12. ASTM A123 - Zinc Hot Dip Galvanised Coatings on Iron and Steel Products

ASTM A123 - Zinc Hot Dip Galvanised Coatings on Iron and Steel Products
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  {ffi o .tnn.oon 123 Bea€j Standard pegif cation orZinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on lron and SteelProductsr Thit dondad is irsucd utr&r ihc 6xcd dAignation A 123; hc numter immcdiately folowiDg rhc dcsisrstion ildicat s lhe ofsrcilrl qdoprion or, o r - cas ofr.v'5loq thc yt5r of I s rwilioD, A rutnbq iD iruiotcs [l'e rtar ot t*r ,*ppr& 1 asuper .riF .gilotr (.) lrdlcrrca an .ditorial changc Dc th la$ rcvision or r€ap |Iovd. Tlk tfilll?t' hzt P, apyovedlor genciec I he Delqfta4n olDqalse. Cot ult he DOD Indar of Spo'ifio,tlo,. qrdStatdar&for he 3peqftc ear di$ue vhidr hat beat adoptd bf the Depa ned ofDdente'' Ndfs-PalESraph f.6 wa conectcrl dirorislty n Fc6rualr to: l...Scope.1.1 This specification overs hc rcquircments or zitrccoatilg (galEnizing) by he hotdip process n ron and stislproducts made from rolled press€d and forg€d sbap€s,castings, late+ barq, and strips,. 1.2 this specifcalion cove$ botb unfabricated roductsand.fabricated mductq or example, ssembled t€el prod-ucts, structural teel abrications, srgg ubes. keildy bent orwelded cfore gslvanizitr& aad wire work .fabdcated bmuncoaled steel wi e. This sp€cirication also cov€ti sleelforgingc nd ron castings acorporated nto pieces abricatcdbefore alvanizing r which arc too large o bc cenfrifugFd(or otherwise andled o r€rtrove er(cess alviinizing, athndal). NorE l-This spcclficatioq @ve6 tbose FodEca prcviousiy ad-dresscd a Specif,cati,ons 123-78 ard A 38678. 1.3 This specification oes not apply o wire, pipe, ube,. or ste€l sho€t whioh s galyanizcd [ $eqializ€d or oodiri-uous iles, or to stf,€l ess h{n 22 gage 0.0299 n.) (0.76mm) thick,1.4 The galvadziDg of hadw?I€ itcms that arE to becentriftrged r othe.rwise andl€d o r€mow encess inc {suchas bolb and similar threaded ast€Ilers, astings nd rolled,pressed ad forged tens) shall be. ir accordance witlSpecification 153.1.5 Tbe values inch-pound units are to ber€gard€d s he standard,2. R€feremed ocumelts2.1 ASTM Smndads:A 47 Specificatio or Malleable ron Casliry*A 90 Test Method or Weight of Coatilg on Znc-Coated{Galvaniz.ed) ron or Sieel &ticlefA 143 Pradice or Safeguardiag gainst Embrittlement fHot-Dip Galvanized lructural St€el koducis and ?rG,cedurc or D€tectitrg mbrittlement3 tThb 6p6iRcation udlr tlc juri.dbtion of ASTM eomn&t o A-5 onMctsllic Coarrd ton and Srtcd Producs and is rhc dirccl Gaposiibi$9 ofSubcosr.nitr.t 05.13 n StruEornl lapcs d llardwan Spedficadons.CrrrEnt.dition pDrorcd pt' 2q t989. Publishcrt ovat$.. 1989. dgiirlyDubllshd A 123 28 T, Lrst prwiour di{on A 123 89.aAnnual Rooh fASTM S,andtd,, Vol Ol,W.s Annul RNk ,JASTM Srttdods, Vol 01.06. A 153 Specification or Ziric Codting Hot-Dip) otr lron anc Jleet Ha.tdwarerA364 kacdce for Safeguardhg Against WarDag€ gndDistodio _ Dqring Hot-Dip Galvatizing of SteetAssembliesr A l_{5 Pggc1igc o1 Providins High{uality Zinc Coatings(Hot-Dip)'iq'780 Practicc o r Repair of Damaged Hot-Dip calva:nrzeo oaEDgS B 6 Specification or Zinc (Stab Zinc).B 602 T€st Method or AttributeSamoliry of Metaf&c nd. Inqrganic CoatingssE 376 Practice or M€asuring Coating Thickness y Mag-l*gFgj or Eddy-Curhnt (Electroma$etic) TesrMethodf,3. ordering nfornadon3.1 Od€n for co,rings