Controller of Examination ICAS, Chennai -(Regd.) Model Answers .Jyotish Visharada (Semester I and ll) Jyotish Visharada Model Answers Q.No. 1 : What do you understand by Vedha? Does it really have any impact? Answer: (8) VEDHA: Vedha means obstruction. When a planet is transiting through an auspicious sign from natal Moon, is subjected to Vedha by another planet. It means the good ef
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  Controller of Examination ICAS, Chennai -(Regd.) ModelAnswers .Jyotish Visharada (SemesterIand ll)  Jyotish VisharadaModel Answers Q.No. 1: What do youunderstand by Vedha? Doesitreallyhave anyimpact? Answer: (8) VEDHA: Vedhameansobstruction.WhenaplanetistransitingthroughanauspicioussignfromnatalMoon,issubjectedtoVedhabyanotherplanet.Itmeansthegoodeffects of theplanetwillbechecked.   TheVedhapoints are veryimportantintransitpredictions.SunandSaturn, Mercury andMoondonotcauseVedha of eachother. SUN: Intransit,the Sun isauspiciousin3rd,6th,l Oth andl lth positionfromnatalMoon, if not subjecttoVedha. If SUNisin3rdandanyplanet(ExceptSATURN)in9thwillcauseVedhaandspoiltheauspiciousness of SUN.Otherspointsare 12,4,5. MOON: Itisauspiciousinhouses7,1,6, ll, 10and3fromNatalMoon.Anyplanet(otherthanMercury)isin2,5,12,8,4,9respectivelyshallcauseVedha. MARS: Marsisauspiciousin3,11,6fromNATAL MOON andVedhawillbecausedbyanyplanetinhouses12,5or9respectively. II MERCURY: Mercuryisauspiciousin2,4,6,8,10,11positionfromNATAL MOON andVedhacanbecaused by anyplanet(other than Moon) if itisin 5,3,9, 1,7,12housesfromNatalMoon. JUPITER: Jupiterisauspiciousin2,5,7,9and II and if Vedhacomesfrom 12,4,3, 10and8housesfromNatalMoon. VENUS: Venusisauspiciousin1,2,3,4,5,8,9,II and 12fromNATAL MOON byanyplanetin8,7,1,10, 9,5, lI,6 and 3housesrespectivelywillcauseVedha. SATURN :Saturnisauspiciousin3,11and6byVedhatoitiscausedbyanyplanet(other than SUN)in12, 5,9 housesrespectively.(b) VIPREET VEDRA: WhenaplanetmovesintoanyhousefromwhereitcauseVedha,letussaySUNis12thfromNATALMOON,itwillgive bad results.But if thecorrespondinghouse6thinthisinstancebeoccupiedby any 3  planet(otherthanSATURN), bad resultswillbechecked.ThisiscalledVipreethaVedha.Innormalpractice,thesureresultaregivenbyplanetin transit withrespecttoitspositionfromNATAL MOON.VEDHA tothese,meansexpectedresultshastobeobserved but withsomereservations.Theresultdo not flow in eithercaseonexpectedlinesexactly.(c) NAKSHATRA VEDHA :Thereisanothertype ofVedha knownasNakshatraVedha.ThistypeofVedha caused by certainplanetsin transit incertain Nakshatra countedfrom Natal Nakshatra position of anotherplanet.These are 16 hi all(Twoeachforthe7planetsand2jointlyfornodes) NATALNAKSHATRA TransitinVedhacausingoccupied by transit by SUN9thNAKRAHU/KETUSUN15th NAK KETU MOON 7th NAK MARS MOON 12th NAK SUNMARS 4th NAKMERCURYMARS 12thNAK MOONMERCURY 5thNAK JUPITERMERCURY17thNAKSATURNJUPITER 6th NAK VENUSJUPITER12thNAK RAHU VENUS 8th NAKSATURNVENUS18th NAK MERCURYSATURN 9th NAK SUNSATURN12thNAKJUPITERRAHUIKETU 9th NAKMOONRAHUIKETU13th NAK MARS 4  Similarly,thereisanotherway of seeingVedhai.e., by Sarvato Bhadra Chakra inwhichthetransitplanetsarepositionedinthevariousNakshatrasinwhichtheyaretransitingandtheir,left,right,oppositeaspectsareseentosee if theywill cause maleficeffects by Vedha on JanamNakshatra,JanamRashi, Janam Tithi,Firstword of NameandDay of birth.Q.No.2: Study the following Chart and discuss the resultsofMercury Mahadasha in General and Venus and SunAntardashain particular? D-l Rahu Venus Sun 9° 41 17° IS 19°26 Mer3° 56 V D-lJup 12°15 Lag 12° 06 Date ofBirth: 25.6.1931   Balance Ilasha of Rahu 17Y5M29Days Mars 15°01 Saturn Moon Ketu 21lo 21 7° 02 D-9 Ketu Venus Julprer 1)-9 Mars Saturn, Rahu / , Sun.Moon Mercury Lagna  
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