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Transcript The Contented Heart  Qalbe Saleem Page 1 CONTENTS PAGE Introduction 2 The Qur’an  6 Knowledge 11 Solitude 16 4 kinds of hearts 18 Sealed and darkened heart (Hypocrisy) 21 Suratul Munafiqun 22 Inverted heart (Polytheism) 28 Clear (Ajrad) & Radiant (Azhar) heart 29 Prophet Ibraheem (A.S.) 30 Parents 31 The Child 37 Education 47 The Spoken word 50 Gheeba & Tohmat 53 Zhikr 57 Tasbeehat Arba’a  60 Salawat 61 Tasbeeh Sayyida Fatima (A.S.) 62 Gems and their benefits 64 Merits of Friday 69 Guidance 71 Istikhara 73 Dua 75 Forgiveness & Tawba 79 Salaa 84 Asmaaul Husna 92 Women 114 Suratul Furqan 25:63-74 119 Page 2 QALBE SALEEM َمْَ   ِِْُ   ََوَنُَْُ   And disgrace me not on the day when they are raised, َنُَ   ََو   ٌلَ   ُعََ   َ   َمْَ   The day on which property will not avail, nor sons, ٍِَ   ٍْَِ   ََا   ََ   ْَ   َِ   Except him who comes to Allah with a heart free (from evil). Suratush Shuara 26:87-89 ِَ   ٍْَِ   ُََر   َ   ْِ   When he came to his Lord with a free heart .  Suratus Saffaat 37:84 The word Qalb (heart) comes from the root word qalaba which means to rotate or turn. The spiritual heart is that which only operates if it is able to turn without absolutely anything hindering or obstructing it,  just like the physical heart. The only thing that it pivots around is the Creator. It connects the human being in the seen with the unseen, augmenting the ‘aql  , intellect. In it are the capacities to reflect with deep understanding, to retain real knowledge, and to gain far greater insight than our intellects are capable of giving us. The heart is what is nourished by the remembrance of God. Its health depends on its purity and freedom as far as attachments and worldly matters are concerned. Page 3 ُبُُْا   ُّِَْَ   ِّا   ِْِِ   ََ Now surely by Allah's remembrance are the hearts set at rest. Suratur Ra’d 13:28  Saleem in relation to the heart is translated as Immaculate conscience, sound heart, perfect, healthy, wholesome, contented and so on describe the condition of the heart, it implies that these hearts are in dynamic motion and have the ability to reflect the truth. A large number of other ayaat describe the ‘sick’ heart or one that is ‘diseased’. The sick hearts are those that find whatever they do attractive. These hearts dislike that which turns them away from the course they are on. They are immersed in fantasy. They follow routines and old patterns, doin g ‘what their forefathers practiced’. The sick heart is also closed, proud, and lacks real understanding for it is engulfed in desire and perversity, constantly in discord and acrimony; hardened and diseased. The Qur`an goes on to describe those hearts that are deadened or sealed. The dead heart is that which is veiled from higher inspiration; wallows in its own turmoil, is cynical and trivializes everything. If such a heart is not treated it will only bury itself deeper, accumulating a rust-like seal over itself. The hearts of the munafiqun , hypocrites, are thus sealed. There is little or nothing we can do to heal such hearts, because of the nature of nifaq , hypocrisy. The word nafaq  means a hole that has several entrances and exits. That is the way of the hypocrite: he enters from one hole and escapes from another; he has many disguises to hide behind. The hypocrite says something meaning something else, causing disruption, confusion, and disunity, when life is about certainty, knowledge, and discovering tawhid  , unity. 


Jul 23, 2017
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