provided undel this specificationshall ncltrde he ollowing:3.1.1 Quantity (number of pieces o be galvanized) tdiotal w€ighl3.1.f Descriplioa 1yprs nd siz€ of pmducts) td yr€igt3.1.3 ASTM speciication designation nd year ofissra3,1.4 Material denb'fication see 4,1) and surface ondi-tion or contsmination3,1.5 Sempling lan, fdilferent from 6.3,3.1,6 Special est cquircments se8 .1).3.1.7 Special rEqufuem,eDts pecial stacking, b€aviefcoatiDg ryeight, tc,).3.1.8 :tagging or piece dentiication method.4. lvtaterials ard ntemfacture4.1 Sleel or non-'the specificatibn, rade, r des{gnationand ype ard degr€e fsurface conlaminalion ofthe iron orsteel n articles o be galvaaized hall be supplied by theputEhascr o the hotdp galvadzer prior to galvanizing.NorE z-Thc pnscncr n steels arl rel<t meta [ certaio crwtt- ag€q fsoee elemcrG cb as silico , arbo , aDd phospbolgs r d toaocehral€ he growth fltc zitrc.lror aloy laylr so trat bc coatiog ayhave Eane inish ith littlc or tro outer zitc leye . The galvadzi ba only iniled co lol over his coadiliorl Tbc rtars, 6hato, rd amouataA aA A@k fASfM Suadadt, oloz.0,-5 Annual ofAgIM Standar&, ol 92,05. 6 Anmal Bo* afASI*, &aadadt, YoL /BP3. l8  ([Jh teg of cold *orking of lho goduct being galYoiz€d may also affec{ hiscondition. Practic€ A385 provides gddalce on steel seleclion alddiscuss€t hc Gffects of various elemenls in steet compositions forcxamplq siligen), hat inlluerce coating teigbt and app€aBnc€, 4.2 Fabrtcarion--Tfrc desiFt and fah'rication of thcDroduct o be galvanized are the respousibilities f theie,signer nd tbe fablicalor. PrEctice 143, Practice A 384,ard Practice 385 provide guidaoce or steel abrication oropdmun hot dip galvanizing nd sbatl be conpiled with inboth desico aud fab,rication. Consulhtion bctween he dcsigner, abricator, nd galvanizer s desirable t appropriate$ages n the design nd fabrication proces..43 Cwtings-The composition and heat teatlrent ofiron aad steel astings ball conform o specifications esig'nated by the purchasef,. ome ypes of castilgs have beenkno*n to show potential problems with pt€disposition obeing, nbrittled dudlg the normal hermal cvcle of hot-dipeahaaizing, t is the responsibility f the purchas€r o beatireat or otber+'is llow or tbe possibility f s,uch mbrittlilgph€nomcna he cquirements or mallesble ron casdngs ob€ salvaliz€d shatl be as slaled n Speci6catiotr 47.{.q zinc-Tbe zinc used r the galvanizing ath shall .conforo to Specifrcatiott 6. If a zirc aUoy s used as heprimary h€ Salvalizing bath, hen he base matedalused o make hat alloy shall conform o Specification 6.4.5 Bath Composition-'the motter Eetal ir lhe workingvolume ofthe galvanizing rath shall conlain not less taD anaverage alue of 98.0 70 ziqc by weight NoT 3-The Ealvanizer may choose o add race amounts of cenaitrelcmens {for exatrili, aluminum, nicket, and tin) to th€ zilc bath tohelp in tllc ptoc€{sitr8 of cefiaiB Eactive steels or to €nblDce tlrtcosmeiic spDcarancc f m Rnisnca product The use of th6e traceelemens ij permincd provided lhat the bulk chemistly of $e galva-nizine bath i n le. t 9s.0 % zirc by weiglt' The elerdeo$ can be addedto fi; Cvsnieing bilh as patt ofa lirulloyed ziDc crd, or they catr bcaddod o the bath by llln gEhanizcr usilg a m.stcr feed aloy. 4,6 Surfac€s bicb remaitr uncoated u individual piecesafter eatvanizing biclr a:e (a) I in. or l€ss n its narowestdimeision. and (b) otalling