated 4301 Cheyenne Drive., Archdale, NC 27263Telephone (336)434-2800 ã  FAX (336)434-2803 Remote Alarm Panel Meets NFPA20 specifications requiring Remote Alarm Panel when Pump Room is not constantly attended. The LX-908 Remote Alarm Panel is designed to meet NFPA20 specifica-tions. The panel should be installed in a location that is under full timesupervision if the pump house or pump room is not constantly attended.The alarm panel can be used with electric motor driven or diesel enginedriven fire pumps. ã Reliable solid state printed circuit board.ã NEMAType 1 enclosure for indoor wall mounting.ã All alarm and normal operation LEDs and controls front mounted.ã “Silence Alarm” and “Push-to-test” pushbuttons.ã Door mounted audible alarm.ã Operating temperature range of 41ºF (5ºC) to 104º (40º).ã Battery backup optional. Low Suction Pressure Alarm and Shutdown Panel Available with eitherAutomatic orManual Reset. LX-960 panels provide pump shutdown in the event a low suction pres-sure condition occurs. They can be used with electric or diesel driven firepumps. The LX-960 is intended for use where local authority mandatespump shutdown in the event of low suction pressure, not allowed byNFPA20. ã Visual and audible alarm indicating “Low Suction Pressure”.ã Visual indication of “Control Power Available” and “Suction Pressure Normal”.ã Surface mounted NEMAType 1 enclosure.ã All alarms and controls front mounted.ã Operating temperature range of 41ºF (5ºC) to 104º (40º). LX-908LX-960

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