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  EHP3 for SAP ERP 6.0December 2008English Sales of Nonstock Item with Order Specific Procurement(115) SAP AGDietmar-Ho-Allee !66 ! 0 #all$orf  %&il$ing %loc' (onfig&ration G&i$e  German)  SAP Best Practices Sales of *onstoc' +tem ,ith r$er Secific Proc&rement !!/1 (onfig&ration G&i$e Copyright  (o)right 2008 SAP AG. All rights resere$. *o art of this &blication ma) be rero$&ce$ or transmitte$ in an) form or for an) &rose ,itho&t the e4ress ermission of SAP AG. 5he information containe$ herein ma) be change$ ,itho&t rior notice. Some soft,are ro$&cts mar'ete$ b) SAP AG an$ its $istrib&tors contain rorietar) soft,are comonents of other soft,are en$ors. icrosoft7 #in$o,s7 E4cel7 &tloo'7   an$ Po,erPoint   are registere$ tra$emar's of icrosoft (ororation.+%7 D%27 D%2 niersal Database7 S927 Parallel S)sle47 :S9ESA7 A+;7 S93 07 AS9<007 S93 07 S9<007 iSeries7 Series7 4Series7 =Series7 S)stem i7 S)stem i/7 S)stem 7 S)stem /7 S)stem 47 S)stem =7 S)stem = 7 =9S7 A>P7 +ntelligent iner7 #ebShere7 *etfinit)7 5ioli7 +nformi47 i/9S7 P#ER7 P#ER/7 P#ER/?7 enPo,er an$ Po,erP( are tra$emar's or registere$ tra$emar's of +% (ororation.  A$obe7 the A$obe logo7 Acrobat7 PostScrit7 an$ Rea$er are either tra$emar's or registere$ tra$emar'sof A$obe S)stems +ncororate$ in the nite$ States an$9or other co&ntries.racle is a registere$ tra$emar' of racle (ororation. *+;7 ;9en7 S>9!7 an$ otif are registere$ tra$emar's of the en Gro&. (itri47 +(A7 Program *eighborhoo$7 eta>rame7 #in>rame7 :i$eo>rame7 an$ &lti#in   are tra$emar's or registere$ tra$emar's of (itri4 S)stems7 +nc. H5@7 ;@7 ;H5@ an$ #3( are tra$emar's or registere$ tra$emar's of #3(  7 #orl$ #i$e #eb (onsorti&m7 assach&setts +nstit&te of 5echnolog). Baa is a registere$ tra$emar' of S&n icros)stems7 +nc. BaaScrit is a registere$ tra$emar' of S&n icros)stems7 +nc.7 &se$ &n$er license for technolog) inente$ an$ imlemente$ b) *etscae. SAP7 R937 4As7 4A7 SAP *et#eaer7 D&et7 PartnerE$ge7 %)Design7 SAP %&siness %)Design7 an$ other SAP ro$&cts an$ serices mentione$ herein as ,ell as their resectie logos are tra$emar's or registere$ tra$emar's of SAP AG in German) an$ in seeral other co&ntries all oer the ,orl$. All other ro$&ct an$ serice names mentione$ are the tra$emar's of their resectie comanies. Data containe$ in this $oc&ment seres informational &roses onl). *ational ro$&ct secifications ma) ar).5hese materials are s&bCect to change ,itho&t notice. 5hese materials are roi$e$ b) SAP AG an$ its affiliate$ comanies SAP Gro& for informational &roses onl)7 ,itho&t reresentation or ,arrant) of an) 'in$7 an$ SAP Gro& shall not be liable for errors or omissions ,ith resect to the materials. 5he onl) ,arranties for SAP Gro& ro$&cts an$ serices are those that are set forth in the e4ress ,arrant)statements accoman)ing s&ch ro$&cts an$ serices7 if an). *othing herein sho&l$ be constr&e$ as constit&ting an a$$itional ,arrant).  SAP AGPage 3 of !/  SAP Best Practices Sales of *onstoc' +tem ,ith r$er Secific Proc&rement !!/1 (onfig&ration G&i$e Icons Iconeaning (a&tionE4amle*oteRecommen$ationS)nta4E4ternal Process%&siness Process Alternatie9Decision (hoice !ypographic Con entions !ype Style#escription Example text  #or$s or characters that aear on the screen. 5hese incl&$e fiel$ names7 screen titles7 &shb&ttons as ,ell as men& names7 aths an$ otions.(ross-references to other $oc&mentation. Example text Emhasi=e$ ,or$s or hrases in bo$) te4t7 titles of grahics an$ tables.E;AP@E 5E;5*ames of elements in the s)stem. 5hese incl&$e reort names7 rogram names7 transaction co$es7 table names7 an$ in$ii$&al 'e) ,or$s of a rogramming lang&age7 ,hen s&rro&n$e$ b) bo$) te4t7 for e4amle7 SE@E(5 an$ +*(@DE. Example text Screen o&t&t. 5his incl&$es file an$ $irector) names an$ their aths7 messages7 so&rce co$e7 names of ariables an$ arameters as ,ell as names of installation7 &gra$e an$ $atabase tools. EXAMPLE TEXT e)s on the 'e)boar$7 for e4amle7 f&nction 'e)s s&ch as F2  or the ENTER  'e). Example text E4act &ser entr). 5hese are ,or$s or characters that )o& enter in the s)stem e4actl) as the) aear in the $oc&mentation.  <Example text>  :ariable &ser entr). Pointe$ brac'ets in$icate that )o& relace these ,or$s an$ characters ,ith aroriate entries. SAP AGPage < of !/
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