Vz of I 70 ofthe surface reu obe mated. r 36 n2 per on of woithtl whiche\€r s os' mayUe euona:ted v use 6ithe methods ound n Practice 780'ine tUicUes of the repair shsll be 50 7o grslt€r thar thetfricmess of galYanizcd oating rcquircd for thc typ€ ofgalvanized urfa.ce ut Dot gr€ater bsn 4'0 mils'5. Coatfug operties5.1 Cutinc Thicknus--Tbc hickncs of thc coati 8' ha.oto*'to ttt' ttqoiremints of Table I for thicknes of theurJaia Uog gatuani eO' ffhere velded roducb coosisting TABLE 2 Coating Ttrickte$e Orads Conve'9iorsP Thicl(rtessGladesftF35 250{5 32066 09065 $075 515&5 a)5100 7100.,92.125233.43.9a563100TABLE 1 Mlnimum Coaung Thhkne.e Grsdy' by gtegt CdrEgotyste€l Thlclrness hanltd (MeaeuJed)' n' {mm) sThE vEtr€s fo' ottf, ,th, snd grlfif aro calcdated vslu€s.a.d ar€ toteonv€alonc€ urpo6€6 ofl y. of various material hickness€s rc g lvanizgd' he coatingthichess for eaoh hickness ofnaterial shall be ss shown Table I Gee also Table 2), Tbe specificqtio of coatingtiickness€s eavier ian those €quir€d by Table I shalt besubject o mutual agr€smert befiteen the galvaniz€r bdpurchaser. Nor€ .,1-The coating hickDcsses Table I tepEseut drc dirfmumvalues obtailrblo with a hi8h lgvcl of co fidctrca for Sabaniz€d Most c.oatil8 thic*lcsses wil be itr excs$ of tbosewatuos. urchasers esirilg a guarautee of hcavicr cosrlirgs stould uJcspecial cglrireDents wc 3.1.7) ondst oderirg infotoation to sprcify1be heavlcr coatirg lhic*less,NorE s-Ooe mil of .oati$ thiehess coGsponds o 0.6 o?./nl ofEurf{re grd ole mis&t$ s of coating thickrc$ codaspo[ds o 7.1g/rn1.bas€d os mathemarical cal.sulstiot. For convlliclrc tha weightpgr unit ar€a s shown r Table l. . 5.2 nftBh-':he coating shall be continuou& and asreasonably :rcoth and uniform in &ickness as 9 weighqsizg aad shape of the item, and nec€stary andlirg of theitem duriDg the dippug and drailirg operations t thegalvanizing ettle will permit Tbc distribution of the zincioating sball be deternired by visual nspection, xceTt orlocal excess oating hickness which worrld ntsrfcre wi& theuse ofthe product, or mak€ t inconvedeot or alangerour ohandle (edge esrs or spik€s), rjection for lonuniformcoating hall be madc only for plainly v.isible )rc€ss oatbgnot r€lated o d€sigB ctors such as holes, oiDts' or spetialdrainage roblems Note 6). Since zurface moothrcss s arelative erm, minor rougbness hat do€s not interferc $'it the int€nded ts€ ofa par or mugbness hat s rclated o th€as-receiwd ungatvanized) urfacc condition shall lot begrounds or rejection Note 7), NqrE 6-The rcquiterncnts for thc 6nish of a Cva i?.d produc'taddr65 thcmsclvcf o a visual ODc of ilsp€ction' Tbcy do uot oddr€ssthe Eaftl of rn€aturrd corli[g thickoess variatiols that ca 6cclcountelld bccsus8 fdilferelt $c€ls ordlfferelr rbic,ktless€s f a gYEr$eet b€irs used n ar assemblY.NorE t-ltldrs which 8te p .psrc.d for galvanizing by abrasivecle3nhg wi[ getreraly derclop a thickcr coatiry witi a modr'r'aldytoughe su Threaded Components in Assemblies-T\e zillc coating on oxlornal thJ€ads shatl not b€ 8ubjected-to,-acutting ro[ing; or finishingtool operation' nloss pccificallyauthoiied by-the purchassr..Intemal ht€ads ay be app€dor reiapp€d fter CvanizinSl Coatirgs shall conform o thereouiremenb f Specificatioo A 153''5.3 App aranci4alVanized articles shall be frse &omuncoatei,aleas, listers, lux.depoeits' cid ard black spols'and dros inclusions. umps, projections, lobules, r heavydeposits fzinc which will interfere wit the ntended s€ ofI9 ;,r* *fl# ;ffi ' ,f# jr€. 