1 1231.3389.01 – Risk Measurement in Insurance (Prerequisite: Principles of Finance) Semester A – 2014/15 ‫ד ר אלכס סגל‬ :‫שם המרצה‬ (‫ )מחצית ראשונה‬15:45-18:30 '‫ יום ג‬:‫שעות הלימוד‬ The aim of the course is to expose students to the basic principals of measuring risk of insurance portfolios (basic quantitative methods used in actuarial analysis) and the control of such risks through reinsurance contracts. Students will be introduced to some specific insurance products in order to study the
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  1 1231.3389.01 – Risk Measurement inInsurance (Prerequisite:  Principles of Finance) Semester A – 2014/1 ! :#$%&#  כלאגס ') :*&+,# וי ' ג 15:451!:# - '+$& # %(  $%e ai& of %e co(rse is o epose s(*ens o %e +asic principals of &eas(rin, ris- of ins(rance porfolios .+asic /(aniai0e &e%o*s (se*in ac(arial analsis) an* %e conrol of s(c% ris-s %ro(,% reins(ranceconracs2 3(*ens ill +e inro*(ce* o so&e specic ins(rancepro*(cs in or*er o s(* %eir (ni/(e properies in *eail .s(c% as%eal% an* life ins(rance)2 $ec%nics of si&(laions o &eas(re ins(ranceris- (sin, 6cel sofare ill +e co0ere* in class2 3(*ens ill &aser%ese ec%nics %ro(,% inclass pracice in an appropriae classroo&e/(ippe* i% co&p(ers %en re/(ire*2 6&p%asis ill +e place* on(n*ersan*in, i&poran conceps eplaine* + ea&ples ra%er %an+ %e ri,oro(s &a%e&aical reasonin,27ec(re noes ill +e pro0i*e* on %e e+ a%ea* of %e lec(res in or*ero ,i0e i&e o s(*ens o *onloa* so %a %e are a0aila+le in class2 $%e specic *eails of %e co(rse e+sie ill +e pro0i*e* in class2 Prerequisites: Principles of finance 289 לו ;<8 גו 8=> וי = י ?8  י ?@AB וו 9 י = וי C8   A ו =@D>? ל > ו = ו @> י = ו C י D י < י C   ? ל < לו D י < י י ? ל > יס ו <2 םי = ו @8> וי = י ? E8 ל BD; וא <  וג A כיס ו 889 לו ;<9A? ל ) יס ו 9 ו A י ?2. םי ;>>@? א >8< > וי = י ? ל  E AC ו ?? י = וי C8 ו <8E 8 י 8 י  B וו 9< D י < !!G ce urs:  $%e oHce %o(rs ill +e %ol* aferI+efore class (ponappoin&en2  2 5e6t7k: (M-   Loss Models: From Data to Decisions J 32K2Ll(,&anJ M2M2 PanNerJ an* O262 ill&oJ r* e*iionJ Qo%n ile an*3onsJ R##!2 urse utine (1- Intr;uctin t risk ana<sis an; actuaria m;ein=.  Senes an* li&iaions of &o*elin,2 - Kc(arial Tonrol Tcle an* is co&ponens2 - 6ssenial &a%e&aicsJ +asic pro+a+ili an* saisics2 - Pro+a+iliies an* &o&ens of loss *isri+(ions2 - Fiin, *isri+(ions2 Recommended Reading: ã The Actuary: The Role and Limitations of the Profession since the Mid-19th Century  J  Hans   !hlmann 199#$ J K3$UVS(llein RG .R): 1W5X1G12 ã 7YJ T%2 1  4 (2-   nstructin= risk m;es in>>in= ?requenc< an; se>erit< ;istri7utins. -Collective model. -Introduction to actuarial Monte Carlo Simulations.-Simulation modelling using risk analysis software. Recommended Reading: ã 7YJ T%2 WJ T%2 R1 (3- Reinsurance. -  $pes of reins(rance arran,e&ens an* %eir eZec on *isri+(ions of %e clai&s a&o(ns pai* + %e ins(rer an* reins(rer2 - V(&erical ea&ples of reins(rance2 Recommended Reading: ã  A %imulation A&&roach in '(cess Reinsurance Pricing)  [&ir 62 Pap(s% .1\\G)J Uns(rance: Ya%e&aics an* 6cono&icsJ R# .): RWWRWW.1)2 ã 7YJ T%2 !2 (4- Actuaria m;es in i?e an; eat@ insurance.  3 - Sasic conceps of s(r0i0al &o*els2 3(r0i0al *isri+(ions2 6pece* f((re lifei&e2 Yorali a+les2 - Principles of cas%]os &o*ellin, an* is (se in pricin,J reser0in,J 6^ an* 3ol0enc capial2 -  $%e calc(laions of 6&+e**e* ^al(e .6^)2  Recommended Reading: ã 'm*edded +alue: Practice and Theory  J _2 Frasca an* L2 7a3orellaJ 3`KJ Kc(arial Pracice For(&J Yarc% R##\2 (- asic ss reser>in= tec@niques an; ana<sis ? runBC trian=es.   Recommended Reading: ã 7oss _eser0in,J iserJ e al2J Fo(n*aions of Tas(al Kc(arial 3cience .Fo(r% 6*iion Tas(al Kc(arial 3ocieJ R##1J T%aper 5J pp2 1\GR!52  (D- t@er actuaria met@;s. B Yar-o0 c%ain &o*elJ is   essenial fea(res an* applicaions2 ã   Vo clai&s *isco(n .VT[) an* Son(sYal(s sse&s2 - F(n*a&enals of cre*i+ili %eor2  Sasic conceps of TK$ &o*els2  Recommended Reading: ã Credi*ility) Moar* T2 Ya%ler an* T(ris Oar [eanJ Fo(n*aions of Tas(al Kc(arial 3cience .T%aper !)JR##1J Tas(al Kc(arial 3ocie2  Met@; ? assessment: ã Final ea& X \#2 ã  $o e/(all ei,%e* %o&eor-s X 1#2Kccor*in, o %e polic of %e _ecanai O3SK %e a0era,e nal,ra*e ill fall in %e ran,e !!G2 Un or*er o pass %e co(rses(*ens &(s pass %e nal ea&2
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