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  Illinois Central College Health Assessment RNRS 210 Fall 2011  Integumentary System Skin, Hair, Nails and Glands  Objectives  Discuss the structures and functions of the skin, hair and nails.  Identify teaching opportunities for integumentary health promotion and risk reductions.  Collect subjective data relating to various skin lesions and risk factors for altered skin integrity (e.g., cancer, pressure ulcer).  Collect objective data on the skin, including turgor, temperature, color and moisture.  Differentiate normal from abnormal skin conditions, including the location, size, distribution, and configuration of any lesions'.  Objectives continued  Use subjective and objective data from integumentary assessment to analyze findings and plan interventions.  Document and communicate integumentary data using appropriate medical terminology  Individualize assessment of integumentary system, considering the patient’s condition, age, gender, and culture.  Use integumentary assessment data to identify diagnoses and initiate a plan of care.
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