3i6io uader  i ot or€r(8.41 -Toor00 85 S ructusl ShspeSbiPPipQ45 65 E5 85d5 6{i 75 86?5 7545 45 65 85 --ffi .t.n 6 . t. * iesred. ininalm oaurg rid(nefs rads o..t ryindhuud iecimen i compul€d rlue l at hast 5 3F .TTlgqF ryil ;;;;; (Inagt d tr.idogsE oasurcmetite) s o'le cosung laders€s TaUs D bls $ai hEt |eqL|k€d n Tatig 1  4$l}l .us the material will not be perrnitted. AU boles shall be cleanand reasonably ur from excess ino, Marks in the zinccoating au$d by longs or other tems used n landling theadicle dudng hc 8tlvaniziog olxration shall not be cause ormjection nles suoh marks have expoE€d he base metal orhave scraped he zinc from the surface. he pieces hall behardled so hat after galvaniziry hey wiU not fre€29 ogetherod cooling.5.4 Adherence--:lhe zinc coating sball withstaad ha:r-dling consislert witb the nature snd bickbess fthe coatitrgand he normal usc of the adicle, without peoliog r flaking. . NoIg 8= Altlougb some tatsrial Eey.bc formcd afte gilva{izio8;h lBcrsl the zils coatirg .o[ t[J adirles coycEd by this specifidariotr stoo beevy o pelrdit seve*, bcodilg wlthout d.h,gi.g tre coatitrg, 6. Sanpling6.1 Sampling feach ot shal be erformed or confoioe-arce witb tb€ tequir€ments frhis specification.6.2 A lot is a unit of production or shipment tom whicha .sample maybe aken or testing. Unles otherwise greeduponby galvanizer nd purchaser, r established ithin thisspcciFcation, he lot shall bo as fouo : For testing at agalvanizer's acility, a lot is one or more adieles.ofthe ame,type ard size compdsing single order or a siugle leliveryload, whic.he9er s the smauer, r any number of articlesidetrtifiAl as a lot by the galvadiirer, heD these have beenCmnized within a single production shift aud n the samibath. For test by purchaset her delivery, ls lot cousists fthe siagle order or the single &livery'load, whichevdr s thesrDaler, Edess he lot identily, estabtMed a.acsordarcewith the above, s maintained aod sleady theshipment y.the galvanizBr,6.3 The me,thod f selection and number of test speci-mens shall be agreed pon-by he galvanizer ld purchaser.Olhenvisg. he test sp€gimens hall be select€d t Endomfrom each ot, In.this. casg' the oinimum number ofspecimene tom each ot shall be as ollows:is determined y one or more ofthe three uethorls elescribddas ollolvs.7.2.1 Magnetic Thitlotess Meararenents-Tlg thickrl$softbe coating lay be det€rmined y Eagtetic hiokness agemersuromoots n accoidancs with pnctice E376. A ;i;-imum offive readings hall be taken (in each ocatiol) nearthe ends aad n &e niddlo of each pieoe beirg tested. Forlarge pmduot suah as apered poles, ransmission owers. orstructural shapes, s minirnuD of fve readings in eachlocatiou) shail be,raken peripherslly about 4 i;(li)0 nm)fioD each nd aJrd [ the approximate €nter fthi member.The 4v€f,ags f tho thicknass alues akea at caoh ocationshall be not, ess han the lue listed ]t Table under h€heading A:ry Individual Specimen or Computed vatue.