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C&R panel basics information... Selection criteria of C&R Panel Methods to install and Monitoring techniques.
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  C:\Users\Dell\Desktop\C&R Panel (without automation) -Feb. 2014.doc HARYANA VIDYUT PRASARAN NIGAM TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR 220 kV, 132 kV, 66 kV & 33 kV CONTROL AND RELAY PANEL BOARDS FOR SUBSTATIONS WITHOUT SUBSTATION AUTOMATION SYSTEM [SPECIFICATION NO.HPD/S-88/HPM-468/Vol-II/Prot. (February, 2014)]   CHIEF ENGINEER/MM, DESIGN DIRECTORATE, HVPNL, SHAKTI BHAWAN, Basement, SEC-6, PANCHKULA  –  134109 (HARYANA) Tel./Fax No. 0172-2583724  C:\Users\Dell\Desktop\C&R Panel (without automation) -Feb. 2014.doc CONTENTS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLAUSE NO. TITLE PAGE NO. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.0SCOPE32.0STANDARDS33.0SERVICE CONDITION44.0PRINCIPAL PARAMETERS45.0GENERAL TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS56.0TESTS247.0DOCUMENTATION25  ANNEXURES A. SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENTS27 B. GUARANTEED TECHNICAL PARTICULARS 29 C. TECHNICAL PARTICULARS OF CTs, PTs, CVTs AND NCTs35 D. TRANSMISSION LINE DATA57 E. SCHEDULE OF DEVIATIONS FROM THE SPECIFICATION58 F. LINE PARAMETERS59 G.  ANNUNCIATION DETAILS60 H. DETAILS OF CARRIER EQUIPMENTS64 I. PANELS MOUNTING DETAILS65 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------  C:\Users\Dell\Desktop\C&R Panel (without automation) -Feb. 2014.doc 1.0 SCOPE: 1.1  This specification covers the design, engineering, manufacture, inspection & testing at manufacturer's work before despatch, packing, forwarding and delivery at discretion of purchaser of control & relay boards for 220kV, 132kV & 66kV S/Stns. listed in the schedule of requirement at Annexure 'A'. 1.2  Unless specifically excluded from the offer, all fittings and accessories, not specifically stated in this specification but which are necessary for satisfactory operation of the scheme or to complete the work in a good workman like manner shall be deemed to have been included in the scope of supply of the Bidder. 1.3 CO-ORDINATION :  Circuit Breakers, CT's, PT's/CVT's & Isolating Switches, etc. are being purchased against separate specification. The particulars of CTs, PTs and CVTs existing/ to be arranged are listed at Annexure 'C'. The Supplier of control & relay boards shall be responsible for preparing complete wiring diagram of 33kV,66kV,132 kV & 220 kV C&R panel boards and shall also undertake to mount & wire any equipment received from other supplier. The schematic of breakers & isolators are required to be incorporated in the panel schematic. 1.4 EXPERIENCE:14.1 For 400kV & 220kV C&R Panels : The supplier of C&R panels shall be manufacturer of relays and all the main relays on the C&R panels shall be of his make only. However, one of the distance protection schemes on each 220 kV feeder C&R panel can be of different make in view of the fact that both the distance protection scheme (Main-I & Main-II) should have different measuring techniques. 14.2 For 132kV, 66kV & 33kV C&R Panels: Thesupplier of C&R panels shall be manufacturer of relays and all the main relays on the C&R panels shall be of his make only. The supplier  ’s  own make relay includes the relays manufactured by their Principals/Associates and they have their service centre with them. 2.0 STANDARDS:2.1 The equipment offered shall conform to latest relevant Indian Standards listed hereunder or equivalent IEC: - Sr. No.Standard Title 1.IS: 5Colour for ready mix paints.2.IS: 375 Marking & arrangements for switchgear, bus bars, main connections &auxiliary wiring.3.IS: 694PVC insulated cable for working voltage upto and including 1100 V.4.IS: 722AC Electricity meters.5.IS: 1248 Part-I& IVDirect acting indicating analogue electricalmeasuring instruments & their accessories.6.IS: 2419Dimensions for panel mounted indicating & recording electrical instruments. 7.IS :3231 Electrical relays for power system protection.8.IS:8686Static protective relays.9.IS :2147Degree of protection provided by enclosures for low voltage switchgear & control gear. 2.2  The works covered by the specification shall be designed, engineered, manufactured, built, tested and commissioned in accordance with the Acts, Rules, Laws and Regulations of India. 2.3  The equipment to be furnished under this specification shall conform to latest issue with all amendments of standard specified above. 2.4  In addition to meeting the specific requirement called for in the Technical Specification, the equipment shall also conform to the general requirement of the relevant standards and shall form an integral part of Specification.  C:\Users\Dell\Desktop\C&R Panel (without automation) -Feb. 2014.doc 2.5  The Bidder shall note that standards mentioned in the specification are not mutually exclusive or complete in themselves, but intended to compliment each other. 2.6  The Contractor shall also note that list of standards presented in this specification is not complete. Whenever necessary the list of standards shall be considered in conjunction with specific IS/IEC. 2.7  When the specific requirements stipulated in the specification exceed or differ than those required by the applicable standards, the stipulation of the specification shall take precedence. 2.8  Other internationally accepted standards which ensure equivalent or better performance than that specified in the standard referred shall also be accepted. 2.9  In case governing standards for the equipment is different from IS or IEC, the salient points of difference shall be clearly brought out alongwith English language version of standard or relevant extract of the same. The equipment conforming to standards other than IS/IEC shall be subject to Employer's approval. 2.10  The bidder shall clearly indicate in his bid the specific standards in accordance with which the works will be conformed. 3.0 SERVICE CONDITIONS: 3.1 Equipment to be supplied against this specification shall be suitable for satisfactory continuous operation under the following tropical conditions:- i) Location IN THE STATE OF HARYANA ii) Max. ambient air temp (°C) 50 iii) Min. ambient air temp (°C) -2.5 iv) Maximum Relative humidity (%) 100 v) Minimum Relative humidity (%) 26 vi) Average annual rainfall (mm) 900 vii) Max. wind pressure (kg/sq. m.) 195viii) Max. altitude above mean sea level (meters). 1000ix) Isoceraunic level (days/Year) 50x) Seismic level (horizontal acceleration) 0.3 g xi) Average number of dust storm 35 (days per annum) Note :-i)Moderately hot and humid tropical climate conducive to rust and fungus growth. The climatic conditions are also prone to wide variations in ambient conditions. ii)Air conditioning or any special arrangement for making the control room dust proof shall not be provided in any of the S/Stn. 3.2  All control wiring, equipment & accessories shall be protected against fungus growth, condensation, vermin & other harmful effects due to tropical environments. 3.3 AUX. POWER SUPPLY : i) A.C. Supply : 415/240 Volts, 3-phase, 4-wire, 50 Hz Voltage variation : ± 10% Frequency variation : ± 3% ii) D C Supply : 220 Volts, 2 wire available from S/Stn. battery(insulated) Variation : ±10%.  220 kV, 132 kV, 66 kV & 33 kV voltages will be three phase having normal frequency of 50 Hz subject to a variation of ± 3%. Neutrals of the Power Transformers at the S/Stn. covered in this specification are solidly earthed. 4.0 PRINCIPAL PARAMETERS:4.1  The panel shall have the principal dimensions as detailed below:- i). Depth of panels = 610mm ii). a) Height of switchboard above base frame =2210mm b) Height of base frame = 102mm
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