-the averdge oating thichess for the item shali be thsaverage f &e 'Ialues bfained n the lree locations ld shallbe not ess har the value isted a Table unaler lc headirg Averagc of Specimens ested. f &€se coaring hiclorcsimeasurem€nts I€ made oq an alticle with rtilhient thick-ness€s fsteel tben he values n Tabte shall apply o €acbthickne,ss f st€el on the article,7.2,2 StrrWW Msthod--The av€rage weight of ziuccoatitrg msy be deternined by stripping ar eniire piece naccordance ith Test Method A 90, or alternativ;ly, beaverage eight of coating Eay be determitr€d y strippnrgtest pleces &om the sarople pecime& each with a measur-able area of.coated urface fat lesst 10 n.2 64.5 cE2). Cutone specimen pproximat€ly io, (100 myn) roE each endof &o member and a third qpecimen tom tbe approximatecenter of the member. The weight qf coatiug obtaired ateach ocation hdl be aot less han he valuc isted n Table under he headiEg Atry lDdividual Speoimcn r ComputedValue. The average eight of coating or the item shalr bethe everage f the rralues btained n the three ocatio:u andshall be not less har the value isted n Table uuder heheading Avemge of Specimehs esie4 If these coatingrveigbt measuements rc made on an afiicle with dillerentthicknesles fskEL th€n rhe values n Table shall apply oeaoh hic*ness f steel on tbe article.7.2.3 Weighing B{ore and AJter Galvadzing--The av-erage weigbt of the zirc coating may be determined byweighing he articles efore and'after galvanizing ubtractingthe fi$t weight rom the secoD4 and dividingihe rcsult bythe surfac€ rca: The fint weight sball be determin€d fterpickling and dryinc; the s€cond after cooling o ambienttemperatuIc,NO]B o-This n€thod o€s rot Gke ato accouat be rcight f rolreactd &o r he articlc hat s ncorporatd nfo hc coatiut t iay tbus undcr.sEoate cgatilg ryeight by ss euch at apprximarcly l0 %. Eassrn€tl t€84tivit, will altect he €xt trt of uEde €stiEatio . 7.2,4 Rcferee Mdhod-It the event of dispute over anyweigbt ofcoatirg Eeasuemelt, the dispule sha[ be esolvedby Test Melhod A90, If not feasible, and if nrutuailyageeable o the galvanizo aud the pufthaser he Gputemay be resolved y tbe use of magbetic hickr€ss gageswhish have be6n calibrated or accuracy geing gandardrefercuce material hicloess siandards.7,3 Finish and Appeuance-Visual inspeOion f tle zinccoating hall be made or compliance with the requirementsof 5,2 and 5.3.7,4 Adheston; Nutnb.r of PL.r. in Lot3or lcss4 o 50O. 5ol ro 1200. lmt b 32t03201 o t0 000l0 001 ard oectNumttt olSpdimenrdl fr Nsre 9-WteE a.number fidertical taEs,ale o be ealvalize4 asratiltical ampling tar Etay edcsiff{L uch. plan 5 collaircdi T€stM hrod 602 which addrcsss anpling.$ocdures or the upectionofeltotrodcpositcd redlic coatiirgs d rdatcd fnisies. fTest MelhodB 692 5 us 4 thc evcl of sastpling hall bc ag€€d o by th3 galvErizeratrd Nrchrscr at h tiqlg he cotting odrr fu placed.3.4 A tcst spcoimen whicb fails to conlorm to a r€4uirement oftbis specification shalt not be used o determine theconformance o other requtemenb. f, Tesi \rletlrodc'.7,1 Test Requtemmt:r--The olowing ests hall e con-ducted o eusur€ hat le zinc coating s behg ignished naccordance ith his pocification, hc speci&ing flests oradhsiot and embrit0ement hall be subject o mutual agrcement betwen the gslvanizer and purchar€r,.7,2 Thickness of Coating Test-T\s $ticku€ss of coating 20  4J}l rzs 7,4.1 D9lcr6ine adhgsion of the ziEc coating to thesurface fthc base etal by cutting or pryiDg with the pointof a s ,out nife, applied wirh considerable ressure u amanner endiug o I€moy€ a podion of tbe coating; Theadh€sion hill be considered naalequate fthe coatiag lakesoffin the orm ofa tayer of the coating so as o expose bebase etal in advaacc f the knife point, Do not use estiugcafiicd out at edges r corners points of lowest coatingadbesiotr) o determine dhesion fthe coating Likewise, onot lse emoval f smafl partitles ofthe coating y paring orwhittlirg to det€rmine ailurE7,5 Embrittlentent--'t6a or embdtdement ay be madein a€cordauce ith Practice A 143. 8, Irupectlon8.1 Inspection y the Galvanizet-lt is the respo$ibililyof the Cva:rizer to ensure o:npliance witb this qecifica-tion. This can be acbieved y an n-plant nspertios logramdesigted o mahtain the coating thickness, uish, adappearance ithin the rquireE€trts oftbis staDdaril,e2 Inspectton by thz hrchaser-Tbe purcihaser mayacc€pt r rsject material by inspectlo . The nspector epre-rnting &e purchasor hal bave access t all times b thoseareas f tuJgaf anizefs aciliry wbich conccm he applica-tion df the zhc coiring to tlle miterial oderEd while workon the cortralt of the purchaser s beiag paformed. Thegalvanizer h{itl afford he inspectot all reasona.ble cilitiesto satis& him tbat the ziuc coating s beine furlished i accordance ith this Wecification.8.3 ficalion-::Fb material shall .b€ inspechd at thedvanizet'$ plant pdor lo ship&ent However, y agresment nhetndl@4fuk,i|, ht t*ttq and Mat''ablFlltot o Pos on't,sPedlrghawfw d stty pew7n ghF €Assled fi afinaclon't)fthsnvn({nnedtonaa,hanbddrdsrd.(,se6.tlrbstt|€4rstataafvagdlhal'l€{d'n,y'lldtr.nollhevadftY0ldlyauclrpd ,/f nghF,, nd ha l* ot Wngenfit ol s r* nghs, ara adltdl ,/rdr otx llsf,oraury..7r*r3lsrdsrd6glqi€atd,r/'/jsto' ranlt?li'€byftiorcgporFrbbbsndc€lcort/tff6tardnustb0t.tvleftdaveryf{ayqttta,d' ttnaroiseO,*nrrciwwaaolwld,d/ni,{.jJlorwfis6uotu@elhstdt rbloaold r{nattda/dortorcddr'lbna ltr1da & ii i*rt 6i A*f yi{; a ASIM lo.dFE terE y.rr o.iffig/ns wql arfEo cttdul consHersdqr a e n€€t nlr of lh tosportsAbt*:*a *r*tna, * nay oidt tt you * tlrl igt, cfimanh rr € rol dvd EW healng ydt Eto d ttF&.€yqllvlawE*rorv'' o rrs.qsTtt Ootntnn€s t SL/dE b, ,gt6 tta6 Sl', Pt ,dolqhlt, P4.19103. the purchaser may qake the tests whic.h owm tlro accept-ance or rcjection of the naterials n bis ovE laboratory orelsgrYhere,9. RejectioD nd Rebst. 9, 1 When n$p€otion f materiab o det€nhine onform.ity with yisual rquiremeds of Section 5 warrants ejectioaofa lol the galyarizer may sort thc lot ald submit t once ga'. for. accegtancs fier he has removed any noncon-forldiqg articlili and replac€d hem {ith conformilg articlel9.2 The sampting lsn tlat was used whcn he ot was iIstinspected hall be used or resampnng f a sorted ot,9.3 If rhe fhiclmess f coatitrg does not cotrforE. o th€r€quitEments peciF€d o Table l, rstests of a mutuallyag€eable numb€r of additional Eembcrs shall be mad€,Failrrc of the r€test o meet the rcqui €menb of Table I 'cotrstilutes round or rejection of the lot, udess h€ mem-bels are acc€pt€d y tsst on an ndividual basis. 9,4 Matsials that havs b€€n rejectcd or reasons therthar embrittlement may be stripp€d ard regalvanized ldagisin rbmittcd or in$ection and t$t at trhich time theysball coDforE o tbe re4uirenents ofthis specifi.cation.10, Certilicariorl0.t When specified t ths purchase rder or contracL hepuchas€r ha|l be urnished ertifieation hat saEphs epresenting each ot have been eilher tested or inspected Edirectcd y this specifrcalion nd h6 r€quir€ments ave eenmet. When specified lr the purcbase rder or cofirast dffport gflha t€st €sdls shall be furnished
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